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Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    678
Inactive:    0
Total:    678
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 26.45% / 1380 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 49,140.0000

Last masternode reward: 540.0000 DIVI-COPPER for DFpAVxiaphWFTRBdzsiybaRhTTs7eCoE4V

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,038,214
3m 51s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,430
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.4893 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 104 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DFpAVxiaphWFTRBdzsiybaRhTTs7eCoE4VENABLED7091524m 8s ago
DQpuhUgVSdwJvaM8Usfj9D5LCn537CVR7NENABLED7091533m 44s ago
D7VAtbNtmCYy2ADMZp5J1rmj8WhXNXSvgBENABLED7091543m 37s ago
D88XPgM6L3An5JqaFRC7pa78ezwwUjBqWTENABLED7091549m 43s ago
DLF2HAfwf8YscYt7v9mBLcZcrJY93Yg753ENABLED709151h 10m 39s ago
DK3bjoN5hj2mvJXKQbNuiocFJTXanXxM4hENABLED709151h 21m 53s ago
D6WxK6sVKpBhfsnsdaBUBR4TYZwKJWWAFkENABLED709151h 49m 55s ago
D5j14cSJyRZa9iFEsW4TsT2QLS6sf6SMoDENABLED709151h 57m 56s ago
D8YeYVuchBzMAh7gSamcSGTRE8yCC86ruzENABLED709152h 43m 29s ago
DJfdWHGrgJq7AMvtsV2HvSBiYNg3C9mTkPENABLED709153h 21m 54s ago
D8PShHeUy2yxxCHYMGR2PUcxasd4CZvx3FENABLED709153h 22m 3s ago
DDtZ1AwEyfMcr6SAq8mdU19rxwuwyrAz7DENABLED709153h 41m 27s ago
D6vkas8MtBqvbsHeGZgU2Snf9NWrWJcf6ZENABLED709154h 19m 34s ago
DA3spanSa2FkZY42Kvkbok2L9UZCvuriXEENABLED709154h 31m 21s ago
DGZ8VW73SDVm3NN7XKp4md6dT5DTrdhobCENABLED709154h 43m 54s ago
DLUehhw3WYv7RnSRQiQzrLNNVxNYB6YktdENABLED709154h 46m 48s ago
D7FR4dHMbF2FJMK5gbB9bPhVNqDVUeNFwzENABLED709154h 48m 20s ago
DBY4W348KeKnoJ6FjrabykBvcB2Te36xydENABLED709154h 54m 4s ago
DJkKWHt7aqJQKLYgtiyK7dKNHCoeDYqdHrENABLED709155h 10m 28s ago
DCdwuGfrSxZq3iS3bWhJk3P5BLMzggVstwENABLED709155h 14m 19s ago
DKoMLb4ZbasXS3wKp7ntAKh7PDU1dADZn1ENABLED709155h 16m 32s ago
DAxRWveYcYvRJeWRcxEXgGKEahBAUWtxCrENABLED709155h 42m 5s ago
DGCipoqM7tYTD8zLaJvwW8ZUUFesr8ZmNGENABLED709155h 44m 51s ago
DLqBq1YL8e8YVGcYkRoTPVxFyiT4tPae2pENABLED709155h 59m 17s ago
DMkCzxN4AFfVDZ7Ti7HGMDzmDtGJ46YpgKENABLED709156h 9m 52s ago
DEbsdEPAZfRWZY7BYXRqFZJQbZbxrueumQENABLED709156h 13m 6s ago
DRweZhC8E5EJ6iHdgyYyihPqh1ARXhjATrENABLED709156h 29m 37s ago
DG8mC8Xs45FqAkSmszMKUua5Td8er1FpzsENABLED709156h 55m 44s ago
DEafcnSJfsKDhsAoWiSjwnHNiEcLUf1Bq6ENABLED709157h 20m 20s ago
DCATD2WCt5GMhz9jD3FyM1vwoYocLDhgcxENABLED709157h 27m 40s ago
D5Bw8Xo4Aprtb7rqVEj1HGsNzzX2qrdJa5ENABLED709157h 36m 13s ago
DJE64V6zUrFehp1wG6aTKy64RaJsZ1GG3mENABLED709157h 37m 57s ago
DCRX7DQwEaFk8amioH3QABg635Ksr4WR5RENABLED709158h 13m 29s ago
DDrXwC9VYA6j1SEwDDgoRpW1gBHGKDPM1rENABLED709158h 27m 53s ago
D6caJaNque5wp4XB8UHJUReEyBqeFX1J99ENABLED709158h 40m 8s ago
D59qP6Mka4qzMUR7iZA6BXiwbmXKonnmurENABLED709159h 10m 57s ago
DTnm8tm5uoTviw2iDQhR9PZfeXgkkcjdeyENABLED709159h 33m 6s ago
D94PctT1DmxNx7ZRBN3iiXKPxoHVmTDnSmENABLED709159h 33m 7s ago
DS8ULNNJvxHsgs7W4VW3FW7M63Lpvw3crGENABLED709159h 35m 12s ago
DFuKMmhtKr6NwyftWZY5navSQAQEJyzXTTENABLED709159h 56m 28s ago
D5AhSRmv29nY9KKtyAm6qupFuphZokJt1vENABLED7091510h 13m ago
DBAG9C4JnmVWYWtfDndrURaBsXe6zzFymLENABLED7091510h 22m 56s ago
DB5F4EfJ853mkwwE9Bgq1x2tfCbmdaNZP1ENABLED7091510h 28m 41s ago
D64ZyWuYYJjdy1rGEij5eBUayFNURcY9fhENABLED7091511h 1m 37s ago
DUNfGv296TjandqhEiVnyFykwNFxtpgkqtENABLED7091511h 3m 55s ago
DSTRroFbyFfuWF1v6rhsTJ1fetLhA9DNxxENABLED7091511h 12m 22s ago
D6FKvfSX5VfzwbuDota8tRafw3G7PHCfqaENABLED7091511h 24m 38s ago
DSR6itnUQChcRY6N25d5K84ydKW5SgTCajENABLED7091511h 40m 2s ago
D69GxHS14oc2hMdeYSPQchqAawcVZXr9kdENABLED7091511h 41m 20s ago

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