Wagerr (WGR)

WGR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,890
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,890
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 10.61% / 3440 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 13,737.8790

Last masternode reward: 2.8500 WGR for WiTai6e7mcrqyyacRZ1R2aEufc4ifDsrrf

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,556,323
1m 24s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,401
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.9065 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Feb 16 2018 01:16:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  4000000
Protocol version:  70928
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 12 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WiTai6e7mcrqyyacRZ1R2aEufc4ifDsrrfENABLED709281h 2m 19s ago
WP6vkCVRMTqVAv3kZG4xmqVfZ4wjw3MJtoENABLED709281h 3m 49s ago
WXAoCy7uswfVtfRHhyf1yh9YPCWoXnPz2bENABLED709281h 4m 4s ago
WcbdTXFKZCmwzFWo92eY4qPD491Qy35g4vENABLED709281h 4m 49s ago
WYnYzQdXCXsLWiinGvauq62Jf7B5QYmdkcENABLED709281h 5m 19s ago
WfFAFJTohwyxRG8Pz7M3amHqdL5FnjRWH2ENABLED709281h 5m 49s ago
WhevpUR1WYSx7y6RqViFbnxrhN6y1jV9ZnENABLED709281h 6m 49s ago
WfynQiHk9SRgDA1cSFcDr95iYSXWCa9ceGENABLED709281h 7m 4s ago
WbCWNGNvZvRgt8boLjsZ7VbQ9tBHZQt5WYENABLED709281h 7m 19s ago
WbmMJtiKbsuepd3W6VwJC7XEdJudDXLiCqENABLED709281h 9m 4s ago
WQxBWq7B3QqEYvjuRyX71qFXkY2NVBx2NSENABLED709281h 9m 19s ago
WgGCwBzpmfmwn3ZFyCCsdMf9mRLRrGyJ5ZENABLED709281h 11m 49s ago
Wcj1wBwCLUaQV1Sd2w2NkPsqJns6MoEJKUENABLED709281h 14m 19s ago
WftTsorChzj7P4njFVRXqfsHqTP5gd6FfAENABLED709281h 16m 4s ago
WchHKvS2atUS7wC36dqedDBu2eGZ2AgnzrENABLED709281h 16m 19s ago
WTZNFxziTUtFRF1keEGyk2j484ZvAZfzQKENABLED709281h 18m 34s ago
WTDQkkRF6vLtX1hTpQn29SRBRy7ccLT6aHENABLED709281h 19m 4s ago
WjommoK44AiBLTqWFJ8h1KckfBHyZQpFcuENABLED709281h 19m 49s ago
WiNGJigGbydoXMBbgL7di8PViFWKVjbSedENABLED709281h 22m 4s ago
WSP78LZS7KupjVCKDa8eeaD1vKi56AriTKENABLED709281h 24m 19s ago
Wh5nZ5cicaR4UYs5vrev9b9AbTu2NdfsDUENABLED709281h 24m 34s ago
WYXn6nR9GbDfdhEgzxmVfwiA8ruvpt7KRWENABLED709281h 25m 4s ago
WhD6Kka5e3jr5aeouVUM1XFp7mH5kF7SdsENABLED709281h 26m 49s ago
WWC1u1nNM86hd8riTooCeZPQffrUh12URMENABLED709281h 27m 4s ago
WXt2nrbGFLQUmvFHSDaqHLW5gTJUzP8a8MENABLED709281h 28m 19s ago
WXuJDkh7jaZChzgoFKMwB1DRKfpVkYFqgZENABLED709281h 30m 19s ago
Wf3py9a9d8v9byLpoB2LGn4JYdibeSfMiFENABLED709281h 31m 34s ago
Wb8o4AjrPo4rwdfBNhHD7PUEGoXfAXG9J5ENABLED709281h 32m 4s ago
WcXVwkZmJrQixPcn3E2JJ4sEshoPJgK8CvENABLED709281h 32m 19s ago
WkYdcyTqF3VqEPGzrPXuSH8NyFEYtzpzMoENABLED709281h 32m 49s ago
WcgMksg3jXQTEjwFsE9YLh7jJAQNHKv5npENABLED709281h 33m 4s ago
WVgN6WXh5duGKfzaBsNPZkLrFeWM6GDMzCENABLED709281h 33m 19s ago
Wc79SDqbiptyemhiBd2bcamJEgwvANUy9nENABLED709281h 34m 49s ago
WXuCb5aGNGdbf82rHQuLASotkR3Y7j4gF2ENABLED709281h 36m 4s ago
WjQsb5pz6pUEK3syCYjMgCV4s4UK2DPkTGENABLED709281h 38m 49s ago
WVRp7hj6CKHK7hsEw59g2itg5BHJUWZvmkENABLED709281h 39m 34s ago
WTEqmuStoo3qAiKq2YrknxPkiyLSbCSLgzENABLED709281h 40m 49s ago
WhV8QKzMXL18ntTPVYHMx7G69tSzwgv7HkENABLED709281h 41m 4s ago
WetKvGHT1RET3Li83HcY4p7T9pdKs5PiN7ENABLED709281h 41m 49s ago
WiuC8dsKiXL5Kwj5Z4kEBK5SuHgHoo8ZKdENABLED709281h 46m 49s ago
WSEzV4CLTTkvEt717tQTAzxjxtAuMV4ZN9ENABLED709281h 48m 34s ago
WmtwZQ9CgnE6mjpJTdoFUvQMNNEuH26hF4ENABLED709281h 48m 49s ago
WX1eLLoNUGeEXfgVgoJdRcarDaiNvFwKrvENABLED709281h 49m 34s ago
WQ8wPNe4hwpzUZPkkftBAtJ8XxCYghrrXtENABLED709281h 50m 4s ago
WdorH6buL8qLVgQHQf21ea4oC1nxk5LNPfENABLED709281h 50m 34s ago
WT5C95jKjsKso5j9VBgEczab4F4wp9pr3qENABLED709281h 51m 34s ago
WhDdjYbbcnZmNBViGA83BeKrQrLvYhzo7WENABLED709281h 51m 49s ago
WZXbZd9K63MMLTp34zvFDwvsFxn5gangwvENABLED709281h 52m 4s ago
Wb48egt6xKyRVokz1ueEzWHdTiZ765ndYzENABLED709281h 52m 34s ago
WViRm7uAXuguFprgJgF1nKd8vu2mGDunP6ENABLED709281h 53m 19s ago

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