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Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    104
Inactive:    0
Total:    104
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 54.96% / 664 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 15,660.0000

Last masternode reward: 540.0000 DIVI-COPPER for D61uuZuKUBHg99GUdBRBL5ZY1CCcHKCiGU

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 246,502
3m 8s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,424
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.5469 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 110 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D61uuZuKUBHg99GUdBRBL5ZY1CCcHKCiGUENABLED7091518m 31s ago
DCg69EfmaXT1vEEh346H8mAW4hQSXRNf5SENABLED709151h 8m 23s ago
DNqkoCGsJbK5HcZavvYvoa83vunLovKctNENABLED709151h 13m 53s ago
DCv5zCoK4acMeLw72btdTpmpLfGbVQGYWhENABLED709151h 52m 8s ago
D6R2DbNSgNZVdM3SHtNB1G84iDBXkwn7dAENABLED709152h 24m 36s ago
DRaTL1tMLBsRaBGNjvMjHEhAusDDgJapbeENABLED709152h 57m 44s ago
DPvcWafRxSwRt7bH8hzrBLr9P5s2dRUXTpENABLED709152h 59m 55s ago
DUBrGLf8sH3H6oCJcaYCukTb1uK7G8NTLnENABLED709153h 31m 30s ago
D8SUQjyzKVRSMH66XDyVajjAqfYuxuSMkkENABLED709154h 4m 50s ago
DB8VUzC5BcnbtUxkb9usCf1XuhJ4yRdZU9ENABLED709154h 52m 11s ago
DLN2DobE2LJh4jTVREiNymd2Nn561qhcjUENABLED709155h 8m 34s ago
D6BWFfA2jw7Rgckvcw6FY7Anwsj1nb9iN5ENABLED709156h 18m 48s ago
D7SkYgydbzqLsbWYHcTsPsCzeEtTogYsoGENABLED709156h 20m 5s ago
DHsCWk1sz9MyvLjHh6YZ84mHAnFKDKeR5RENABLED709156h 38m 20s ago
DH4bLhThj6CGqw8GWFdQgT8Rp5RBnaZ1QAENABLED709157h 47m 51s ago
DHyAYqMcEQNs57h2VctDqSJJLLZjbEUAsAENABLED7091511h 25m 5s ago
DMbzak2o5T6HRtpXmrKJsaBgdnfyvxSscQENABLED7091512h 8m 22s ago
D5sYVV7JHUhcjhvLgSu3hD9gH17Hsa9ju7ENABLED7091512h 35m 29s ago
DTjqWQ9RmQRMY28YTX2GzZahG9cNzKaM9sENABLED7091512h 42m 48s ago
D6udaLWz9V53qmMbmRzjwMNoahFwBqJfknENABLED7091517h 41m 35s ago
DHfAf7Ys7FQ2SxvpBMJX8YSYNcu2n71CMcENABLED7091518h 36m 52s ago
DNL5RXtRPjx2QJZAUsatpPQ2EXEKdfAyuxENABLED7091519h 16m 31s ago
D7Lybgszu3wToZcB8vECwbsjCbKJaFdSBhENABLED7091519h 30m 53s ago
DQ2wpt17yT6arLABVFEu4Jgu9SvAC295u8ENABLED7091519h 50m 27s ago
DGKLFS3WSDBDGZJhNgTbUqh85HCnXK9aG1ENABLED7091520h 37m 7s ago
DM1jxzcZmV7imFne82o9BcgF1GYeCPVwg5ENABLED7091520h 52m ago
DSofFEAJd3homSL91XFJ35S54UeJfEhb9MENABLED7091523h 11m 10s ago
DKLgCACpnFedu59WHSxWZNS64AzYFKUwqkENABLED7091523h 42m 47s ago
DC33qxBqma1sWB9j1LC8WGiW7XTW7QVwsXENABLED709151d 24m 32s ago
DMTco6H1RJXMurF5iiXcjZbkZ5eiKjyJkcENABLED709151d 33m 42s ago
DHL5fgft8MNMcBe385FqVohvrzCt5NLpitENABLED709151d 56m 47s ago
DM9W6He7Do4RpFwXRXu5LdwCAxQK9f7ropENABLED709151d 1h 14m 11s ago
DR39xFPRvWUD9yKmdZTeGTgPZjqA21j2nVENABLED709151d 2h 34m 1s ago
DMbhovfx6wENW38TUMCKGd8k4xLUrrGTqwENABLED709151d 2h 43m 58s ago
DS1X3FBjR7UGP8xiia9Ljzw4taY7Uh3EJ9ENABLED709151d 4h 28m 23s ago
DDVkfsGBNs5pqU51E9AW3WRqWXx8RAqaKkENABLED709151d 4h 49m 59s ago
DMM9qw9wLHxUUZLAQrcSeThfW2Re3xFkheENABLED709151d 4h 56m 43s ago
DF846rqwWU8dQus2Mm5FPod5ebueUQ85d5ENABLED709151d 5h 29m 10s ago
DHNkKzEcJSk5EnsQsVJN6KxkmR7mRdT1FWENABLED709151d 10h 49m 19s ago
DCEwYVqbKR3wWqqmHscX4TCrWnNBKiDUZqENABLED709151d 11h 37m 55s ago
DLoGGtFjCGaK8TmC3EUqMpPpwoWja669YiENABLED709151d 11h 48m 17s ago
DSoBYhaeB9kCCfmo2xJETUED7eGoHB5UEAENABLED709151d 12h 9m 32s ago
D8DWSGomHDn5dN9dnL6EQ9A3MrVj2FYAkAENABLED709151d 12h 28m 18s ago
D6JDJaz5ydhpcKJvBPbvjRYDyybmTtHqozENABLED709151d 15h 17m 43s ago
DPAwkJfWeqpEqWgwegKhUHsjHQBrp7QspWENABLED709151d 17h 4m 26s ago
DM5ocfrryskdyHp58wu9d3MPNvPQKpVqFEENABLED709151d 17h 59m 13s ago
DNXJh9HcFsx6Zeaxiz3ZcwLztPn64awBBwENABLED709151d 18h 42m 12s ago
DTYB2DV1fCyk9suXHfg6HETq9kA2aSpYVRENABLED709151d 19h 27m 21s ago
DMQvTGFTBLWdcqgrDwwLwGvdAyGggyJEz8ENABLED709151d 21h 9m 44s ago
DAA9wcsmRXuRAbJ8q6cyGsqF8cbdowYAKwENABLED709151d 23h 59m 13s ago

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