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Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    105
Inactive:    0
Total:    105
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 52.56% / 694 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 15,120.0000

Last masternode reward: 540.0000 DIVI-COPPER for D6Eo3ijiMBQ384JHKUxPL8ANZcxaoNDkwd

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 416,972
45s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,416
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.3147 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 113 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D6Eo3ijiMBQ384JHKUxPL8ANZcxaoNDkwdENABLED7091520m 36s ago
DHgB9EdcrWUa4z8GiCNoyoAfJ5BpAksncHENABLED709151h 35m 48s ago
D6R2DbNSgNZVdM3SHtNB1G84iDBXkwn7dAENABLED709151h 57m 43s ago
DTW37sDMCLc1QcorjyQSAtWZHnaYq4zaz8ENABLED709152h 43m 50s ago
DDYhKhtSZqVexAMbj8bew1wgzBwBryv4CoENABLED709152h 53m 24s ago
DH78KjyHhxgUC9GUSrbLztuizEsWhepNGWENABLED709153h 37m 43s ago
DJTDF48BSzFxhJx3d1GS8uew5fVewPufyeENABLED709153h 54m 30s ago
DJHNBzHFfyomU27gF8obccnBtUQ8KvgjzyENABLED709155h 41m 47s ago
D9wgLQ23YG6pw2fGUMc2jTy1C7fp5LtpAyENABLED709156h 34m 51s ago
DM1jxzcZmV7imFne82o9BcgF1GYeCPVwg5ENABLED709157h 53m ago
DGXLyBZAHZE8RiQDeTQEZomoDjLEM6zwsZENABLED709158h 27m 40s ago
DU8xZNGTzXZLuBEptYYWcZXrvQNmPr7RKoENABLED709158h 43m 35s ago
DMbzak2o5T6HRtpXmrKJsaBgdnfyvxSscQENABLED709158h 59m 21s ago
DA1WSPDBSpbydq4TrjqDePDXHKWPSFAygPENABLED709159h 13m 2s ago
DNqkoCGsJbK5HcZavvYvoa83vunLovKctNENABLED7091511h 30m 27s ago
D7vdF2x2pewStK7b126prU9ydHvY4GjKNnENABLED7091512h 23m 30s ago
DS1X3FBjR7UGP8xiia9Ljzw4taY7Uh3EJ9ENABLED7091513h 57m ago
DA5SzXjasQUtMze3rfuhN438eGEArzCRLVENABLED7091514h 36m 12s ago
DFePAWQMKB6YNHmUtrJb14kR4Xqytcs5qcENABLED7091515h 28m 59s ago
D6E6NzVxoD1WyhJRKi5DDHJEPgBAz9afUvENABLED7091516h 57m 4s ago
DPZMvBZmVEADzxKKyXbdZibwLPbQkSN2HNENABLED7091519h 13m 46s ago
DFaFrrre3Tupac2A3YPLG24pravGz8svQFENABLED7091519h 30m 12s ago
DMbhovfx6wENW38TUMCKGd8k4xLUrrGTqwENABLED7091520h 37m ago
D8r14oPAZy8tVFAPLaUpPEeyB5n2cZCLshENABLED7091521h 19m 21s ago
DPZkeL9bHRmbpECBvhaEQFApdZYSQ1oRhnENABLED7091522h 18m 57s ago
DA3kH9fShHGk4TDyPP7C6qR8NBqvNtxDVhENABLED7091523h 11m 46s ago
DHfAf7Ys7FQ2SxvpBMJX8YSYNcu2n71CMcENABLED709151d 2h 10m 45s ago
D8KM7yAXkz434KiLBNHtaHD7WA1ZYPXLthENABLED709151d 2h 14m 15s ago
DNBJpeJb5mHSy645EqNMnwFvqaC4JYURdDENABLED709151d 2h 52m 52s ago
DUBrGLf8sH3H6oCJcaYCukTb1uK7G8NTLnENABLED709151d 3h 3m 2s ago
D8zXM9Nx4bMxd5yTFitR7u7xaAqFKnQtTvENABLED709151d 5h 14m 27s ago
DEHsrjkTfUSFQdxCG2bbdz6PxPqnCuU6HbENABLED709151d 5h 28m 44s ago
DM9W6He7Do4RpFwXRXu5LdwCAxQK9f7ropENABLED709151d 7h 8m 54s ago
D6Xz1FA84L53T7DgTPRw8CfS6KG3JteHv3ENABLED709151d 7h 24m 18s ago
DHoPA8MDhvrm7R7f19rJQrth8LWoSz4KAuENABLED709151d 7h 32m 6s ago
D7XbT8DZCPSCxZ8C4f77bhzEPHGZeD87pTENABLED709151d 8h 9m 15s ago
DJX3Bi616m7pYjnbzQBwPdfTEcaPb4uPKeENABLED709151d 8h 59m 50s ago
DH7X5FQ6aPYq4ZRyzwWe4HQtPRZgdXCzKEENABLED709151d 11h 17m 9s ago
DH2hRNUVrmwhf478UXtarvsomds9z3E7xYENABLED709151d 12h 18m 53s ago
DPUE4nCUzFh7eGecPePEtHzAfgXYwoNax8ENABLED709151d 12h 18m 53s ago
DRaTL1tMLBsRaBGNjvMjHEhAusDDgJapbeENABLED709151d 16h 50m 49s ago
DMTco6H1RJXMurF5iiXcjZbkZ5eiKjyJkcENABLED709151d 17h 59m 13s ago
D7xKJAWefjrQQHcjsTu9HdGcade9NvcxD9ENABLED709151d 18h 43m 15s ago
D8MzrVotUpvdyoAeA7tJTNQWSTzw7xUhCFENABLED709152d 17m 32s ago
DEYHrS8PsH7r1g7tLHKSrKD94uHAcWCRPhENABLED709152d 22m 42s ago
DMrTMcCZV2Vr5z5Fd1T9KWnSA6ida7PesxENABLED709152d 2h 39m 9s ago
DSAfZ3Ca7GGbqVsHNbK2yvtnbsauTHDtP4ENABLED709152d 4h 24m 56s ago
DHHgHeNfpWixmeLXPfM6a3s89zDdUadRKoENABLED709152d 5h 12m 28s ago
DQ4k5cZV8pFgDKJ6CiT18HULSeLgoDtuAZENABLED709152d 7h 12m 19s ago
D9tVCm4fDoycwXa5R7EGSoY4GG6NpypCQVENABLED709152d 9h 43s ago

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