PIVX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,930
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,930
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 21.71% / 1681 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 11,481.2298

Last masternode reward: 6.0000 PIVX for DC25KwNxZ2sEH8tPpcD6knZhUL5emfXf9f

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 4,443,086
1m 26s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,407
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -2.8505 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 30 2016 04:10:07

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5060100
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DQdgzJ1c1us7xbPZ6EbY31Em3nLHYqQUzaENABLED709271d 4h 37m 56s ago
D5u8gnhy1GcUbUpwqa83nVP7X9qyMb4rWQENABLED709271d 4h 38m 41s ago
DHzJ9TZyr2gxQhr8DHpjZti4T3z8UHb7D8ENABLED709271d 4h 40m 26s ago
D6Sc7zQSWcfGEDnkNXHwfkV8y1c9h97t9FENABLED709271d 4h 40m 56s ago
DLu2opK2vL4ZUXqtsRV2JEjtnK5Fiz6pRzENABLED709271d 4h 41m 26s ago
DL6Lu5SrUunU3EkFP7gVigPj9v3MdFPenMENABLED709271d 4h 41m 56s ago
DAWwnE5SgriSPJ5Mb4bFzVSzsGqBD2aRFLENABLED709271d 4h 42m 26s ago
DSnQ7fiHFuQPt2M6Po3dPbmJVSAVt4gLu4ENABLED709271d 4h 43m 11s ago
DHcooWJPYF2wvnJw1bzcEHw6JWGWDCLxRJENABLED709271d 4h 46m 11s ago
DJNxYF43TBvz5AXgCs8sBL4vQdRtPnRsqRENABLED709271d 4h 48m 11s ago
DMstLcT7NAj6fuH6UrZaZDFtLaAczU6twEENABLED709271d 4h 48m 26s ago
D6Y5VexrUe9ZwVjUCGzxsRGou9C4uovAFZENABLED709271d 4h 51m 11s ago
DEf9eNFrUYgVRboJ6uBpi1HCDDhF1DycK5ENABLED709271d 4h 51m 41s ago
DGpJD7gUdGQYf9JoEECcqvUE8z1oQ8QCAvENABLED709271d 4h 52m 41s ago
DDp9hnqj4xUriDBJinHWTAkawPJ3mcyeceENABLED709271d 4h 52m 56s ago
DTg8BPedR4wmG7Xy5x11Kj4YZoUDG8n572ENABLED709271d 4h 53m 11s ago
DPT5vbiX3B4ut3XFVLMrVGQ8sYfZ3XDBHGENABLED709271d 4h 53m 26s ago
DDn38sFbdNHzqLMYZhMtgPd6EZ7VAohHEmENABLED709271d 4h 56m 26s ago
DLcCLHBCaBz2dMeszcCL2LP4e29Y2e24YJENABLED709271d 5h 3m 56s ago
DQgUuRfVoohGFV1JD2UbzCYwowBY6RhA55ENABLED709271d 5h 5m 11s ago
DEgEcwo24WdJkFrvJsFCR9Szxg6ftzdBzWENABLED709271d 5h 6m 26s ago
DGiwNWXCBcxp2sc9PkEVwEecAzPPbtDKboENABLED709271d 5h 6m 41s ago
DJ85RJAdzopCkh6E2dAVAD86eZGHdsVx1mENABLED709271d 5h 7m 41s ago
DFWuoXwdPVxAKkSZpLQvThddj2WQfcTdJPENABLED709271d 5h 7m 56s ago
D7aBhLHfEVdARca3GMSow5kRVZmynUqRWYENABLED709271d 5h 8m 11s ago
DEcByLpwBPutJBM64Lwuv75sLyQDUEDMtAENABLED709271d 5h 16m 11s ago
DA4pbTbTdusf7BdztAko4EnQm66Vkb5tGFENABLED709271d 5h 17m 26s ago
DSk8BJrdc2JEV9NWjJxtCoXoUtB4b7u1CzENABLED709271d 5h 17m 41s ago
DLM5KoK2ca2o77vEhioXiQEx83wMcSun1oENABLED709271d 5h 18m 56s ago
DGaKMqdyKV5krC7vZzh8YCYn8GtkPpNAkJENABLED709271d 5h 19m 11s ago
DQ4icifnMjFJB2teWiguWAdh9Dt5Th8afGENABLED709271d 5h 20m 41s ago
DKGunFwuB5Q9c4npK9x8MW2xc8kiKAJWFcENABLED709271d 5h 22m 11s ago
D6rR1xfFxqH8khEtSdrikvNZTxupZNhVMUENABLED709271d 5h 24m 41s ago
DJ4ppAStQ7up5Da6sonGX5vt8RzvFbdhTaENABLED709271d 5h 28m 41s ago
DGcSH6Pbk1tGJte3gqHQrmzoEYWyzsfpxEENABLED709271d 5h 29m 11s ago
DJ9BUtYPGRB5edzvYNRW8QMvhiFi2gu14GENABLED709271d 5h 29m 56s ago
DMDyEwtzvN8hwZW3D5HpPSoyX1HZaU3BYcENABLED709271d 5h 30m 11s ago
DScHUmsLHKXCsZDpvEmgjE49eu2mGYu24hENABLED709271d 5h 30m 56s ago
DBugR96AWiTrCdyhVFd47T21Pzv2ktarCfENABLED709271d 5h 34m 56s ago
D8iyt7dvaJ4X6CfDCLVsWb1AQWEQritgiiENABLED709271d 5h 35m 26s ago
DR62Q3ZSTRbuEgpRRQAzMR8kk4zbmUFk4VENABLED709271d 5h 45m 56s ago
DEuMasrw7xff9SLMXhbDkdkj8JkFNgqNZ2ENABLED709271d 5h 47m 56s ago
DBjxpN3Kp2Jxgk6kFgrCicHnSFKoms9zYpENABLED709271d 5h 48m 56s ago
DD44vyxzxATqjGANA3Ku2YJroGdF8QHCgDENABLED709271d 5h 50m 56s ago
DRmNeu7B2fUP3KuPiCQbo5Zbh9VDtfCpEAENABLED709271d 5h 51m 26s ago
DK9EwvR6rJ2LzNSzp9GdV4Etqp3nVH42sqENABLED709271d 5h 52m 56s ago
DTVSi17FTbRDfk59LWRPk5adoP3K41WGRYENABLED709271d 5h 56m 26s ago
D9Wfihy5JBnvaNWjmN5vwSqa5j9iYYvSpAENABLED709271d 5h 57m 41s ago
DMQ4efLNGg3R57dTG235mNecpmq9uVDVgBENABLED709271d 6h 11s ago
D6pSc9Eaut27iiivSoJzv5snidtw2pHFcEENABLED709271d 6h 1m 11s ago

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