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Divi Project (DIVI-COPPER)

DIVI-COPPER statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    973
Inactive:    0
Total:    973
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 12.79% / 2854 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 34,200.0000

Last masternode reward: 450.0000 DIVI-COPPER for DP3ojQsuCXvkh4Y8LNyvhMzYqgJYjiQSMe

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,608,547
1m 37s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,447
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.1131 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 26 2018 14:21:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:
Protocol version:  70915
Version:  120200

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DC5fnzxJUkucVrRmst2nYF4apr3pdrN7JhENABLED7091518h 31m 2s ago
DRVb9ngYZFxBj4mfzBSXyRhngyWAh4pAtgENABLED7091519h 12m 38s ago
DRRGhN9X6KD1SJ99AVsNR32XTKQgTovtzTENABLED7091519h 38m 12s ago
D8Rnz4dvecdU3T9nYMx1NjjJqRfNNh87EoENABLED7091520h 36m 15s ago
DNgDDAuLqLk9VSJfT5NVR5kcoMXeN4Q3dgENABLED7091520h 51m 17s ago
D744DSW41WMhPYunKK7aD178mYoUHiUWu8ENABLED7091521h 30m 28s ago
DJMJhbzDaZSpH9gR9BkzPjV1URB65htZKUENABLED7091521h 34m 41s ago
DFRd4p93Ze6Uz8Ew99AJtnNMt2JT6BUGgYENABLED7091522h 8m 32s ago
D93eq5pEct72hn1RsJFvNohSU8rXgosbEqENABLED7091522h 38m 53s ago
DE8nRVVem8XAC1qJqJRcXzsyXWHe16tvXtENABLED7091522h 52m 37s ago
D74TcrmXtzBRvtHgXQ6Bs4tzhKa3gZw9qsENABLED7091522h 53m 7s ago
D7DSeZEzpsr4txikwgtJ27F5BMhjwft54fENABLED7091523h 1m 8s ago
D9myyb2pjZfcth1LBmwTsKUdPYyBiXSEC1ENABLED7091523h 14m 38s ago
D8DXMANkxRjb2qJfwdA4dZUDRKx2DRU1h6ENABLED7091523h 57m 34s ago
D8hcK4VyetZ4JxuHqeq7JAh2GxAioWEnGuENABLED709151d 1m 12s ago
DPs7WhUL56bYcHF7HYeqaCiaKBkAmmeoGQENABLED709151d 12m 33s ago
D6PwRCAdyUA9gpm41TwWDp2CrVk51ozHKhENABLED709151d 28m 32s ago
DD7XkJLrq3rtcZ1S18PV3ViFEghpYvTAxhENABLED709151d 1h 10m 51s ago
DPqvtcLeWcLsSfA5V1rTF8iUY7sRVEVJ18ENABLED709151d 1h 38m 10s ago
D8NP6wax2fGPQHRnZARfLNzAWBJ8imGsASENABLED709151d 1h 40m 27s ago
D7sRdw6xLJhaNq4SQa9Tuio3nUGMMfksxwENABLED709151d 2h 18m 22s ago
D8D6maS2uVvUvaQRg9Z9t12EJwadpTTDaAENABLED709151d 2h 38m 38s ago
DLJjHvecgyEkWznTCqQ1RKeea769qo3Eu7ENABLED709151d 3h 25m 9s ago
DQJcSrLhcj7Tbt8cxVzqACoM5x5NKNXfVNENABLED709151d 3h 30m 52s ago
D8EctfatM9jhQX61kMHijL72WrP2prNmrGENABLED709151d 3h 45m 37s ago
DScHWiXcb4jRpqbUsiXw5tNM3K4igcFV8fENABLED709151d 3h 51m 50s ago
D71Jsg3wWdCJSaTU91XJ8EYuqSejmTkDhvENABLED709151d 4h 26m 58s ago
DKEmk1YKvBStRd3VEgmDXH36chJbJ4iEx6ENABLED709151d 4h 31m 56s ago
DMsB5KzSSjpaFmy39w5gxzXPXC3pQBA9XDENABLED709151d 4h 43m 23s ago
D8rprzaEqz1bZsp4VXQy1oqF45wqQscwA9ENABLED709151d 4h 49m 38s ago
DLJdtdX6VC7hftpwHdptpLJB5iFWrAxHanENABLED709151d 5h 42m 49s ago
DF8e2vo8yVtLyeusEnU7KGkUbeAogPJuG2ENABLED709151d 5h 47m 25s ago
D7ZHbFVnjZVzag5q2TgZ7LkU51KJYjzo8tENABLED709151d 5h 51m 33s ago
DT5XPezTKihX4zTbPaBzjViQntKdRQT1qNENABLED709151d 7h 7m 16s ago
DMM8eRGbFuXqoPMfBDebrCLv8AxpKEmz85ENABLED709151d 7h 13m 11s ago
DAU7ntpLVdsPdXPru2Lf9T31avNKMikTVEENABLED709151d 7h 22m 33s ago
DJunRfEsHoEqZ6FRAQTf7arFFtUcNSJFa9ENABLED709151d 7h 24m 19s ago
DSGEajG7caRPc3uDwfwEdF3bJvHtRLJqjzENABLED709151d 8h 31m 7s ago
D8Pim7nee6cjrmPdHSAarSgcqnPivuP2H1ENABLED709151d 8h 34m 56s ago
DSkpZrvACwh7UzK9xcs6XKx7HhEbfThejFENABLED709151d 9h 18m 47s ago
DFkHPBBEYHYJRM9ncqHCwr8iAWK68PnmgGENABLED709151d 9h 23m 18s ago
DHVFMerWAbiipcp4rCce6M7e8tCg3osDTHENABLED709151d 9h 36m 58s ago
DLj21xxocxjhr7MtQJ6WaMozbuw96uoKuhENABLED709151d 10h 19m 56s ago
DDpMz1w3hqpSK1fPoeXejuzyipUgiSpHs8ENABLED709151d 11h 36m 40s ago
DBtJNQkZ9KPNb1QDM5S6k3pKnDc4rSZ46MENABLED709151d 11h 59m 49s ago
DTWfA2PHQYMeydmZktgFbTMNPk5gE8x2yqENABLED709151d 12h 50m 5s ago
DBsQZyWPa88s6QQiL9qZBgUYVXVCwc7GLHENABLED709151d 13h 4m 4s ago
DPLazsVkFPi7L8fVDN93222TA7QZdGKeBnENABLED709151d 13h 47m 10s ago
D7obDH3YnY7tPTuRu3SCfEBNhUUy6kdq6wENABLED709151d 13h 55m 33s ago
DKc6CzBqXGk7M83nC9N3grgtFupvKW87CFENABLED709151d 14h 17m 21s ago

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