NestEgg Coin (EGG)

EGG statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    2,148
Inactive:    10
Total:    2,158
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 85.95% / 425 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 126,450.0000

Last masternode reward: 90.0000 EGG for EfqQBVFtWoPikQ1tYm2GFi3f9iTMU3w7jo

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 710,230
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,405
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +2.7993 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 3s
Genesis block: Jun 25 2020 21:57:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1040103
Protocol version:  70929
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ERsAgD1mLoqPAjV3LHDXamiYvuePHjYCEDENABLED709293d 1h 5m 30s ago
EKBehML1629GzbfJTfDqBsnwvuecufD67gENABLED709293d 1h 10m 45s ago
EQuWyq6b7HnwRTjZy2mDXM5k43T6ZJRZaYENABLED709293d 1h 13m 30s ago
EXxhKHAxyLiCPmLC8GrmhfGqbGoGEYfdFyENABLED709293d 1h 26m 45s ago
EUmKaaGbrMRduwkQp5Hi2VMJjCetjLvpuXENABLED709293d 1h 48m 30s ago
ETNCvebN6HAVMxjF4LpP9nr7Lre7Jtg17oENABLED709293d 1h 54m 30s ago
Ef1Bc4UZ1UYFg1w9tEdJQ9bNMhEwyAHrNbENABLED709293d 1h 58m ago
EPB9MVv59LrcN4bBQzrH74kTkbcLuideq3ENABLED709293d 2h 5m ago
EQmG9Ac4eWGs5kEpmcs8cSAH5EFsozM63TENABLED709293d 2h 7m 15s ago
ELeAz6NVYPnt4izcLEV9rp2Wj4JkST6EEsENABLED709293d 2h 11m 45s ago
EVc9s69bXFCpV5dBHXbgVvJNvTan7wwCqHENABLED709293d 2h 16m 45s ago
EgNSoBaNf92DPMUzpURvKQ7V4ENse7oiaAENABLED709293d 2h 21m ago
ETNxYzHTAkpwAx8UXrAwrCWxw9pmWPS1F4ENABLED709293d 2h 31m 30s ago
EHdZaChKYKvHoi4JnRYTKWrqDPqvDC2i43ENABLED709293d 2h 32m ago
EMr4LqJazmmKQY5uxHMVRrFvUMdsi1NtugENABLED709293d 3h 1m ago
EQnd6X1pGtbrfRkHsT1Y64bJFqK5SygB1mENABLED709293d 3h 14m ago
ETFVVT7mGP9ZTNHRLx8hoWww5rF3165uadENABLED709293d 3h 15m 15s ago
EbYvUPat6ENvFS5iYBFpNMXQfjq8AqEd8sENABLED709293d 3h 20m 45s ago
EWTiJ77N7VmpmWWTmCweJWrcYvxCsCNszeENABLED709293d 3h 24m 45s ago
EP26BxF67LbgEzoQEofci5KCY1S2DF1YokENABLED709293d 3h 41m 30s ago
EYCcPZ2dKTWAeCZXmb2KMj5KpukkWHevkDENABLED709293d 4h 29m 30s ago
ERp5vYYRCSpCjFppiex8PDYDff8BfwCaZQENABLED709293d 4h 41m 15s ago
Ee3YBgfvKrmqoSR6yheMjfJLohouocDw1GENABLED709293d 5h 36m 45s ago
EbrHrRMe6h6bGM42ui7B2MCmz2wsspyPsvENABLED709293d 5h 36m 45s ago
EJgwsKzevP3UMFq5Bb4K3tSnkEkycuH2NhENABLED709293d 5h 43m 45s ago
EfeR8YC8QNEnhT1ooHaSXRBGJ4BChxwrh5ENABLED709293d 5h 45m 45s ago
EbTTzuEmDYSy1MJiRyhoLYwsKePQ4pUKJ4ENABLED709293d 6h 38m 15s ago
ENV5625LyZisdw2Y6gfJjSR1hgxcwtfDgQENABLED709293d 6h 44m 30s ago
EMN9nT68AfqN2T54JrELhDAvkUdino66MuENABLED709293d 6h 51m 15s ago
Eg5fe3EkivQx6Ecab17aGsS4Y3VnhLBJfzENABLED709293d 6h 53m 15s ago
Ef8sqZWkYoX3LCoVKGqtrqMFGciLrzBVyAENABLED709293d 7h 1m 30s ago
EQ87n2gDrVt7t2pJqcuAc425ydDDcb4w3GENABLED709293d 7h 10m ago
EQfit8T3jxZjHmHwjPfqv6eWnQT5jkGqvtENABLED709293d 8h 8m 30s ago
EPXFGiBRg8ednfrnUoypiBdYNrAD6mFjm2ENABLED709293d 8h 13m 45s ago
EeYfbB8T2bVKxQKDfjA8HsK1YfW9FZ6iFtENABLED709293d 8h 14m 30s ago
Ecx6LTJLQfijNh1bcpyj9z5p2uL3sWzhyNENABLED709293d 8h 21m 30s ago
EaJsfyipsmEQmN7R8VbS915McrvV81GgDnENABLED709293d 8h 54m ago
EXnjfMp9vhJXdyJC7EAyBgNjtnJyFdEZ78ENABLED709293d 9h 6m ago
EbFQ8khm3J54uDfHnn3tia7i8HYJpmBBMCENABLED709293d 9h 9m 30s ago
EXK9LZGZ7C8DW9Qga59vgMHuLrtPy4LAhZENABLED709293d 9h 21m 30s ago
EKTArekXwUfQjV4uCRQDepZHkjH4n5cTmGENABLED709293d 9h 33m 15s ago
EaXr5Y4YWySqiyHSkPMDTwMB8foXswuUDtENABLED709293d 10h 13m 45s ago
EbA5nzxneXin1w4GT6jbRwFs1AkcQ9ZrzWENABLED709293d 10h 17m 30s ago
EVKLm3aN9Je73UA4ts8tyPbcENgyXYVkjgENABLED709293d 10h 38m ago
Ebngyj82BvQvARpDGSTxkMHQSxhXQgvNc8ENABLED709293d 11h 20m 45s ago
EHLnmZDMddiTaVmjgBEfiEd5pP3aH5c1e3ENABLED709293d 11h 23m 45s ago
EdpyKyHtUkCCXgQNqcoGChSeDJX3kscmVXENABLED709293d 11h 41m 30s ago
EVFX6mYfxebsrBaZhAG7bXMfoAj6182VgtENABLED709293d 11h 48m 15s ago
EWvpczYPdxAdbrvktUiZ3NYsynrcKVhJi9ENABLED709293d 12h 18m 45s ago
EfjA3goo9F6auQCou8JXveKRsR92xH9E1dENABLED709293d 12h 20m ago

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