Wagerr (WGR)

WGR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    2,718
Inactive:    15
Total:    2,733
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 2.10% / 17381 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,092.6000

Last masternode reward: 2.8500 WGR for WdNbyUqRx22KA8orpbmPhjKay313PZFnTq

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 607,156
15m 14s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,436
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.8981 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 16 2018 01:16:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2009900
Protocol version:  70923
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 92 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Wf83MrwPiHsaTW7QpWNMo4xMyCNFavse6zENABLED709231h 1m 48s ago
WiwMDLjY5kAKuwrFbFb7NjC68TasQb9MDwENABLED709231h 2m 43s ago
WWu6VG115Rq2rkLpU5UnGY52RVw5bdEdRaENABLED709231h 3m 39s ago
WmujYZXRLCTyJ5K3hefRPXFbQ9X9wprrNLENABLED709231h 4m 16s ago
WZi7Qc8y7EYYnxnaT6dNZgV91AEh6why66ENABLED709231h 4m 35s ago
WSnMcfDVJTokVZb1p3WkTCf2VXrgo9rVCMENABLED709231h 4m 58s ago
WartJMTmhDyyjhhBHeJiY8xic83cc1oGJkENABLED709231h 5m 31s ago
WXYLS5PL8apjMPNUrVLSCKYBMJ64qmCyUwENABLED709231h 6m 20s ago
WZFYvjbrUWxdUx5d4LFd3cHAbehFQhi2pbENABLED709231h 6m 31s ago
Wj7PxjaaSd2TaHzgXhqTRgRoSzGW9UkEEzENABLED709231h 7m 40s ago
WdJQnSBgrMA51HWBeF5ztn1tu4AKGPf9DuENABLED709231h 10m 5s ago
Wiuka5nY3DLYxBET1kBHn2jE39aw666qkPENABLED709231h 10m 38s ago
WQrAjCdTHAJQUfVygYP7dcUtjVrEHxUxkEENABLED709231h 11m 35s ago
Wmq2anZw5qCcdvYiFU9cmZsQ25MyGBqAyQENABLED709231h 12m 59s ago
WNtMJM4GxxdpzApFrERoK5yrjfFP7s9N7LENABLED709231h 15m 8s ago
WeCtcRXSHWJVJ68WzKHCy55ChyPCarQamqENABLED709231h 15m 46s ago
WXds1fd318aMqter7r5sTYLh6Tms9baWxGENABLED709231h 15m 55s ago
WZ4fCzvFsbChs6qYERrrmpLcVHYTE7syymENABLED709231h 18m 37s ago
WNrj8DgLJDEsYUqYf5hGNzP5vnko1E3dYrENABLED709231h 19m 10s ago
Wevp2XsuHvUxs9oh8TY8Wskm6kb2ej4h9QENABLED709231h 22m 13s ago
WmWaXzuwEia1NtndB6g8HycZDPJfpu4hG8ENABLED709231h 22m 55s ago
WbxT8r1P6o8yhbDrniq3Ag3pApxzUmPiTdENABLED709231h 23m 11s ago
Wdd4ziwdnMYfyYiCLxthAWTWnoEGiMmX7jENABLED709231h 24m 42s ago
WUfqfX5Z5Kb8nJiYKRsoUA7rWKVAkA9eo6ENABLED709231h 25m 26s ago
WPAXaBZvCv2TRoM6RPGJRn1MvGxaKhPye5ENABLED709231h 25m 47s ago
WfC5Mm3xZ5bGgRHn2j7sHDTvF7Ubpacq43ENABLED709231h 26m 14s ago
WmfcRR1bJ2pe2DzGc3Rn2qw83H5vZ6fMkmENABLED709231h 28m 31s ago
WZ6SPKZzyS55e7rwjDjtFtMigg9Gce6ET2ENABLED709231h 29m 35s ago
WYzrT8icvdiHuroq2kSJ9ruDSAQBajCMjAENABLED709231h 30m 21s ago
WmsQPuncNvcQSVVZJExAj3XH9qGLXGppkiENABLED709231h 31m 38s ago
WkY2SbLAwa8sskoeZpQYGpvuRaePrqYssFENABLED709231h 32m 15s ago
WUzSezMqEGWv3t6g3ez7riRrars9TCrrZNENABLED709231h 33m 16s ago
Wice865nmFb7mUEFWAbftfaY9aFbN723PxENABLED709231h 34m 43s ago
WVF5re8w5WSwPed1NYGxnhwqU79dUXpxNKENABLED709231h 37m 55s ago
WmZj1P55sWtnBRFDtbwv42LxS64Luvb1zLENABLED709231h 38m 31s ago
WgSwbtnSRzzDFdVWjdY1cuRWKcE3G2aPYBENABLED709231h 39m 34s ago
WVxqjRnGZq2QhmHiKYgF8ikmCnqReyS9QGENABLED709231h 40m ago
WTKgCw3nznDCdjT1yB1C9LwgyFchZnjksTENABLED709231h 40m 38s ago
WPVb4n8NaidXB96QRmG7Fve4cnGU97ka6jENABLED709231h 41m 14s ago
WNhwkKYVWV3EXj1f3whDTqrDxXC3Qt2mi8ENABLED709231h 42m ago
WSA9p5RJCPqkFxkoyaEQiPAvotzE2PqA4dENABLED709231h 42m 45s ago
WbekxGnBxX4DZdLJWXERvemARcKTEUJPCUENABLED709231h 44m 11s ago
WNwRADaG6bjDaEXA2NPrqy5nkQnovZUijkENABLED709231h 44m 29s ago
WkuzdjVLLNrQGNhXnw7jG3u31Ev8jjKucNENABLED709231h 44m 54s ago
WSx18gZQtoNwHTNuxtDsLnWjjmoD6Bbr6mENABLED709231h 45m 25s ago
WefmgY3XBkbFEAzWgQTs1MYdEWjuta2H1PENABLED709231h 46m 6s ago
WbkupNnYWugxcXeAFPo179d4UsGRPRZeZ1ENABLED709231h 46m 39s ago
WNuH9xr5sBk7qYgni4ykx1qGbwPYM5xrvJENABLED709231h 48m 48s ago
WS7jH5SSxvsf6Y4E4hNGZTssvsXRnMVcXDENABLED709231h 49m 52s ago
WUXEnZXbAcfndKJNJugGeNyB55FhFx63KJENABLED709231h 50m ago

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