Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    315
Inactive:    0
Total:    315
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 36.80% / 992 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 31,860.0000

Last masternode reward: 540.0000 DIVI-COPPER for D9w9YFqyBQRE9skUG85MLidok6MPzs6EWo

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 684,370
22s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,416
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.4617 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 128 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D9w9YFqyBQRE9skUG85MLidok6MPzs6EWoENABLED7091550m 17s ago
D7jdYVXHxGVUamsYJT1gpAPykVx3Jk3nBCENABLED709151h 7m 6s ago
D5VoMSKYkNnr4m8SkRWw7WZF6bo8U1vkkKENABLED709151h 20m 54s ago
DCnvxaM2mwUk2TzBgYAhTGe9k2DAsn2kwgENABLED709151h 52m 46s ago
DJZMRTJffc5wNhe8xo7cEAMUWSx9JTWB8hENABLED709152h 17m 10s ago
DD62N54Z27kH1JiCZddV4ZTZka4yAkYAU3ENABLED709153h 4m 48s ago
DKbwjSEZXqNHMf7P6qabQWs4VJWSeCfEUxENABLED709153h 20m 34s ago
DDZ4SXYfai1Rere8L3nTukDtoxnt6szt92ENABLED709153h 57m 57s ago
DKaVRLHMA342wFU2WUJLsokxiVwawkP5YrENABLED709153h 58m 27s ago
D5pvkfvAdw4QURotRLtWneJwd36YbG1k86ENABLED709154h 9m 30s ago
D69CfrP1xscJKsUvPt5HGiFZPRMfucd2RCENABLED709154h 22m 33s ago
DEPCg4kRYsx4yHht2DEbtb1HTUVNwap51mENABLED709155h 9m 38s ago
D5EtA8FSMsKHDGWvy5GDwpwQvCsEQaxDY3ENABLED709155h 11m 18s ago
DTqSBWjtvPRKZSnRrDj7pBQPdQKT9e1VtTENABLED709156h 1m 27s ago
D9m9uhuVCsVXQ7vJk3P9mU4BTMJLidxvF7ENABLED709156h 26m 32s ago
DGwvhPzRTbyZr7WumVGUztT6p5LCw9jf4BENABLED709158h 20m 45s ago
DPgAHkrogNmngddeBVGrbUQoPXGdgmhFA2ENABLED709158h 43m 7s ago
DUJQ9czScAgytvhEgWxbiDo8CZHKj8uaRmENABLED709158h 47m 36s ago
DCpmJ8onc83NCk3z9UGn9v3LkCG4qawGjgENABLED709159h 26m 28s ago
DFsVQE33FGLcTQb2QcFF276chk3BiUNRyuENABLED709159h 29m 25s ago
D8JvEyLWSB529E1BbizSL71TS6yuUt33PwENABLED709159h 42m 46s ago
D8UADHrfXr724MygCzhcDbRkakcrxqxGeLENABLED709159h 44m 9s ago
DSdsk4vH89hrVqFhd2zGjus8cD4uXtrTRoENABLED7091510h 24m 44s ago
D9PLykEi8yiYKGqaAdS43iuWKo2FnhpoREENABLED7091511h 30m 53s ago
DJBtpztAsZ53JaX51DWqCT3ixBahMEngTdENABLED7091511h 56m 11s ago
DHBDwH3KSfLpX1w3aPCr2y4fZFnaX2YHQ4ENABLED7091512h 10m 19s ago
DMwdyvCN1A6xthJSu4vUZCUzN2Cg8C4w3WENABLED7091512h 10m 21s ago
DBr8SG1m3tLDF38AWC2xkHe9hr4JFthLipENABLED7091512h 17m 11s ago
D8ZSd1BE4DMtRQmbn98C46w3qRiBENsAVsENABLED7091512h 22m 9s ago
DLJBmpKGLBjNHqYHcWsqZzQSqb8L522iaDENABLED7091512h 27m 5s ago
DL2HuBgaAeRqk7rnT6LVSeEzuk56ywhB1NENABLED7091512h 58m 37s ago
D5a2duKtoFH1wVKEN9JWcSmcnTaT9nsbu4ENABLED7091513h 18m 22s ago
DLHgHZMVnDDvxPm3H7GcMEG3JryhDFN6ZQENABLED7091514h 8m 9s ago
DFFyw3Rpq1ZnYUpt3mH3nLWAnfGHZvMwh1ENABLED7091514h 28m 14s ago
DP2JQZ6EebP4QDygpg5ymkfXtLUjPX6iFuENABLED7091516h 4m 13s ago
DSQhKfSV4AH5ZbpEgSwAr5Sr4KdgrVW5udENABLED7091516h 29m 48s ago
D8ppFSEWPbs67Gb32ebXKhCnFoQ82J4hnzENABLED7091517h 40m 9s ago
DA3wgeErJdxgmo5PVGHmTMvaCQWS3YqKxcENABLED7091517h 55m 41s ago
DAhSKymDPM9nc4KRkicZ7hDRPVTgos4uRQENABLED7091518h 11m 51s ago
DNiQYAzyt1BACxt8Mh9B7Q3e1hGhumxbg3ENABLED7091518h 14m ago
D8rprzaEqz1bZsp4VXQy1oqF45wqQscwA9ENABLED7091518h 52m 3s ago
DLx1pgbTzhmwmMWY1ednCbAtHDjYJthvd6ENABLED7091520h 8m 1s ago
DRnVXuiSaMTcfdK2e8YdV2zuj6AbDoTZFRENABLED7091520h 25m 30s ago
D8Quqf9Ms8LswRMDyM1Q7MHZ3yiKcHxifSENABLED7091521h 12m 47s ago
DNRocCJ566W63SgHQtrzNjCX1ynMPeY2UhENABLED7091521h 34m 33s ago
D7LJ5EunpuqdsV11mAjq25JiCWH627677YENABLED7091521h 39m 13s ago
DRaTL1tMLBsRaBGNjvMjHEhAusDDgJapbeENABLED7091521h 50m 10s ago
DP7KbJ2pNRw3B6VT4hCVJoeHqKRkgPgL8HENABLED7091522h 3m 11s ago
DHApjG2shgQLFLFgDpcV7TgxtSzCYgQ66EENABLED7091522h 6m 39s ago

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