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Masternode statistics

Active:    185
Inactive:    1
Total:    186
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 193.28% / 189 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,918.5000

Last masternode reward: 8.5000 LABX for LcdhRbx6TZ9sshCAJCF83EnjdGd8qBHtwo

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 684,011
11d 7h 38m 1s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 461
24 Hrs block time: 3m 7s
24 Hrs block time variance: -31.8191 % (slower)

AVG block time: 2m 7s
Genesis block: Apr 22 2019 19:41:31

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000500
Protocol version:  70918
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 5 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
LcdhRbx6TZ9sshCAJCF83EnjdGd8qBHtwoENABLED7091811d 7h 38m 1s ago
LSvLdZ9bzxQmvxMdVwpioqEptnkK22yTZxENABLED7091811d 13h 3m 18s ago
LbH1NbSD3K3NQm3X2DFEHNXyrzR8REWRbiENABLED7091811d 13h 9m 34s ago
LWE7u5hv57uzMBaFk5s75zPxZp16uVNf9ZENABLED7091811d 13h 21m 8s ago
LKLUmTBQe9fUVyANHzCb98LxjJuV632cGRENABLED7091811d 13h 21m 18s ago
LVWbn3Vy31NcRjsmnMeFEBkLXtSGtCCXTzENABLED7091811d 13h 21m 28s ago
LRSfT6CvpnyJpdh1CeshTPDNZTKxyq56JQENABLED7091811d 13h 37m 51s ago
LZ6QiBah9SAdq4w2eMeAJ2p2x61DLyAnTxENABLED7091811d 14h 12m 23s ago
LXMC2GBa7qZXAkuuywwnx9jGYeqVt5XPG7ENABLED7091811d 14h 12m 26s ago
LeRKsxAJzTLkydNE4K9pyKZhbTSWVkEgNNENABLED7091811d 14h 14m 35s ago
LdFt6LP7yqk1dDZ5FEHmTMSSSeZWQ5H2hcENABLED7091811d 14h 15m 24s ago
Lb2Tt1EFic5UBtRCeHQeqAGFmSBFMjevVvENABLED7091811d 14h 27m 37s ago
LKupZc6fw6gpgroDK7vLiD3byTRsnCht5mENABLED7091811d 14h 28m 57s ago
LRyxcepFbKSsvx6B7J42douUQEsahw5qjFENABLED7091811d 14h 32m 35s ago
LQ38dne4mnpK9Zb1itSJtJuHZrp4ZpRTTuENABLED7091811d 14h 38m 53s ago
LR1WWiCAGLNdhie37J8U4xVaHkpkawhkUyENABLED7091811d 14h 39m 46s ago
LKbXGZKHsv8mPUTTR3GGmyvf8GeCZDRrHsENABLED7091811d 14h 44m 39s ago
LVWVdXprXN31cD5V13SXyGFJiz1fX6fDKWENABLED7091811d 14h 45m 22s ago
LPBnPEu5TY6FDpEas317SwfT8TUVx1czRkENABLED7091811d 14h 48m 28s ago
La3Jitf1zS3B9r3CtZQ5hgSD8UHDzqFmR8ENABLED7091811d 14h 49m ago
LYytTQfkN8nDJumsGx7keUDCznvwZgGw7eENABLED7091811d 14h 55m 28s ago
LdvrPtucqqSGYWMZyXisEWRATAatLkWmzzENABLED7091811d 14h 56m 48s ago
LSTUhKfFxo6ryyUK82t9ZM6FgCCuz6GVNfENABLED7091811d 14h 57m 44s ago
LYa6a11oM7ktPdWgXXetUuPekmSLJ39LDoENABLED7091811d 14h 59m 58s ago
LXHmQp1tFizaRTPq7XbMv8G8FR5feVdk3VENABLED7091811d 15h 17m 14s ago
LduNXmabaMk7syG6qjevhd1pguTeakDdLAENABLED7091811d 15h 19m 5s ago
LWqmUYwCTV5VZGmXWRhzbAAJpVcc6QJ8hXENABLED7091811d 15h 20m 48s ago
LZhV3CWBMeKf3rPxDzv2QJmHvQh29WKYYqENABLED7091811d 15h 25m 4s ago
LhxsZxL6qCqeGa7aQmi47YEFMfMZmehxeaENABLED7091811d 15h 26m 43s ago
LcWo9oZk7V8jSVHTg32hWj1xmhDutR7c7GENABLED7091811d 15h 28m 54s ago
LY5EwTUGctNpz5VQe7DxVTtnJ3PpbmvyPtENABLED7091811d 15h 29m 59s ago
LSZX2o9P8i9eHFmUKk9naaQobmmvJN1AiAENABLED7091811d 15h 32m 56s ago
LRwogx4ZvGj8NV2Do3HhxhgSJPyRx38bVCENABLED7091811d 15h 33m 40s ago
LU3gJJKLNTGaoeJQDeN1QULZ4PQfa9EKNrENABLED7091811d 15h 36m 6s ago
LWsTnf8X1vMFc8jNpfUYwdAB6LaptScK4UENABLED7091811d 15h 36m 13s ago
LfvZL81UPDhEMcwQEc7A8yee2nZZMvYpoqENABLED7091811d 15h 42m 9s ago
LWyy4ymoBp4i2TKDk9ANhqUFfAhz3XY4KgENABLED7091811d 15h 44m 4s ago
LNHMsUgX2dP2P4bBDEXLq3RCBJwPASpq6UENABLED7091811d 15h 47m 18s ago
Lcg25yXp2vZ93fw4XTBPgAE7mzrr2tvCJ4ENABLED7091811d 15h 52m 57s ago
LfijQAB8BXreqP2UH1GXfiGs1m8zu2iRKEENABLED7091811d 15h 53m 19s ago
LevjxauRGM4WigdCrbBYj9NDyYawpsNhEmENABLED7091811d 15h 53m 54s ago
Lerr2595bUoR1L3uJLBDMZfMqPG6W5PuxRENABLED7091811d 16h 7m 6s ago
LUDYqGvJ85c6nkJ7ELFn7q234yApuSi7s8ENABLED7091811d 16h 8m 53s ago
LLN6m7PFFgnfBmqSzWZfafWzWY36rFyoC4ENABLED7091811d 16h 22m 6s ago
LRDSN2YMcWuiGdqAvk9vfN1XQC5adQiGsDENABLED7091811d 16h 22m 23s ago
LhmCza3AaDXviajLNiyTNDEpNXx1pTdSDkENABLED7091811d 16h 24m 11s ago
LbB1wMhtkontyL99UqvoA5QdoK9rM4gwDeENABLED7091811d 16h 27m 37s ago
LgoKJD8H1WFMv3dtrgxY3LiDWo7ZsYsBhXENABLED7091811d 16h 28m ago
LdfErPfej9qFtVYi8wPhYaGJuNTTjjJjtuENABLED7091811d 16h 29m 51s ago
LgfZ7nCNqAc5UhvroRZcBBifz3HCDb1DzyENABLED7091811d 16h 31m 21s ago

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