Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    787
Inactive:    0
Total:    787
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Official ROI: 19.49% / 1873 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 42,075.0000

Last masternode reward: 495.0000 DIVI-COPPER for DFb2xYi1G2xUh9zxM1KrBVYnZDhdzwLpz7

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,327,867
1m 41s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,453
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.8163 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 17 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DFb2xYi1G2xUh9zxM1KrBVYnZDhdzwLpz7ENABLED709154m 21s ago
DHpSJYjdHcGRurYjUNkQ1j5DXy4pr2vx96ENABLED7091510m 25s ago
DMAQVtornj8RyRxhAfaXfTurE8KAL5q7fgENABLED7091525m 31s ago
DPqvtcLeWcLsSfA5V1rTF8iUY7sRVEVJ18ENABLED7091530m 22s ago
DGFgWADV8wnMZ4scaMbeMmzmuLbjrZf3nrENABLED7091535m 59s ago
DND1NAUD5rvLkufoMsfmF3e4ZGaXkanhAHENABLED709151h 18m 8s ago
DEug9sAF5eZEeZ4SWUzPiMaNUUm4RXmMntENABLED709151h 27m 37s ago
DGb8rEV7FwkvxZfE7KaAjTNEvTy3twLnDcENABLED709152h 41m 42s ago
DJddDF9T5uGx9E627VVq2X6SsH5aw1U68DENABLED709153h 2m 36s ago
D65Wxo7z2iiie7JCnff269p9u9tr2qtG4RENABLED709153h 17m 22s ago
DTu1pqp75XkAvfYBYCseZdud7TSxdfo6UhENABLED709153h 18m 23s ago
D7tNYkjipiALuQVmrvgR6Wjs56pQTuSPNeENABLED709153h 25m 52s ago
DMN9KNi5wo7qNpWcs5dfXVZcc1Jw393cyfENABLED709153h 26m 15s ago
DUMAQMNjMRVz9XubHkQpJPzHbLjSvnZz7YENABLED709153h 34m 2s ago
DRaTL1tMLBsRaBGNjvMjHEhAusDDgJapbeENABLED709153h 36m 46s ago
DL1KHmESo4bhvytnLcPb3tY9VA5gANNrVzENABLED709154h 2m 42s ago
DKDrfbQbSsPLTuZycBu715L6zPALCg63pdENABLED709155h 7m 57s ago
DJnsxaoatFo6M9rYUaNRAhszHyzRRVrbDeENABLED709155h 19m 50s ago
D5ZgQyh3Fg2hxLVNaFBSrQeSmuBRBrzGr4ENABLED709155h 23m ago
D5ejTUEe1XQq5zBTqTnKXxGV1Aeonycm8NENABLED709156h 16m 33s ago
DGaPci4yb4VKsVUNA89dVdmLMpxLKiHvJNENABLED709156h 29m 9s ago
D7x5JD2RQYCagv8pAQMSUJ4dUpF9KgrLbyENABLED709156h 42m 56s ago
D8aHqDTJWFqP3AWdUWfuEo8X5wasx5AvbrENABLED709156h 50m 50s ago
DAq7UWvH6rgV7jsJaFX1X49em3y19DLKWwENABLED709157h 5m 1s ago
D8JUvhfTLfqFKuQAmWoCmnnSgxF8FYu2g6ENABLED709157h 6m 42s ago
DQEHbo8eP8mDF7zx36DbKKcNZG9WLPTYqmENABLED709157h 17m 58s ago
D7hUKctdWtfHDnsLkZc7ZeJNVzjtnhc9S3ENABLED709157h 25m 37s ago
DQKiDPnx5ieE2daumBv1sXbnxEyRuyV4ZVENABLED709158h 5m 36s ago
DLPH9E6YZatw5g9CnkTHYBoxfgWPDxDzpXENABLED709158h 5m 42s ago
DJGRTgz6qfSfKqvv5H1nr1cEm8WypQJZC5ENABLED709158h 30m 33s ago
DE7mQhQucFpEZW7FPA15ZZYV1xr9KH96FkENABLED709158h 40m 36s ago
DFAzns8TLo6bp9ibc6bBn5K9h1akVtzA3YENABLED709158h 46m 38s ago
D8MzGkR1xXxsoqJPKy6B93Z3j1HydeRo1XENABLED709158h 50m 30s ago
DRg7Rq76XVLUgJho8CP5aMhJAL3GTe6dsMENABLED709159h 4m 30s ago
DL2HuBgaAeRqk7rnT6LVSeEzuk56ywhB1NENABLED709159h 12m 35s ago
D9eTbbZHiDWr4dizDJN6Nrzb4iNvgM4JnjENABLED709159h 25m 36s ago
DNJFmwTkM9a5cAk2XGrJuvAZ5sgX8rwycCENABLED709159h 40m 45s ago
DUD6WaTN3vSUYwkN1aAvEKRPYcpEKXxTh5ENABLED709159h 44m 12s ago
DJMJhbzDaZSpH9gR9BkzPjV1URB65htZKUENABLED7091510h 32m 35s ago
D5a2duKtoFH1wVKEN9JWcSmcnTaT9nsbu4ENABLED7091510h 53m ago
DCoTwadDjm34BZMfnoTovs3iiGBQ4r18GeENABLED7091511h 33m 32s ago
DGjScayaU7XxvDbcXrD8qBM3JCLoTKtQzpENABLED7091512h 6m 20s ago
DMVC3zjz8wn4498LYHTKMnSoP26yGZBC7oENABLED7091512h 25m 13s ago
DAL923dmAizypBN2z7UXdZscDMP6kUSh2eENABLED7091512h 48m 21s ago
DMxbnTDNVkxyEyoy9DYW3znaNjyEApvyciENABLED7091513h 47m 55s ago
DDqN7E7CyxU2GauGz7tUN5pmUbG31VFTGXENABLED7091514h 17m 28s ago
DKbEMnadR2WobqAp9bnt2n6zGF11VXd26TENABLED7091514h 37m 10s ago
DM1WTzQKo6ViTFXLUWj44igwyiv83cHvPwENABLED7091514h 39m 37s ago
DFrgYWanEEesoDtRoetHpqRyCcb8wAMEmJENABLED7091514h 48m 26s ago

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