Zealium Coin (NZL)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    351
Inactive:    0
Total:    351
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 186.66% / 196 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,180.0000

Last masternode reward: 5.0000 NZL for ZF6HzmPcP63uReRXTUU1M6nxKdFxiM3oPf

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,365,760
3m 16s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,436
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.4539 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Mar 12 2018 07:45:11

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70810
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 149 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ZbGHY3DNFhp1pHhT8cepwBGVBpuhCLXhbvENABLED708101h 44m 35s ago
ZRFTcTfWPQRPQici4qStikMv8A9JiL4KuLENABLED708101h 45m 6s ago
ZVZiy8KBZ3Dnc37jFLbWiE3LAQEE5B8rhLENABLED708101h 45m 22s ago
ZEXrFDe7Vp9x8a6BsRviJraQdQzLgHv2GpENABLED708101h 46m 37s ago
ZQehE6J8r4mFA7SzLjVXcSLM1DS7ivVpeTENABLED708101h 47m 53s ago
ZLKdWJWxEkjCH8YSuQw6Q6f3CRSubEK5yMENABLED708101h 48m 29s ago
ZZq1sHzqZzXzLNTxLTrXwcmuyXHGcBccPAENABLED708101h 48m 34s ago
ZXfQhC7JhAgWT4dtse5UuzNYnNJjbuFBQeENABLED708101h 48m 44s ago
ZQmG2tC2eDkLAc9v8n3HzB7hHW7WANeMaaENABLED708101h 49m 26s ago
ZCHoTHth9LVxXE4zcbX2SALDrDnmHyiHD9ENABLED708101h 51m 22s ago
ZWZJFHVNHTRd1THSsEajdM8yboy9a81cbrENABLED708101h 51m 28s ago
ZW7aGyCxij1aYe7u7ECQA6dBfNzb7QodpQENABLED708101h 54m 22s ago
ZTqoSLYefs7sTuqCSmsoecQq9hP2ZW2PMUENABLED708101h 57m 17s ago
ZaCAk6BsZfkCJ8pWeEjadz4RofBKg7Efi8ENABLED708102h 25s ago
ZUdLhJLf48S2CkGqAuqREqYjrr1NB3tXRyENABLED708102h 2m 23s ago
ZN2tBhyrhkZTA3TV6ZFeYy5aQFJ8eQnUjjENABLED708102h 2m 29s ago
ZR5rXB8xxkvWEbx3icYCsnV9GC5MchgtXeENABLED708102h 4m 30s ago
ZJdUMXVqcLaeU4wh1iX1FnX1j8M3qkbQy3ENABLED708102h 4m 35s ago
ZUmssN6C7ydmoPhsLavEjfHqPhesiYUMAGENABLED708102h 4m 50s ago
ZDz2GB6xFFMFXdVwFiyhkgiv5Apx77aevpENABLED708102h 6m 20s ago
ZDaiQxaCrALj6KipwKPQQrTp7GkP9JfTAHENABLED708102h 6m 20s ago
ZE9SJyzNkptfiKhMFfkzok2jj9ZrwpY4n6ENABLED708102h 7m 19s ago
ZGpvCysxuN6xg6ZCTU4cGjK9VSYx3JkPafENABLED708102h 7m 26s ago
ZTMKH9gEpow8UcrwBJRPuBvZr3tihUMJPMENABLED708102h 8m 29s ago
ZFptYsnWruKP5WHdmvRKCdX1untnBm4F48ENABLED708102h 9m 30s ago
ZWxNBu1WFXH9uQVCWntwjWB92XNqZV3EEfENABLED708102h 10m 2s ago
ZKnBTNM7trw8kuu3GdQwjMxJ7DAEB87cHAENABLED708102h 10m 44s ago
ZHnow3eyvbWrTnpZUENgmcDTNUZ4C8yt7KENABLED708102h 10m 58s ago
ZUeUyRLHeWqwhr6Dy6voKJDa26fUwUtgZGENABLED708102h 12m 5s ago
ZYJCgfPkDA8oWhqbB6fpmaEYfH1DmwqDLyENABLED708102h 15m 43s ago
ZQkaCi4qonUTdq67TKMKiJD62KbiV25fcAENABLED708102h 16m 42s ago
ZMefZtwfCBCkzzSQr8er2T2vKeJW2vAewXENABLED708102h 17m 13s ago
ZUW68gDi14LbRZZfjgQFtZDZjMnoqyqDFxENABLED708102h 18m 19s ago
ZZykHyyXRz4ZNM5C6ku7QquMb32G7UHHvfENABLED708102h 20m 48s ago
ZEJjqnde6NG9wuUTbQc7zHgAGXbSoxXXgGENABLED708102h 22m 38s ago
ZLNJFdWvc1SPx3Ha1WqRS4H9AeDkT6vqudENABLED708102h 22m 50s ago
ZauavtPwjioAJjeN8cjSdsj142KVH9eJCqENABLED708102h 24m 8s ago
ZDE5uLQvZ3c8qfntEQLx42Ma1ktL2mSZ7tENABLED708102h 25m 22s ago
ZE7jwnJe8g53gxaBMfyPvWpbJE6xDYLHKfENABLED708102h 29m 36s ago
ZV7DDysAHpsXJqScXhfzCnAhS4UD9wnzsWENABLED708102h 30m 8s ago
ZLRD1KdaGbeH8TJ4foJT14LEeinW8serRSENABLED708102h 30m 34s ago
ZRZXjrY5VFAMb1gY3rPM36WvjKHffkMUX3ENABLED708102h 30m 36s ago
ZKfjCNDQh6esNEYwU3xXjoJ6ssGDVGWmJgENABLED708102h 30m 50s ago
ZCEntXrycppxikNrDbmAQE1Mj2bAzJ4fjnENABLED708102h 33m 44s ago
ZFM8EygiVDRZFNobXbMbd5goLCJUyeZkMSENABLED708102h 34m ago
ZGEZuirs5PuVPQjcNUaDvQAgMoWcmVLrh8ENABLED708102h 35m 29s ago
ZP4iiZ8yc3cZ5jbQoPDShAf194YvvvRAbFENABLED708102h 36m 3s ago
ZG66jjmVMCw7RqKALWiCaQPg6Uwy5A2S8zENABLED708102h 37m 36s ago
ZW1FibXrBP5CT38HhKz8gyNPy5qP8aRcawENABLED708102h 40m 10s ago
ZHUo4td5jZpzE6BQowh2wJ5hiSTmuvhiABENABLED708102h 40m 58s ago

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