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Wagerr (WGR)

WGR statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    2,600
Inactive:    0
Total:    2,600
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 7.17% / 5091 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 13,365.3789

Last masternode reward: 2.8500 WGR for WR12FJ4XSA14boMngSmGHKAD23a8UaVAEn

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,286,122
12m 43s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,414
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.6158 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 16 2018 01:16:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3010000
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 121 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WkcbMTsokcb6hSirkSfwe4osBW2LCnMUYNENABLED709272h 49m 48s ago
WVHR7829PJHLkM5VYpysqKQF7KPhrVguH2ENABLED709272h 50m 4s ago
WUkHLnRPPCjce11hVv3PcoKKG4T18HHBj2ENABLED709272h 50m 16s ago
Wf55g9kPcwXzkShpf7Brx3b7x3oGQay7tHENABLED709272h 50m 30s ago
Wa1W6PdGCjiuHu435yfHXJYyipR6S86d43ENABLED709272h 51m 3s ago
WQE7j8QbHRywDYCEQMhR9sF6vUBstAjhj8ENABLED709272h 51m 48s ago
WQ9LzwVWVPaEofiJLZZnGvbG69pRMCed73ENABLED709272h 53m 1s ago
WgTGwi9zenY3R18KBkSJ1B1pUmvRK6z7w9ENABLED709272h 53m 4s ago
WgCoWPKrSGwbDmupTnGF7ejXtDVksFFUVrENABLED709272h 53m 48s ago
WSSGBoenFn8uNGhFELhPwyoAzXfCGfQZAEENABLED709272h 54m 19s ago
WcCqdFA2KcexQbRS5Ei2evpEAiraLSNB4tENABLED709272h 55m 38s ago
WVzkXPnAQmCKVL3ZhjgKxD8ptoipzMqcYoENABLED709272h 56m 48s ago
WS23H7VB99cT2hQMhKcjuM2GBQtNyXrZzQENABLED709272h 58m 36s ago
WaznFw8oa7S3ARGKuLoL8rUgFtzHcZySnHENABLED709272h 58m 42s ago
WcMVLdvBxYgvmd4kyeG9eF7fTyPTbsVZvxENABLED709272h 58m 46s ago
WR4ZYevwwMPS264eRrmYkzepognrbqoNXzENABLED709273h 13s ago
WYoD4C6icp8kBKPHWDSTsUasd1Nw1fsZtLENABLED709273h 44s ago
WjcbEZnFiRfte6y5DaNPkmvVqZA1wUJLENENABLED709273h 4m 40s ago
WV7Ugs2jrHTHYZ6SJDF4kU1LkTUSe8N23yENABLED709273h 4m 44s ago
WmGy8TCGGTBcgk7wkbypdMZGp7ibtWAJ6WENABLED709273h 5m 51s ago
Wf6Ebsf3yBvu7dS1PdDvoVZhXEaZ2GKZtQENABLED709273h 6m 5s ago
WisSpfUtQen7b5GKEEpg3D87MtKRoQLgzDENABLED709273h 6m 5s ago
WXDgtiCddc3crqTo4ZGAcLg4e1kf4CiU98ENABLED709273h 7m 49s ago
WbCWNGNvZvRgt8boLjsZ7VbQ9tBHZQt5WYENABLED709273h 9m 6s ago
WRSJruCuabCD8qa9EFizvCie6QYyQCvpztENABLED709273h 9m 53s ago
WT5BG66UT9TEzpqrGQ8YudB3R5r6o4qwgyENABLED709273h 10m 43s ago
WcsvszNge1g79PMSy69CFAGppVtH3wSFALENABLED709273h 12m 8s ago
WfqBhpYxcmBrFxA48WwF39CaQqEhzW2NPfENABLED709273h 12m 8s ago
WdSVpmFV3U5MAPzqTrUMFeM2pvSck8MXTxENABLED709273h 13m 33s ago
WdbnTdE7VAHVLWbfJXK3G57xLGjeKcKt7dENABLED709273h 16m 21s ago
WWAe3yATxWU8FrEfZocGKxhjPA4QZukoV6ENABLED709273h 17m 17s ago
WjwY4CSY6XCFiZTdXtxkq63cYPZoAadoaZENABLED709273h 17m 52s ago
WmFPoUFYZss7vBnjeshfariuc4GhMVHWv3ENABLED709273h 18m 32s ago
WVQpefujwLxYhr8wHEAkRbcsvP7Z11KqMjENABLED709273h 19m 6s ago
WhSt7b5pSpt2e6pq4MqaFbBf66TMe4yNH3ENABLED709273h 19m 13s ago
WdyKfv5iF5BbavmxsbQ2jyL536FcPVci4kENABLED709273h 19m 40s ago
WfD3Vw9apa3GVVuCuLjc9fCKEgmeCJn4ifENABLED709273h 19m 55s ago
WbVTRmNhuweEPB27qeEM74RFbT5a7nsSzBENABLED709273h 22m 4s ago
WXrTvAqFvzVG1YgNAw6GBjSP5przUWTmwfENABLED709273h 23m 10s ago
WUMFYBNkWGDFUUHqt9YCWGwJ3wYUcyJhXsENABLED709273h 24m 40s ago
WRWQqmfgxoJCNV12hRQhadfw1f6KyuNQSfENABLED709273h 26m 2s ago
WYPupDLpYHjLVRRBnH2GZks97Zj6Bdiv42ENABLED709273h 26m 25s ago
Whtx43xWwtmyz7pYnUyHN9GDwmE2aFF6w2ENABLED709273h 26m 39s ago
WZQT3HcAaX64Y6sQjCRJrYJUKKAB4Qz6ZFENABLED709273h 26m 39s ago
WgBzcRhU8n3DAKpJzAm4Tf5zYGt4RWvQkHENABLED709273h 27m 15s ago
WVePHF8PfZCuTvAsZSfqoKmw7EFC8opUqKENABLED709273h 28m 20s ago
Wdim6m69JdBCbfUjrZ3ZHj5RbxFPzQq1uDENABLED709273h 28m 32s ago
WmgYyUNAHAut4EP8TvfQFh2813j2CXSewmENABLED709273h 28m 44s ago
WY4BoQkKFQdD3cW9Ni6J9SLR6pYcYrZYpJENABLED709273h 29m 31s ago
WSjh1wQb5m3qRHRc6zffHMpkWisGQ3tE4jENABLED709273h 29m 46s ago

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