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Masternode statistics

Active:    757
Inactive:    0
Total:    757
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Official ROI: 41.05% / 889 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 31,927.5000

Last masternode reward: 22.5000 OPCX for oVV54YDZz2XfakVJMybU6iCKiB2FH11aeH

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 569,462
15m 39s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,419
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.0682 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: May 14 2018 00:48:37

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000300
Protocol version:  70810
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 132 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
oUhzFidrVnENxodtpxXC3DfRJfguAw1oexENABLED708102h 50m 43s ago
oJwSH4CaPpmRLDaHfUNfxuLF6FPfynhRP3ENABLED708102h 51m 51s ago
oL4G1FUnBcZeAUjJwz7udMrjkAABfQzvmxENABLED708102h 52m 7s ago
oHBR2jGtG8dwDw12xQzp33KD2FcdtqdtXYENABLED708102h 53m 45s ago
oJYLnrJiATQGxvLzzf63t9XqUPV39x4MPgENABLED708102h 56m 30s ago
of8Jj3v4eytXwxgoCBDG76T5bhT6tpUbDcENABLED708102h 56m 46s ago
oJ2VB7N4JaxC9KoQRFgbJSJWwErn6a6YZ7ENABLED708102h 58m 12s ago
oKQNCmNUSj4C1JfnVaEJCN4qocGJnWUMQuENABLED708102h 59m 24s ago
ofT4ER28dY9aoj2pTTHTtJcLnb95rHTeWvENABLED708103h 1m 24s ago
oSuD267j6uH7L849RUky2ecURNxCkTJjquENABLED708103h 2m 19s ago
oKnMGtNTnSZ2mBa6Himyedjzcxw2C9MfwBENABLED708103h 2m 24s ago
obCtAbXHHsZD6STLecYDKT7an7AL9CUbc4ENABLED708103h 3m 28s ago
oUQQF9eaZZxigW8ZFe4z9GzLfaADvFNNcQENABLED708103h 4m 50s ago
oa4KV9ZVj82SB39QWnLH4KtC17RfcCoqCHENABLED708103h 6m 33s ago
oH7kenEEtz6AEdWhAGFQAVakab2QabpAJsENABLED708103h 7m 18s ago
ocqy4sKc6mHc2omDKvEo1DdnhAWyxgX2njENABLED708103h 7m 44s ago
oVMMAPGcBNrwQr1AtAY27em1GYfCD7prX1ENABLED708103h 8m 17s ago
oWCjxgyZovx6HnWrhBE6NHD6gG1Usv84SeENABLED708103h 11m 49s ago
oYgCfHJ6RQfZ2k8B9Djt1LqzL37GRqVVjgENABLED708103h 12m 14s ago
oahvP3obBc759QAU3ZoVr6YyKfB2Gd1PuMENABLED708103h 13m 8s ago
oKQaYym5dVtFygkVyuzK6sAos8p3DrPPHPENABLED708103h 13m 11s ago
oKcnV91R4V9xwTGL22mtPLnxxo7p2v25WgENABLED708103h 13m 24s ago
oeg2QvNx3YFx2t9Gzy3i3hFGQQQrT6mnp9ENABLED708103h 14m 21s ago
oHcVxsM74GaNAh566wLK7uf6PQhLrasjnoENABLED708103h 16m 6s ago
oVFcqCrXu4oZwJcfzfBc7TL9WsxfqKDPcrENABLED708103h 16m 44s ago
oase5z3qo9DWzSndB2v59SGq43ibnaxLPpENABLED708103h 16m 45s ago
oJjox5tLU6W1s8zyeu1j7yTvWWdg19cphtENABLED708103h 18m 9s ago
oahDNAHECoD45zFcnjDW78YqewJpnTjKb6ENABLED708103h 19m 5s ago
oJd2AG8x4uosTMzSUFUzTgJ4q5qZnxb2jBENABLED708103h 23m 25s ago
obxVAoxBftN1smdBkKujddzxCRYzhHWvnbENABLED708103h 27m 1s ago
ofDMcz31gL86N5XQBpKetim9Kr24aFmsa9ENABLED708103h 27m 33s ago
oT1h6nQBjypX1SiR9tkWNgoC1exCAvhE2JENABLED708103h 28m 44s ago
ocgU72qMtB3EUaPpqKjMbPeKGHtPeLFBzLENABLED708103h 29m 28s ago
oV6GZ1J9gTgsQV6M4hySs1Brc2kuwMceSAENABLED708103h 29m 43s ago
oeh9k3JsMDweyKfwLLb5R422CNr3tHYhnFENABLED708103h 30m 40s ago
of6qrC56vFcCQxKf7Q1a8HwcjC2fK3JeBTENABLED708103h 31m 12s ago
oepx8qnKvrusT8poU6a9dtiuyyJmK2UT7gENABLED708103h 31m 45s ago
oe8WinyK8tuqXizURn1w2myj5GpGjYr5QKENABLED708103h 33m 45s ago
oJFHsfaGdEELTC285nm5dEKdrRpAoSbTaMENABLED708103h 34m 11s ago
oPkWARzM3X3tQoVVCh1eeEJ8e1F42QgtNeENABLED708103h 35m 53s ago
oQewexMeY24tRhhLe7qNmuD8GN9jkE5JLwENABLED708103h 36m 14s ago
oUTHQ4URDDuQz4tHKX2XzVQ96w29KEAP4DENABLED708103h 37m 6s ago
oKcL6vySJfdFFupcuYYNsSAsy2jkze4x53ENABLED708103h 37m 25s ago
oazZw8ty89TNryuMmr5zTz8vXhvU2zMQaCENABLED708103h 37m 38s ago
oc24urGiRzbjJ3hbzcJBM9C5UYdYAxi9xNENABLED708103h 40m 38s ago
ocm4WVbB6sU1VHzNycVN5T3h5JdMcZGnsKENABLED708103h 43m 2s ago
oSJgTnkpJEU8vtpiEmYoRR73GZmu8kBcZnENABLED708103h 43m 20s ago
oJzZpVtppCYtpGNh9oaCMNMsdKfXTwRj3LENABLED708103h 43m 37s ago
oRGi1ac7oHpwqjAr22w1uUwMRXYeSmNnbjENABLED708103h 44m 48s ago
obWbi7rXZ5WFDcp1PwJ3zRDLvutaBxrzXtENABLED708103h 46m 1s ago

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