Wagerr (WGR)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    2,748
Inactive:    4
Total:    2,752
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 2.09% / 17464 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,098.3000

Last masternode reward: 2.8500 WGR for Wg4iqPD6wMSVMBsA1AaNbrpmbDkwAExnSw

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 609,879
8m 35s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,438
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.0333 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 16 2018 01:16:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2009900
Protocol version:  70923
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 87 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WRHQuorzSRt2b9CT2JHdDhgAzTgu6hL56bENABLED709231h 53m 8s ago
WXYLS5PL8apjMPNUrVLSCKYBMJ64qmCyUwENABLED709231h 53m 22s ago
WZQXU8H4YpjN4XGRzgxyBeq87KJaFPpFsxENABLED709231h 54m 23s ago
Wevp2XsuHvUxs9oh8TY8Wskm6kb2ej4h9QENABLED709231h 54m 26s ago
WYe4JNiT8gMaArNKTPF6kTm7AQMyEEkkD8ENABLED709231h 55m 41s ago
WYCBieEthytXuwRobN5eLswq3vc9F1LtLGENABLED709231h 56m 52s ago
WQEzFBR7ngRYvKUuX9arKhFM1kcK9dZcV4ENABLED709231h 57m 42s ago
WcehmwpZSpsCKMuSESrhwCw7uBURhdPNW8ENABLED709231h 58m 38s ago
WNwRADaG6bjDaEXA2NPrqy5nkQnovZUijkENABLED709231h 59m 16s ago
WTfzNa4PQKAmJA3ESG2qZA3wKngyDjdjfQENABLED709231h 59m 43s ago
WWVN8DrJ7S4vpDuXmEW7cYLHCSmTTekinmENABLED709232h 15s ago
WW5otMXmj4iDtdJ5xPBB6pcdBUPJvueeNQENABLED709232h 1m 7s ago
WVwMQCGFxoSSi1o1oLoMerGu11N9zY3hiDENABLED709232h 2m 25s ago
WbTzkjQKBXZJ8WSkz1SNSBRL2AmaNh6PNWENABLED709232h 2m 52s ago
WeYD8muutrgVr2pJ4ADTzB9WNQwauNT36aENABLED709232h 4m 12s ago
Wj42oH2TQkfZspULpKJMri7cqtUXvWCTzuENABLED709232h 4m 27s ago
WUoJ4YREKWfApT2b8RoEEvJxViAyvu6rPGENABLED709232h 6m 21s ago
WPHdv1VFzxEKmQjsVDipbN6dodsmBrR6pdENABLED709232h 6m 29s ago
WUdn1bydYfFYFZ3FvAkScAxwpd7BeqW4JWENABLED709232h 6m 49s ago
WgkxFe4wKrnghvtnw8ipMzFDE6tWvEEkAHENABLED709232h 6m 50s ago
WVxqjRnGZq2QhmHiKYgF8ikmCnqReyS9QGENABLED709232h 8m 40s ago
WXfWDJy7X96kDvH2BcqbCDLtbbSwVBb2CWENABLED709232h 8m 49s ago
Wf8v6yv7miwrUR59HKZEd6focN371dn4DjENABLED709232h 12m ago
WYEPTDyaSgTYpbYuZH4MC5m5EXgvExRSyJENABLED709232h 13m 3s ago
WiJfUiSeC1a2Kur2C5VUUXTgdWMxhG2BwxENABLED709232h 13m 27s ago
WRy5HsSvDnjgZd7aRNYMwn8YAxxdwZq7CLENABLED709232h 14m 49s ago
WQJ1uodLNMEiX3GFj54yn2sREYCdYyYnLVENABLED709232h 14m 57s ago
WZ6SPKZzyS55e7rwjDjtFtMigg9Gce6ET2ENABLED709232h 15m 7s ago
WhLjQ2zPPwUasedTFEjWY6Yek6vWAwDjVWENABLED709232h 20m 43s ago
WcGkJ7WYGhTAWGcM4GJ1E4aMSw3K4ezrgHENABLED709232h 21m 54s ago
WeoEYrfG21pcUK24WJz8JjhAsNcW83RFpYENABLED709232h 23m 31s ago
Wdd4ziwdnMYfyYiCLxthAWTWnoEGiMmX7jENABLED709232h 24m 30s ago
WhGdVG8dFKW5R2hhmpk3trunLATjDRFo37ENABLED709232h 26m 35s ago
WeQBZofhv5buRzmtYzgh79DaWpeFkbyanZENABLED709232h 27m 28s ago
Wh417et9cQaTwKNtsQo6GTsvUcevQWV5YqENABLED709232h 30m 32s ago
WefmgY3XBkbFEAzWgQTs1MYdEWjuta2H1PENABLED709232h 31m 4s ago
WYRMHL4hH9N4YuY1jyfNFMrbfsUTzWv9woENABLED709232h 31m 42s ago
WcFQU7NWnWqYjrcgEYLZuomy3PzmRfraJrENABLED709232h 31m 53s ago
WkUhuPgHq8K5wePPvbpSoRCZA5yPNj7oy2ENABLED709232h 32m 58s ago
WiJ88CTcqVSXyPdZQNyYgvJ1AgE88SQwH2ENABLED709232h 34m 17s ago
WhRr8myw8C5EjpLgeBGxLkaW56xSy9w3A8ENABLED709232h 38m 19s ago
WZgQx4LcBAZuu3e4EKTGXZ5BdFCi8a6VnjENABLED709232h 38m 57s ago
WbxT8r1P6o8yhbDrniq3Ag3pApxzUmPiTdENABLED709232h 38m 58s ago
Wd1SEJSWAmWCVXqmT9Rn8D6GWK4Rju8EuyENABLED709232h 39m 28s ago
WbqnpPsKsWYdmtPETNhWB8bgtqZkgqY8WjENABLED709232h 40m 1s ago
WgKuTfzQnLikvkv8yMgZ3tcSYfkrYG8sj9ENABLED709232h 40m 53s ago
WW6hdmx7vRcbG6BJLug3EZsudPNUVVTBVDENABLED709232h 41m 28s ago
WiPzD998stArg9UkwRYgj5Ug4SsydWPYQvENABLED709232h 42m 23s ago
WiEwZQ5vyN4pc55oA6Vo3ZVoCbUKLdFbhHENABLED709232h 43m 1s ago

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