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All For One Business (AFO)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    87
Inactive:    0
Total:    87
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 653.73% / 56 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,576.1250

Last masternode reward: 1.1250 AFO for AGjjyzAFvGSsbR5zPy4155JjqUUNuctUGT

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 558,098
3m 35s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,401
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +10.7482 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 9s
Genesis block: Nov 04 2019 16:12:01

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5000000
Protocol version:  70919
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 170 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ATdNYoqq4ZEybMhZs3j3x97kpLfeRuznqsENABLED709191h 2m 20s ago
AU7iFVPjSjjexwLw8dVuMJnH2HjJpYjeCgENABLED709191h 3m 20s ago
AUA5ndbhxrnsjEDUpMoV7xnXHtVAcSGAPuENABLED709191h 4m 50s ago
ATkbbBESZSyGffnBUsuUv7RBFRG11LBhsNENABLED709191h 5m 50s ago
AMEoA5oVSnKvwiZ6chs46vDrnE8xYK5r4KENABLED709191h 6m 20s ago
Af1KPJ23sZcUVQaokZH5pM1dF6Hh9eetbCENABLED709191h 6m 35s ago
ASjkndGB7YM8yTHACb1we3WtCXmJugFhXxENABLED709191h 7m 50s ago
ALRDYwTjV6ueW4C72S8Zhv6q2kAAUfeUcxENABLED709191h 9m 50s ago
Ab182mtdAMdrfzibJGA6E2CUGqpJqZsov6ENABLED709191h 10m 35s ago
AVMVptJAo5qLJwk7LuhThy9hkcuUj7GCfBENABLED709191h 11m 20s ago
ANMvRGV8EVrojJxaSL5cH9k3ytsXXSz6sPENABLED709191h 13m 50s ago
AJRK8hUxkKn2WRRAouiqasUBjiZW7gkksGENABLED709191h 14m 35s ago
AWhFbMQLSQb1whWtNk9ANwbM8UzL1RuzJAENABLED709191h 15m 5s ago
AU6zoXB9k6jd17kaUmGvALo5ifNeGtR3bJENABLED709191h 17m 20s ago
AQrTSsP1ch3cMVZefG2r2VuFxT6vKBssihENABLED709191h 18m 35s ago
AeWUcxbZyHHC7txbqNJNHwfW86d69D3TVKENABLED709191h 19m 20s ago
AN5VzfjrYpRF6baeLd2r38rSmKPikf4w2kENABLED709191h 19m 35s ago
AWuATmUL4X1VbdLaDxHPsNkLBaH2vLqnQZENABLED709191h 19m 50s ago
AXTaTF1F53P9u9tvbFVmCcXoGNrBjJoWtEENABLED709191h 20m 50s ago
AZ7RWWbTh27uZR2vyUu6KSQC5Y75bxpoSfENABLED709191h 21m 50s ago
APiBaEJnUsjcXkMWfZ3fvNQN3562zw7eagENABLED709191h 22m 35s ago
AWT2m5MMFBvtw2ijrxMx88Q252sXknVNfKENABLED709191h 23m 20s ago
AMiKGAR82RyDVsXryDZX3gRX3ShcZ8SCJXENABLED709191h 24m 35s ago
ASRpgBrvispDkWnPkzyL3UM1WmXYvnY1iCENABLED709191h 25m 35s ago
AQoLgX15aiS5NF9Wzjn1GRBKXoBmGAJbY8ENABLED709191h 27m 50s ago
APHREwPkZrh9KqnDJeMvo3kKFWJaWYd42QENABLED709191h 32m 5s ago
ATYZtvetzJmu9kmqWgKS4j8NwJhScyCDLxENABLED709191h 32m 50s ago
AYsHCUnrs9fkvvJmeXAdzdKQ2o3XiQf5eFENABLED709191h 34m 20s ago
AXVitgpST7bZL3bMzMpUa5esbcetbQ4nMXENABLED709191h 34m 35s ago
ASDnqcYLjHgtE8j8pV4cyHpRLTkaxhxSkCENABLED709191h 36m 20s ago
AcyXDrdDWqqZUHHXSHaVBvL2kfsazkdeF1ENABLED709191h 37m 5s ago
AejymMNu5F2FsSNJUJnkSuwKSBTTh7MpXHENABLED709191h 43m 20s ago
AMmKUub5j4nVhmbDQkdg5cu3JxQdadqN5BENABLED709191h 45m 35s ago
ATBQTgKAL6i5oYq52jeQMSEu5DDAetjfQjENABLED709191h 54m 20s ago
AeHLFUVcx2ofpyscJhDfwAE5b4eRBQu6iiENABLED709192h 2m 50s ago

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