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Wagerr (WGR)

WGR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    2,544
Inactive:    3
Total:    2,547
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 7.21% / 5062 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 13,170.9794

Last masternode reward: 2.8500 WGR for WTXvcd8CJuwJid2jYnh2NP2Z6LxYSwNt8L

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,280,078
7m 10s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,412
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.7612 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 16 2018 01:16:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3010000
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 112 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WkGBivJDJEburqK24e7hEJMTuxEwYUPr5EENABLED709271h 48m 41s ago
WPFxktVYV66QnSPTq9i4J6FUNrL98RuvTNENABLED709271h 50m 52s ago
WRhdeK76cn9iFxn7aLkxUr6MNK44j7m7VXENABLED709271h 51m 18s ago
WRpTvfd5ZRxjJwC2ERHMGjerb92jiXVx5VENABLED709271h 53m 44s ago
WY3SVAqD3aCpFBs8TFFyzB3vvLxSg3RUwHENABLED709271h 54m 34s ago
WhUzkGPoMJUb814qGcKyKu5MJyuzb8Mf9RENABLED709271h 55m 12s ago
WQKR3AmudPsZecAMnUoAWcx2zo67Ngj2TPENABLED709271h 56m 34s ago
WeSwS1sPeHiLrQLs1jvRMyBvoj6TcUCgdHENABLED709271h 56m 51s ago
WYnN7dSqR7GYxQpgwo6r1CsgSeG8GLPwFuENABLED709271h 57m 49s ago
Wcggwao4F8VRbERiahVnHBXRJs4GoC6hE5ENABLED709271h 58m 28s ago
We2rGcYBG6WEkJBjZoZCZzC7VgPZYfp8BJENABLED709272h 57s ago
WkqhkHzfJ5eEWcQZSwf827S5wiP4EpDiVoENABLED709272h 3m 4s ago
WXsmBVcKud6xX9V6wq4i8yfsYt4iQf8NNZENABLED709272h 3m 45s ago
WTjv7aWjqRUVoZ9TvmTxR9JkFCRXZgdx5dENABLED709272h 4m 26s ago
WZtiywusB7qEVgFDmahFUtH82fngKTnp28ENABLED709272h 5m 36s ago
WXuiXyAt77uWoDCmf1hAbjaEZEDWcMxYVpENABLED709272h 6m 6s ago
Wf3kGE65Lnnf6K34zaXQysy35W8kLt9t5jENABLED709272h 6m 53s ago
WSu1wHRZzjesNkB8RbSX4cmHuqnmfQ14SRENABLED709272h 7m 23s ago
WTtdCz8kGFih6BBKm8m1WwEcaKBGeFdemDENABLED709272h 7m 58s ago
WXVouJPgLNzpV3qHVSF4dRCu5UgSVzLV6gENABLED709272h 9m 53s ago
WZFcEU1rQcR7KC1VZkSF2FKNLm6mE3NXyHENABLED709272h 10m 22s ago
WP6EYNee5doCs2m3sbKcqdgyR4SnGqGUjXENABLED709272h 10m 53s ago
WdGH7Mz9XzzZ1MqHEDEzPcscwhRgsBmk9tENABLED709272h 11m 22s ago
WcShtMgWjmyZVcdeMUDX8fTJC7UwyDaLnrENABLED709272h 11m 38s ago
WauDGtpZYxjRG6ENhFCPXTx3t16nRTXcQFENABLED709272h 12m 26s ago
Wb7jDNywACskoNHAmxUTEa9jx1VfiYxY2RENABLED709272h 12m 50s ago
WTjHWJdSLgGVtkSo1DDsvBYeYtdaEWAjjAENABLED709272h 14m 11s ago
WRLsYq1z63Z9bPnpTJfN69Fs9w7NWYLvnjENABLED709272h 14m 11s ago
WPREjmPZwm8uTaVAaDsnpvYFUxBwzFhFncENABLED709272h 15m 7s ago
WiYZbRM9tMesXKPxmbcfm6C9Wugaa1yS4MENABLED709272h 15m 25s ago
WeaM1tmn8qsAKWhH23Quee8NmknF6WnGn4ENABLED709272h 16m 55s ago
WbpzCM3wpx6b8KuK9nPgXH1zpdCtBCZUzMENABLED709272h 17m 41s ago
WauVVccNTW7Rwq2yJZtTH2wPqW6CAWg6WfENABLED709272h 20m 18s ago
WU8soQKJYSfrUavYZhBCSLnGioyKdK5aa6ENABLED709272h 20m 35s ago
WeWux2gFRGE8kCDpS4TaWQ5pQ8ncCRsd8nENABLED709272h 22m 12s ago
WXfQtSgWEFy82ahgpM3K99jzGZibvNX21eENABLED709272h 24m 17s ago
Wj5Z8u5XVdkoA9S5bBsDcmuhnPoXiuCcjyENABLED709272h 25m 18s ago
WmoVzAAYCuqDNbvEkxHQjisxApt3i5yuQBENABLED709272h 25m 19s ago
WjBqyAd3WS2NvPYhb9mjNLtvEP68SEB1qfENABLED709272h 25m 29s ago
Wb5BVbdg44wUycWKU9uCZsfy7MUqnHWEa5ENABLED709272h 27m 12s ago
Wm5fjVjMnwLtuk61AP4AXKRwgUHVjXfpwDENABLED709272h 28m 7s ago
WNxTRaaUjrRjPAEJZJPanHCDGRViyNWrj6ENABLED709272h 29m 56s ago
WerfywKBn7hvzVm4Ax3mboLuvF2sybq69PENABLED709272h 30m 24s ago
WbowNgzdjBCNokG2Mt1F2u57XY4DZR9dLWENABLED709272h 30m 41s ago
WSFvGh5objnAknvS2iqdXCQcxdSVEHNvMjENABLED709272h 31m 18s ago
WP8hzJmf3gJfnD5ey8kZjC9SoRW1dNo1orENABLED709272h 32m 2s ago
WRnPGUhoYsJewprKBGprce79xKPZMNHR7cENABLED709272h 32m 26s ago
WbqbvWi2eqGLDmAfmSFmRWUfoyMTbmSBM6ENABLED709272h 33m 13s ago
WXUuxjddVa1FAj1xP4Z5tihwSHwC9gym3rENABLED709272h 34m 22s ago
WPEfJBmhuG5kSvnjYJGSqzVXTAJxKA53ivENABLED709272h 35m 17s ago

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