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Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    182
Inactive:    0
Total:    182
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 31.41% / 1162 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 15,660.0000

Last masternode reward: 540.0000 DIVI-COPPER for D8zXM9Nx4bMxd5yTFitR7u7xaAqFKnQtTv

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 514,803
2s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,428
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.4628 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 106 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D8zXM9Nx4bMxd5yTFitR7u7xaAqFKnQtTvENABLED709157m 56s ago
DDjWAHy32T5XA9butefQvmRNdhTHqf5oD6ENABLED709152h 23m 35s ago
DCkZTwbGgo64PC29XAvRGknBR1qREGNRsQENABLED709152h 49m 57s ago
D69Pj84jRkXSJH5hGuQTxdvVQ5ZVkhgVa9ENABLED709153h 13m 26s ago
DCMgYQ7Tt1H7YiUB6KuP2Rj8T6DiW6kt7jENABLED709153h 57m 29s ago
D5a2duKtoFH1wVKEN9JWcSmcnTaT9nsbu4ENABLED709154h 23m 46s ago
DC4Pz6BSjV3WBQhFwPdx4aVKU1YJe7v84AENABLED709154h 56m 4s ago
DCUpjPKD1vP4Lnn5z7w2vGHQv6ZjjZhuLqENABLED709155h 5m 24s ago
DK5GugjTUK6hdTfuePR9DMwrEvgx3G7z2DENABLED709155h 40m 13s ago
D5ugLUpb3NSjGW2hyKivQCaSY19WS5xL75ENABLED709155h 54m 41s ago
DR5vJZyzJQZ4ovkhaAzF6N9rY3Sgh2i4hCENABLED709156h 49m 56s ago
DA9Bc3Cb1hb15m3X1ZBGiM5roWi9PM5H71ENABLED709156h 53m 26s ago
D963CZR1WZk4ZJmdmUfCbcgPSNJ4Lgp8dhENABLED709158h 16m 43s ago
DN9Dqq8gpdNjQwUap4VXa2hWpxNTVYtMJvENABLED709158h 35m 10s ago
DEaoe1wWVh4BU3myA4wGYU4NzP33oSbc76ENABLED709158h 55m 38s ago
DTgSSu3SZQgvynYGx5gd7yh9tMnzkHUS4FENABLED709159h 39m 24s ago
DH78KjyHhxgUC9GUSrbLztuizEsWhepNGWENABLED7091510h 34m 13s ago
DK4CfTMtPJXcoBZqH6Ty82LeKiSee1WaDEENABLED7091514h 37m 7s ago
D6NdvKTEN6NqXAiFvd6craTkVyyJseYfmrENABLED7091516h 17m 46s ago
DM1g1FZMMmoA2XUtdjTsiVLhWjheQthwhtENABLED7091517h 33m 10s ago
DLJBmpKGLBjNHqYHcWsqZzQSqb8L522iaDENABLED7091518h 16m 11s ago
DJzj7ssAVAJwbToXjWivTeDa6dxdmv6yqxENABLED7091518h 22m 3s ago
DNgwYuWdiNE5NimeAT4XzthrvKjurmK4KTENABLED7091518h 35m 31s ago
DPo6cSRhSuVZpQGjQdMapaogkAWjWVjuFDENABLED7091520h 21m 49s ago
DD62N54Z27kH1JiCZddV4ZTZka4yAkYAU3ENABLED7091520h 35m 11s ago
DGkWZB8sEfwhHSG2WkXVJDc8sQjBH2BkWnENABLED7091521h 53m 11s ago
DKq5Ev8XQERdbBfM5t9B1Qbq4KcUQtLAvTENABLED7091522h 27m 32s ago
DTxiiospuEZjghYdY3AomEvMsuF3AEEAELENABLED7091523h 36m 16s ago
DPYuqS52JSRph375iNdnoB2dYTWnG1GLbsENABLED709151d 2h 47m 22s ago
DEG7wB3WTgjfTcXUWZhm2Sjz529rZb94dNENABLED709151d 3h 58m 10s ago
D6egiG2vWbb4rzVcAwDefJjYJvDR8UYAmKENABLED709151d 5h 43m 35s ago
D5oYEoRTR67zP8s1QjPHwLG4ifswJ8tLaXENABLED709151d 5h 51m 23s ago
D7pFkfxqFyPweSCV3e97KUo5HLdzXRHF8qENABLED709151d 6h 10m 11s ago
DECqeoDKXVGEvJU5GcTSLKiQZccNBUg45aENABLED709151d 7h 47m 42s ago
DAuCR8RwoW8jBgM6GH2PjLzazLETtFQisNENABLED709151d 8h 10m 57s ago
DSC1rjDuU9euYUYBB5wv5FdwFYwT6d5GrfENABLED709151d 10h 24m 11s ago
DPkdZk64sTMqsQgyLKwnknibu3m4U99678ENABLED709151d 13h 32s ago
DLVRzyNMDp6VNrTmsnfqHvw2o6uvtVn5iXENABLED709151d 13h 24m 35s ago
D6vkas8MtBqvbsHeGZgU2Snf9NWrWJcf6ZENABLED709151d 14h 26m 12s ago
DKyUx6LmvzUYMQDP7QDdUZaJLg2TWwHXWxENABLED709151d 15h 23m 14s ago
DMbhovfx6wENW38TUMCKGd8k4xLUrrGTqwENABLED709151d 15h 27m 31s ago
DAhSKymDPM9nc4KRkicZ7hDRPVTgos4uRQENABLED709151d 15h 32m 4s ago
DCXhn63xywVEtjKTR9uFR6iUrPWmnsdupKENABLED709151d 16h 31m 16s ago
D7bwVs9zuZcrP6PrX7Z4yJNuSxrc3YpE8LENABLED709151d 16h 50m 35s ago
D5dfRzX33A7ggEWo6JGx7ZhUGZV9yZiMV4ENABLED709151d 16h 56m 20s ago
DRCs8mK9wggiWkRhFAyPREByxVkvDuT2wYENABLED709151d 18h 15m 30s ago
DA5SzXjasQUtMze3rfuhN438eGEArzCRLVENABLED709151d 19h 12m 29s ago
D6dnN168nBAXG717AJYNyBPb5AqxnUCqyJENABLED709151d 19h 48m 40s ago
DJsQaYDVa8ogk1JyVVW6hr5ZVG4anYxRDpENABLED709151d 21h 39m 52s ago
DKKqZnxj2SF6gb2nWz9joHjc6Vbs4NFK9dENABLED709151d 21h 49m 2s ago

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