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Wagerr (WGR)

WGR statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    2,685
Inactive:    3
Total:    2,688
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 4.96% / 7359 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 9,547.1328

Last masternode reward: 2.8500 WGR for WXfQtSgWEFy82ahgpM3K99jzGZibvNX21e

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,195,369
8m 17s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,409
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -1.0403 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 16 2018 01:16:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3010000
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 34 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WZ28yF8QBABQDvstBHVhY3bhTwTbrc5ugCENABLED709271h 1m 37s ago
Wko1N8voBVdXB6UuBR9eimjqQ8PHN7tjK3ENABLED709271h 1m 54s ago
WhgkCU4wNPFFPVihrBMR2nQbmj1KBMACupENABLED709271h 1m 54s ago
WRPPMyVzHMCwfFGY1hVrWmuuHbqdcKAr3KENABLED709271h 2m 28s ago
WZ7Y7V9biwt9Zz5M6AG14P587JLKHpTbQGENABLED709271h 4m ago
WPmb1yZPP4hfDhQwj2BHKn91PjaStpFBbDENABLED709271h 4m 34s ago
WdDLgFW77knbuS5V8PLB2eXM5aedGdB6hDENABLED709271h 5m 28s ago
Wer9zRanUsmPQZX8NMfug4rCq13rsrhPt4ENABLED709271h 6m 26s ago
Wk71QrVZi93Tt8S9qUKtot6TVLEGknVUuUENABLED709271h 6m 55s ago
WQro572R7WNiYjY78NRoHzvN7SHqbsCBkJENABLED709271h 8m 47s ago
WhB1QajafwFM3VBj2rpoWUM2StkkFjJPzmENABLED709271h 10m 46s ago
Wf7a19zu2QZ3AYgxP34zRxjDSo6SwYARMCENABLED709271h 11m 17s ago
Wiun3jSFBwVEQtZpBiR9ZyifPVBqo9JfH7ENABLED709271h 13m 8s ago
WfCVqPCt9ymYN2NoqMmvujR1iZAn9k4eUDENABLED709271h 14m 1s ago
WU89zm4jwefNFqQQetrV2vNRdL7V7ZmjEiENABLED709271h 14m 7s ago
Wjm8YMvNskgXN9EkAbaDYEfu25hWGbJaaLENABLED709271h 15m 15s ago
WabJScLAJc69NxSsRJ3oxCB5VW2zwRDo95ENABLED709271h 15m 46s ago
WgFTRqX135bDjwjdVdZULg7VHHdFKHNHXdENABLED709271h 16m 42s ago
WPEfJBmhuG5kSvnjYJGSqzVXTAJxKA53ivENABLED709271h 17m 34s ago
WaSiUXQQH4Jg7kAoVVJ2moX2q5p2C2FZTKENABLED709271h 17m 42s ago
WQz3gkLU2sFTSHtRNHaB8SvjtBCGS1MX32ENABLED709271h 19m 1s ago
WSjh1wQb5m3qRHRc6zffHMpkWisGQ3tE4jENABLED709271h 19m 25s ago
WiJrBXhGpaNmWKP2EnNRZNnUzheFFBhdkJENABLED709271h 20m 5s ago
Wcdik7azWkZpjY7ALPntWJ1bgeaKWL4s4zENABLED709271h 20m 52s ago
Wk7dmC3oyrznCSQdpNyxLgaSVnWqBtxFSmENABLED709271h 21m 41s ago
WTMJDZCKtMvhGF6izw69W2AVrALJNUhUYzENABLED709271h 22m 40s ago
WUojdcEsQsBBZr35bdT3QKcw2MvwFpuDAJENABLED709271h 22m 57s ago
WheYhXLuxoVy6tYzDn1Ni9Rob62wW843v4ENABLED709271h 24m 20s ago
Wa4VJNyxEDUk1QeCroRLoejpGbLDbr3rxPENABLED709271h 24m 24s ago
WmfpSReJVFtedN9UZrpnoF6mEij94viJ5XENABLED709271h 25m 24s ago
WjWy8UxwrvAXokP2mxsNgfxxgJ18jJhrkHENABLED709271h 26m 4s ago
Wkk5uRonXNAhVJL7YxFW4jyDGfSYTriwucENABLED709271h 26m 16s ago
WS8XWiAMjoikhTTehGmRMWWipudZ89ZpM1ENABLED709271h 26m 52s ago
WVTu7TsEbZ7RQt1xAsRyAXvm8x7eTd8DbEENABLED709271h 30m 32s ago
WRejWPMaDukCs55bfBgeXyK5TsxBAKnbgeENABLED709271h 31m 14s ago
Wje4HcyACyQGCxfDqZphGCTWCLd2rSiXxiENABLED709271h 32m ago
WXL4HGHAC9Ge9s25hGc7nUvG2J5vykRnDNENABLED709271h 35m 9s ago
WUAEou87mabyGUNChJ2JJKJK4NhBg7Ge5eENABLED709271h 36m 15s ago
WmRDkm9FWJQzQ9YhdS8Bm7Q2wy85wcux1UENABLED709271h 37m 15s ago
Wd1AZp5sYJ89zfzxzR28ou5DXzND3z6LotENABLED709271h 38m 32s ago
Wa1W6PdGCjiuHu435yfHXJYyipR6S86d43ENABLED709271h 39m 15s ago
WhtfxnFtA9jKNdYMdrTvbLEZiQUffszKBjENABLED709271h 39m 58s ago
WTkYXbLtnkWjNCTgDjcNhKRMtmXf1wJUpMENABLED709271h 40m 12s ago
WcNF1e5CX41kTTZMsBYPecsvkzcLC8nzqZENABLED709271h 41m 36s ago
Wgm9ENXcqn2QqQT8uPq2ekrj7hhCT9gaCJENABLED709271h 42m 21s ago
WmpWtkQrg1G81Wq6d68iUNQCDACXi86UoSENABLED709271h 42m 49s ago
WUw2DAeKKCDmLz93mBz58q3qAJ8UijHjnzENABLED709271h 43m 3s ago
WjZmg2Q6Ly9CcAyKKVfCARxxFzpniF3XPhENABLED709271h 43m 27s ago
WQ5VMgg7AB6MxEBsV3CSsCJpidRWsXr37gENABLED709271h 44m 2s ago
WT6sbSEEsGYdGxi4FQYLGktajSZxvuwDSHENABLED709271h 44m 32s ago

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