PIVX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,966
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,966
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 18.55% / 1968 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 9,988.8994

Last masternode reward: 6.0000 PIVX for DPeTn9Csg5nw5MTQzdSRYEHJSB1Arsb961

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 4,472,879
28s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,402
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.1759 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 30 2016 04:10:07

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5060100
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D7RSdHS23j3TzgcFpFtASFbB2LM2Bi8UqUENABLED709271d 2h 53m 58s ago
DDq2mbiZNRcnfaX5gJCTyq8hFJF1DmbF4tENABLED709271d 2h 54m 58s ago
D7FAq5XCGwNTZy1iHBo7rCitvk9TQdtPT5ENABLED709271d 2h 55m 28s ago
DQ4icifnMjFJB2teWiguWAdh9Dt5Th8afGENABLED709271d 2h 57m 28s ago
DBPK7AKsvg23Pn3erqQKzsutfzMgZLJCWEENABLED709271d 2h 58m 13s ago
DF3ZjYFW5qtWQd7gTwFHS4bfvuc3fYpVD5ENABLED709271d 2h 59m 13s ago
DJ85RJAdzopCkh6E2dAVAD86eZGHdsVx1mENABLED709271d 3h 13s ago
DNeogroGYVRzZkphaif2TfATeeM9aX6vgmENABLED709271d 3h 1m 28s ago
D5SwUHYXoud7K1z745EeopXyaCsr2uRboEENABLED709271d 3h 2m 43s ago
DQTcWkch6tHRKdrL16sKDsQEV42BoQvFZLENABLED709271d 3h 3m 28s ago
DBMZuY7tR6HM8Lc4cjxJTnX9jxJGBxHjHXENABLED709271d 3h 3m 43s ago
DPgtfaPkceCxU6zat9EhrXG57pTWNKAyp5ENABLED709271d 3h 5m 43s ago
DSyKy2bpQFqVcLyDFGzRA9pfTo7aPQcNvVENABLED709271d 3h 6m 58s ago
D8KTxWtmbymJsw1hh36USEgKJ7wCiRJKRXENABLED709271d 3h 7m 28s ago
D5ErxYPEz7y6aYhufsTQTdHvKSpmXvCF4zENABLED709271d 3h 8m 13s ago
DALW5WXgrQmPVt8nb3xs8DRnGBSmk9ahg3ENABLED709271d 3h 9m 28s ago
DNyBFEJsgcwa9z49vELy6px2J7Zjn4Yj8pENABLED709271d 3h 9m 43s ago
DTa3uXMYX93nexU7PDg1eiQKhwwve3V78mENABLED709271d 3h 10m 13s ago
DHA81JRX7UrhbmQVWTtyj8Jd5gLSgtabrDENABLED709271d 3h 10m 58s ago
DHahdEEXf7rwSHbWLSyB6mLAu6sAm6sG1UENABLED709271d 3h 11m 13s ago
D7nCfd2s3vNZqmMsAvryP8agb8ivxBQUo5ENABLED709271d 3h 12m 13s ago
DKrRf2Y9d7ZUAJchMTsi8TKkSacob6kFFzENABLED709271d 3h 14m 28s ago
DFLN1J3g6XrL1JhQJft48Q7DPaAbvqCLwsENABLED709271d 3h 15m 28s ago
DAYejLZw4n9UudRbLS6Mx69oG3GnGLtkP3ENABLED709271d 3h 16m 58s ago
DQstNybyawLTHnAEjb8rCGXn6L3T3v5HTfENABLED709271d 3h 18m 28s ago
DRZCz6buBRGVvka28Az63RPjtHZbZTpc5XENABLED709271d 3h 19m 28s ago
D6LoSmdSKyYCg1V6S4Qo16PrJeo4FF6Qr5ENABLED709271d 3h 19m 43s ago
DHEGtaJtnuXGKjmXCw1sFF6EopmzoxFLMqENABLED709271d 3h 20m 43s ago
D9LgbLGajwck7ARC7tNHqXKjC1Snrwn6ZyENABLED709271d 3h 21m 13s ago
DD44vyxzxATqjGANA3Ku2YJroGdF8QHCgDENABLED709271d 3h 21m 58s ago
DHy9HLpHYfzutb1aDA8PgqgEwS3c4bik1hENABLED709271d 3h 22m 58s ago
DC8TKpQgPXrtajnay9G9eNJAEbugrDhN3VENABLED709271d 3h 23m 13s ago
D7FKJbo1zgCvsS7Xmpbt6pv1DsQ6wtUSbFENABLED709271d 3h 23m 28s ago
DMW3uvUALnBNaF9hMVr7Py7xYncorQeiZvENABLED709271d 3h 23m 43s ago
DTL4L5fUTKm5LNp1M29DGEKsByGeSsWZzQENABLED709271d 3h 24m 43s ago
DBTyxmaxpVAhDDQvmPX8aL8thytJ5cqXhoENABLED709271d 3h 26m 28s ago
DBpYtTUmgHaoAJSjtJ6ZgXokozCwH28vvZENABLED709271d 3h 26m 43s ago
DDHvfh3tRz23S23cmdE7CKwydHUgRuF14xENABLED709271d 3h 26m 58s ago
D5QF15zUWGrAA6kTb8PbjxnaMg23WfUm6bENABLED709271d 3h 30m 13s ago
DNe5xYCzN2LRKNpcFaZZyVrSDEX95WcAX5ENABLED709271d 3h 30m 28s ago
DQ5fZeW7wJohJWQiuAEW6UDHNkY8oJgfWdENABLED709271d 3h 31m 13s ago
DEwTKKtgH1aW4Bvy7GjJt1zfAoDGauHobeENABLED709271d 3h 31m 28s ago
DRncymgxsVfzMoH3gUWKKSfaDi1WRP4e31ENABLED709271d 3h 32m 58s ago
DK3qZ4eu2adwWMTeajdXhtvy4Hn6qTmm4ZENABLED709271d 3h 33m 43s ago
DL4qixRhqZ2CQGc5eQha9akao7guZ7fT4xENABLED709271d 3h 35m 43s ago
D8Auibf1D2KqrSbpBMcRxXLXeG6VBv5ykFENABLED709271d 3h 39m 13s ago
DSD7UqkXpXsbGfex8WAgvpMbrazjFb4b6VENABLED709271d 3h 40m 58s ago
DLjHdj8cNYL3QcrTiUAhWTJnDJvMuADHyqENABLED709271d 3h 41m 28s ago
D9icJmiCxSt4wdw8BexL6DsHS2qkLgxYFvENABLED709271d 3h 41m 43s ago
DKZnMWxostNzcKNpHBBMDGuNBkDqEFhXaYENABLED709271d 3h 42m 58s ago

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