Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    922
Inactive:    0
Total:    922
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 16.02% / 2278 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 40,590.0000

Last masternode reward: 495.0000 DIVI-COPPER for DFihHhjiVk5jqaHezBgT4uNjkyrb1w4rWv

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,420,735
30s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,442
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.9472 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 17 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DFihHhjiVk5jqaHezBgT4uNjkyrb1w4rWvENABLED7091530m 59s ago
DD49qjVUW4HVCiMNiJeatcUxkEyFTCMuYqENABLED7091535m 53s ago
DJddDF9T5uGx9E627VVq2X6SsH5aw1U68DENABLED7091542m 45s ago
DQJVQMxQP8rZaUFwjivWTzL7RvMxodXXYGENABLED7091552m 13s ago
DCoTwadDjm34BZMfnoTovs3iiGBQ4r18GeENABLED709151h 5m 58s ago
DKq5Ev8XQERdbBfM5t9B1Qbq4KcUQtLAvTENABLED709151h 31m 55s ago
DSjqKtxMptX23oquGAeLCRe3WDR8h5NdRsENABLED709151h 37m 20s ago
DF4EHoUoboSmEVTUDvafTbyajNQcu3KnqwENABLED709151h 50m 51s ago
DQ3NLAiDJGYtE5a8yTTr1E8a5y2ZkoTydFENABLED709152h 31m 34s ago
D5w1k1HKJPAvHLEXghtQBNg28iQtWXq4NwENABLED709152h 32m 13s ago
DAK6ZnA5RNMgmuhwbSef2d3BR3sujMCELqENABLED709153h 2m 24s ago
DSbRAnhVyMeDdTBEDvdVj3ndxx6KWkdZaRENABLED709153h 19m 20s ago
DGESpj5zj6xvyz1eSDeJcmqeXhCVVcssuJENABLED709153h 45m 4s ago
D8M4jgT8epCarAzQW9bx8VH1u1XCDmyfxLENABLED709153h 53m 22s ago
DFEQcSsfk5w7cNZrdmcVakJpmy9iqHqyjuENABLED709153h 53m 41s ago
DPivxwUsjG4Pn4DvsNxR2xXeUFWM4k3MfgENABLED709153h 54m 46s ago
DNeUXyyeTmevb48r93S5vQVi99mCJHzpnjENABLED709154h 4m 18s ago
DP6bnyN5Qu5tWAgxUJQXkABw2rHVaWuWaRENABLED709154h 4m 26s ago
DQuAUsxD1BFPBfRCrTsobTvWm7fBaggYCYENABLED709154h 42m 29s ago
DAhDRkZXZrUNV3mZHypZ5JVmVtcbmpmRpnENABLED709155h 38m 54s ago
DQsU99yTG6fPoEJjSEtAWwTRAxzbFwFDWuENABLED709155h 55m 6s ago
D7hUKctdWtfHDnsLkZc7ZeJNVzjtnhc9S3ENABLED709156h 20m 38s ago
DJR2TPUZw3cfRCYpHHMDJt2BQiyYZWfuneENABLED709156h 28m 38s ago
DUKCTFVGfutJHB86npnW4AQu4U389ZLRfJENABLED709156h 42m 19s ago
DJKgKHAMuzGP55T5QYc43HJe3gfcj4AVQKENABLED709156h 43m 1s ago
DEeJw79eaPxyyVmPyjvoKYxiy4CsXg5rFuENABLED709157h 4m 48s ago
DNorTK91miCLG1i7DaFvAt3nJUXv28DNj8ENABLED709157h 11m 35s ago
DShzxsasVP9gZNrpmwAQCyATjynzYadZgPENABLED709157h 20m 34s ago
DMAQVtornj8RyRxhAfaXfTurE8KAL5q7fgENABLED709157h 35m 3s ago
DHKZSPQvw2kSBQ5GJHQB4u9ig5S5Jakd61ENABLED709157h 37m 45s ago
DQ9GZCCEy447kThtG1ovUKtz4GKHt8quiKENABLED709157h 51m 12s ago
DDpMz1w3hqpSK1fPoeXejuzyipUgiSpHs8ENABLED709157h 51m 38s ago
DEETCa3uxcmpjcYMjRBTP5iCyAoGuQFsxyENABLED709158h 9m 31s ago
DE1v6W8LZWzJrHpTxoVAmnaaJnnAB8jxgRENABLED709158h 15m 36s ago
D8qdog7XkULNgBcYtFvhXwJ3ArDzPcaf22ENABLED709158h 23m 1s ago
D5xDjFpmhpDfJtnGg32Jox1GNdC18x58fHENABLED709158h 23m 30s ago
DKcxjatRCeYpWU6ZCmdm4fJr2eebdXqxcqENABLED709158h 24m 15s ago
DNczLxG4iTzF5bUte2FfeFyqebKr7EE8v6ENABLED709158h 29m 33s ago
D6dqECh7Z7ByFiFySUnMZuigf3qNVXVdpHENABLED709159h 6m 44s ago
DSzGnTiz66QG8fzX4eY3pzbLLJ2vVm8afdENABLED709159h 41m 34s ago
DEFtmmiYLgsx7m4rRktCqrZteVuSsmQsBVENABLED7091510h 10m 32s ago
DJU57YybJRKsQYaq5VbivHWzScimfbKhPZENABLED7091510h 10m 37s ago
DFAzns8TLo6bp9ibc6bBn5K9h1akVtzA3YENABLED7091510h 30m 16s ago
DS6iwDQWfDLrabaHLvoT2HphyyBEdo8gdBENABLED7091510h 31m 31s ago
D75eVPFo8EzKcvwcaZ2i7ZezULpFT3xTCXENABLED7091510h 32m 30s ago
D5u5Ny7y6KwKu4JJEHKDbmXxcrn8z1L42tENABLED7091511h 3m 15s ago
DTmJMRBgwULRNgMAUoCY2cQkJNXKDdX9wcENABLED7091511h 19m 29s ago
DM9zJFLSuUbppzdLbcP8VB1oG95HeLqsUTENABLED7091511h 43m 36s ago
DAXuQqdDF5MdYuczECK6WVQSWstYWhoAnmENABLED7091511h 44m 7s ago
DRaYCFFTpVUBUDEXdJ33tz9QmVUtRMZgv6ENABLED7091512h 6m 3s ago

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