Cosmo Coin (CMOS)

CMOS statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    39
Inactive:    0
Total:    39
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 345.53% / 106 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,692.0000

Last masternode reward: 2.6000 CMOS for CcoNXC7W3wJATr9CyEBr1w7JgYB312yoJi

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 742,911
4m 48s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,420
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.8036 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Dec 23 2017 19:46:42

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020000
Protocol version:  70810
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 20 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CcoNXC7W3wJATr9CyEBr1w7JgYB312yoJiENABLED708104m 48s ago
CNZoX9W9H8vxRda712K1ZZa7BNVHiFe9wgENABLED708106m 31s ago
CTa6mBTBWLV8uawWxsSQKDzwf6wkge1U9QENABLED708106m 46s ago
CTfAWxVfjbAdTEQu5KgnYt6fqAWG4WW7KQENABLED7081012m 48s ago
Ca4ouabCsxQEXxtq4vtofCX31MX5jSmiSpENABLED7081013m 49s ago
CcUF11zmZFBHzphx148Ak4WzVfKzLcvcDvENABLED7081017m 26s ago
CXKHdZDWDZSA2Ld6yrZ86Dh9BjDTHCztSGENABLED7081020m 53s ago
CPoB35MeK5PN1vUpspETQezBxHpUz3vrctENABLED7081021m 36s ago
CXRyxyLFZHN92imzCotp1wzJ7MwKP53otYENABLED7081021m 42s ago
CfTBkiEGcupcK7XDsMajMSaVS2uqwe4jniENABLED7081022m 28s ago
Cd9tVV8T6LyofMT4pQbHSYzBsKaf1gFfYsENABLED7081023m 4s ago
Cd1ka3rYNeLEkMmgoiGtpETbh4fwt8jxiXENABLED7081023m 39s ago
CKhS1cJK8bZKga3fYsL8xrMDiPfN53b65cENABLED7081024m 13s ago
CUeeGbuxNLRnbviqz3Bk9fdW3kPrirDageENABLED7081025m 39s ago
CTr7A4FsdAvG5rBsd3inXhXZzsxcgvuEyWENABLED7081026m 41s ago
CLp7eUyPGvcUsTb7urcbckAoLQcqRDWTWwENABLED7081028m 10s ago
CHBmgZkBvREKA3Y21hw24nXioPYYSE7LBKENABLED7081029m 31s ago
CPuNJFfJXRfXULKqRC7SsPdSehJ2UUieSeENABLED7081031m 3s ago
CKQx7Vw3VSqvfqKnFVPLSwpZ5cHbrmkTA8ENABLED7081032m 7s ago
CZUijyVFsp3BBQ8SqkdVa8Wh7rPpfqiHeqENABLED7081032m 28s ago
CdF9sGVg6FP4U36838QvAd2qCyDx92Ae3dENABLED7081033m 56s ago
CeGEANZ56gxEfH9q6HLH9XSUW6M2r3rW5cENABLED7081034m 59s ago
CV2TY4ekDL5Yn2wAzKWvmgBThdEo6NTVKiENABLED7081035m 6s ago
CcVSvmFthVUvTHBt6QZgT9Pn3hMjTieHjwENABLED7081037m 59s ago
CGUNxLxVQBcKA8bLpS4pVUrizKukJh76NfENABLED7081038m 37s ago
CSZo5UwefFtGG4Lz2QGaB6sauh9Fcj88Y3ENABLED7081038m 57s ago
CKoLLpoAD3CRXdf5DaTM1GBqK8bpdopmiMENABLED7081042m 30s ago
CYYbvJRMTc9L3AQH32yEBravhCRD7Fj2mDENABLED7081042m 51s ago
CdaqUaijs5nhDz9nxxFgukH9UeQGQHXMrGENABLED7081044m 10s ago
CX5EPYYhnAipH5T6CEvm1JMCmx2bNFkL5AENABLED7081045m 8s ago
CQSb7UKBZ2fgwb67Xh9JsduUbVELntSb8VENABLED7081047m 50s ago
CbtEWyiQ25Fav1XFvjGLD6DakM6YArdD2uENABLED7081049m 40s ago
CLtm6qo5JZsHtPuMUc79wjRCbM2xmw3px4ENABLED7081051m 26s ago
Cd3jZ8onitmZbNgSP1mKbvf1u6thv8bELpENABLED7081052m 27s ago
CRuzkK4x2esfXvhGzmXQCwSx9wAiU7DsgEENABLED7081053m 27s ago
CMStnf9r8KSUW1qqDWDqULzDxDGsx9EW2oENABLED7081053m 29s ago
CdVQ6GnGv85jXZQ4nZveXwcftmFrRGvvHgENABLED7081055m 53s ago
CLsfCPBX48ioCK6u1RwzLuFBYxQ5JtVgE7ENABLED7081057m 26s ago
CfFENxMVd28fYtY5CaeS9tGHD84Q7c9sEaENABLED708101h 7m 31s ago

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