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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,732
Inactive:    3
Total:    1,735
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 25.94% / 1407 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 12,310.0336

Last masternode reward: 6.0000 PIVX for D6NMrvng3ivmybVAyb1xg6qxt2JfATb968

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 4,272,479
35s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,403
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.2466 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 30 2016 04:10:07

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5050000
Protocol version:  70926
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DCB43r69pesM2LLQnbXrqeyqucNa4a42RYENABLED709272d 10h 36m 5s ago
DQk9V7SVuisMbqTv1Y6qr5jmqqtNdHnGLsENABLED709272d 10h 41m 20s ago
DNVbyQg8HosTtXHcKqZEmchuRHczMgePGMENABLED709272d 10h 43m 50s ago
DJJL5vY54K1daX3qok9wSNYLS3QC9KrTfFENABLED709272d 10h 44m 50s ago
D7gkDwW31qhjqGS7vhJ8YByNgBFQUunZ4tENABLED709272d 10h 45m 20s ago
DR1PRH2UoqEc1La68r9vLVRWhrcFtQnUa5ENABLED709272d 10h 55m 5s ago
DQ5fZeW7wJohJWQiuAEW6UDHNkY8oJgfWdENABLED709272d 10h 59m 20s ago
DDBbGwFybriffgUYHyRRQUbEvMj8ap5mDwENABLED709272d 11h 4m 50s ago
DS55LQBuwxMifZLJgWwUThxKAkyCzRvBHQENABLED709272d 11h 6m 5s ago
D734nniWg7TMbaZJTeDdfwHgsuzMUoWEEXENABLED709272d 11h 6m 50s ago
D8VxBTfWnwLXDhtRcwJkSdorwcf8K2NCqsENABLED709272d 11h 7m 20s ago
DKcV4dUdB3ni2Ns3hy7xvAxiuebYi68mpeENABLED709272d 11h 12m 5s ago
D7Duyt7jJQs2pjEd7jnb4zr5QYmrWbKKbbENABLED709272d 11h 12m 20s ago
DH9m7k2eU9WtVnSQts1nsgtbR2QmcHnsDwENABLED709272d 11h 12m 35s ago
DHX1uUsyvW3PSR2yqTeB2mcq4C12UKCvYMENABLED709272d 11h 15m 5s ago
DPsNUz3Ce9UbyCieXH6CpdS1pfEUn4eXkhENABLED709272d 11h 16m 50s ago
DBzHbaNSvky1N82ADPn9BbnDxZRy5eNpWPENABLED709272d 11h 22m 5s ago
D9jgFEH5pecj4sCM4WL1wXsrxmDsNx5QSZENABLED709272d 11h 29m 50s ago
D8EwX4HR1Wfmg6bUpbKXRBrstm8T6oXuSZENABLED709272d 11h 30m 50s ago
D7CWTBAqJ2RPUaNx3HmHkzSDbMGH5XnS2oENABLED709272d 11h 32m 20s ago
DH5Ry3eyR8kkP5UqR4CcFfxQqnpWdEnenPENABLED709272d 11h 34m 5s ago
DT9Y9LgQEmAUAWPGd9XmcjiVjMK1Xxt6geENABLED709272d 11h 34m 35s ago
DRByv7QxGAd2pxQ3KqyBQsgRqkAcG1TbZ2ENABLED709272d 11h 36m 5s ago
DSDLb4WQCF5HdiPFvXgwKk8oZSFrmK274nENABLED709272d 11h 50m 20s ago
DBovWBStpyCjnH5vfKcx3fW5RyyrhxDEsPENABLED709272d 11h 55m 35s ago
DCzx3SaTWxbpZABzwvT6iFyRWo64DFLeT4ENABLED709272d 11h 57m 50s ago
D96N3PJAumDhTXS5ukDQdYQ4enMTzUodcEENABLED709272d 12h 50s ago
D9ahv4rJjVTsHcdpuiyfy8BKEpMsoYkdK5ENABLED709272d 12h 11m 20s ago
D7sjjYVnwjW4M2jdzgrFk6tqsUMJYsb3D4ENABLED709272d 12h 16m 20s ago
DDNpzt6SCo3bVjYkHCbwx9QDyraC4TMromENABLED709272d 12h 16m 35s ago
DC4LZGq2ENZqtjSYgkhaUENQfQpBm4R6qoENABLED709272d 12h 16m 50s ago
DFdVpgeD3kHvEuafyM7Lbw3TVfjb9r8WJ4ENABLED709272d 12h 29m 20s ago
DQhPeixS46BGxNARJCxYkUskqwtVfXHTLxENABLED709272d 12h 37m 35s ago
DMAdJh5zJHvSRnLfJyyFAjdRcCtEgNWihbENABLED709272d 12h 41m 20s ago
DNdau98FP9gbwDkwZSj5mvm9kPPZfCtcjcENABLED709272d 12h 42m 50s ago
DQd6pr7xN5NqMrTZCdBy2yHs8EcnhJGuRYENABLED709272d 12h 52m 20s ago
D96gMYTbGesZm4sjC2vD1U6cD5mPpda2rXENABLED709272d 13h 2m 20s ago
DHpS8zB9zmeeDGgdbmkyoANg2eNPhUmnKCENABLED709272d 13h 4m 35s ago
DSoKSfVmuMSy923Yr2JrzcxwqJuqVriiGHENABLED709272d 13h 6m 5s ago
DPRqqwiRoSqTj5dWVt3BdPWPTRkQ5coTnbENABLED709272d 13h 15m 35s ago
D8bU1Tbego6DGQqodLZ1vf5oGqNSMwXcTvENABLED709272d 13h 29m 20s ago
DLWNKJonZg6vvhYVckCnEZoTiu8w2QvmpbENABLED709272d 13h 44m 35s ago
DHJ5U9LDp3zvTM5685WsV9Lv5k5jgUwXovENABLED709272d 13h 49m 20s ago
DEVmawpCh8UBXUKek6938p7pLvdG6hhCy5ENABLED709272d 14h 8m 50s ago
D9rLLWxiqgUpbizjqgNw2WLDe4fDBVaMpeENABLED709272d 14h 16m 50s ago
DEAX7FxC8vVMeM7hY7QryXVHADrH5uA9EZENABLED709272d 14h 26m 50s ago
D5SwUHYXoud7K1z745EeopXyaCsr2uRboEENABLED709272d 14h 29m 50s ago
D7zE8Xb6heGuDqUQVMSCpHtrs6jX9WvWqEENABLED709272d 15h 10m 20s ago
D5FByoZrpKAdED3zLuboJVyqiCZhmLvxtDENABLED709272d 15h 19m 35s ago
D7Q2PkH7f9oQ6VER8iUoutvfJZPzmSY5usENABLED709272d 15h 32m 5s ago

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