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PIVX statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,689
Inactive:    5
Total:    1,694
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 842.99% / 43 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 389,159.7500

Last masternode reward: 6.0000 PIVX for DNJUMJUVKNXAprYRYe9c8eq4RgB26Xdk9w

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 4,277,146
32s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,406
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.0364 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 30 2016 04:10:07

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5050000
Protocol version:  70926
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DP4CuTKCofKi4daxgkHhKpjYL3iHxHX8z6ENABLED709273d 8h 59m 32s ago
D6vtqju2E7SwStrsKpF8g2fpSVmuxYRhXKENABLED709273d 9h 2m 47s ago
D7FKJbo1zgCvsS7Xmpbt6pv1DsQ6wtUSbFENABLED709273d 9h 21m 2s ago
D7CFuCRBvKG1qVMJk5MKbcmmSpnxdzaTUBENABLED709273d 9h 26m 17s ago
DPZmD7Tww3qG8Vj3ACTQoSwZAPW26vNAKbENABLED709273d 9h 26m 32s ago
DBvBxZ6dn2MtoGrC7u3QFwiPmhop3vYyLqENABLED709273d 9h 49m 47s ago
DHZB1dp8aVvtkjgbxVHyhpqhVydFhewbWjENABLED709273d 10h 22m 47s ago
DA2THmmxuARHPijWscUDmht8ydK1jKTu5uENABLED709273d 10h 55m 32s ago
DQ3zaak9BMZx7nVzUojASb57fhnQgwFXjNENABLED709273d 10h 58m 47s ago
DHeQM7TyXnnKirKpjmzXv9YfrRwo9uDH4SENABLED709273d 11h 20m 2s ago
DEVZtKdhbJFKGdH7tMkb6SDGdvUwCpVC1LENABLED709273d 11h 37m 17s ago
DHtyfPQcoK4i3svp1RdP91aXdA61WrUYpZENABLED709273d 11h 47m 32s ago
DRCJrKvyTsAD4j3Zq7HkgFnm5G3dC389RtENABLED709273d 11h 49m 17s ago
DGoaow4ekqXSC7krwzxtmgxMcDH7PdHDvvENABLED709273d 11h 52m 47s ago
DA41SaCK6PhgQg2xJ4P52sMhFp6dhygnttENABLED709273d 12h 3m 17s ago
DJb2jNpew6XaWFzyDGoKxG5B9Ly6zcQ96bENABLED709273d 12h 21m 47s ago
DPSkNeKAQr1FM1w8ezoYfJSWkXdJGHBr1YENABLED709273d 12h 24m 32s ago
D5EDnYD9azjPtv1SGiAzKLtymkKqP4HmuJENABLED709273d 12h 31m 32s ago
D9xv3urVVYJx51TWgSEDr6rsRGnYDNRaBRENABLED709273d 13h 17m 32s ago
DCUsjBrn6LE9q2aSZrDhMqk9Ab353uws5dENABLED709273d 13h 20m 2s ago
DAQZZe8FtubBNPQYaeWSMvXPDdS5LigAv1ENABLED709273d 13h 22m 2s ago
DQKgmQavVfU7KaBNcaG5uEQgtptXLtv93oENABLED709273d 13h 26m 17s ago
DM34ofFKtH61oJ8gC7aT9nZiN6zawyDKbuENABLED709273d 13h 38m 47s ago
DF1nvpQF2kEpG7Dh9eDX9h2NXv85h7Nz7tENABLED709273d 13h 59m 2s ago
DRoynghyS7TyHhiNQWLrn8bXr8wf75LwWSENABLED709273d 14h 2m 2s ago
D7PWn3BuCq82JqJHnxYxexuMibizBENST7PRE_ENABLED709273d 14h 17m 32s ago
DTXr56Fvt1zfR4ESTARf3BhNoExEt4eVQWENABLED709273d 14h 45m 17s ago
DLdyZLzCPDF1cstQhBj8ccXtWinnk463dDENABLED709273d 15h 18m 32s ago
DPdfHtpSwqxEiymvWVauzzGcd7RGTgUaSgENABLED709273d 16h 8m 2s ago
DDSycuxnMUm7DWB5Am9FsjB4sir6QngPERENABLED709273d 16h 39m 32s ago
D6zHkSH1p3d7u8ymXVen5Zd3wmUhLYKf2wENABLED709273d 16h 41m 47s ago
DG6p4mRt81rmWwCCBC57zwQWA9PC5zBQSMENABLED709273d 16h 54m 47s ago
DNqhV7qBnXVa6Y45RKteV6jrS3BixWavAUENABLED709273d 17h 34m 17s ago
DDeCkUViKYfFiCQN7X6KdSQG2jN1Jw8wLNENABLED709273d 18h 2m 17s ago
DQ9UFcVbDKfXPFYBaWt1N5CG62ZeGBhoL1ENABLED709273d 18h 9m 32s ago
DFDDBRaXrCReSQNgDUdosFRGYbcaNT47jLENABLED709273d 18h 29m 32s ago
D9gfjzRrwm9tasESrfzZCSUy6XykWz7SptENABLED709273d 18h 33m 17s ago
D6xq2HUUAr9sBzJg25nY3AGxJQHaQHU8XSENABLED709273d 18h 40m 2s ago
DMjLfr13FkAhCurAAkuVyyYd2DpoLVEy3uENABLED709273d 19h 9m 2s ago
DDVXbw1AJA47wtV9xQoo8xFNep4GmeVxoNENABLED709273d 19h 13m 17s ago
DNp7mH4BsELGQp8QasqYFmHmoHSsVx3tv1ENABLED709273d 19h 21m 32s ago
DRMd7oBMD7KUz2C1uxqtPBUj8g5xkkhNryENABLED709273d 19h 21m 47s ago
DNN13QzgicLCmF7FMz6GNYVB9oPy8jXYrzENABLED709273d 19h 36m 17s ago
DCtSANijnXwmuRiHz16LdvEQ6ewL4kN2CNENABLED709273d 20h 43m 2s ago
DC8TKpQgPXrtajnay9G9eNJAEbugrDhN3VENABLED709273d 20h 44m 47s ago
D7nCvUPfn5jKQLEJ21x9BZNaFSnAEEXx9cENABLED709273d 20h 51m 17s ago
DGEjdQSiavd4ArUbj67kwkwtzsKHPUDA3MENABLED709273d 22h 25m 32s ago
DA9nTn7DoGSHbuDAYse58TGQWPuNXHBxJKENABLED709273d 23h 4m 32s ago
DFe3gW9nVxZMuEfqqMUavTw8vZVchhWZ1GENABLED709273d 23h 13m 2s ago
DMBjcvnEo6dS5z3nqp4hC5aH86jqiN3J1GENABLED709274d 3h 39m 32s ago

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