BBX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    151
Inactive:    0
Total:    151
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Official ROI: 205.83% / 177 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 8,458.9450

Last masternode reward: 5.9950 BBX for PVL3Cryca3smF4rDzGbMswoXpXrNtnSvoD

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 474,328
56s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,411
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +3.5802 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 3s
Genesis block: Nov 11 2020 17:39:03

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70918
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 5 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
PVL3Cryca3smF4rDzGbMswoXpXrNtnSvoDENABLED7091849m 57s ago
PKFcy7DzgYmV2tmvbJXKTCpCGb5ZAcJ6WjENABLED7091851m 12s ago
PUHr7gSeJS9yccK2AufAv5phRxYYC8SBMUENABLED7091851m 42s ago
PHtr1m8EJXgndu3Zhb34raCKG93t8DRzv4ENABLED7091854m 12s ago
PMcSwsfLR32Cggdoqr2R1Q3qzV4NQpJwfYENABLED7091855m 42s ago
PFHQ6UV77aJPuJGnwJ4BBSdq4kHbPUaNaMENABLED7091856m 27s ago
PG8f8AUhKjzAvhEc3W2xT8HxPBhyi8j2gJENABLED7091856m 57s ago
PKvo3icV3TdNMVykct5HTGq2p6T4U5TnRHENABLED7091857m 57s ago
PH9ai6NSp5xKAk33dsqRwfMpzHufQoeT3nENABLED7091858m 27s ago
PWuoudnssbg8CuzXfw2mMkQ3K8CY6Hzc3MENABLED7091858m 42s ago
PKjg73USByn4MvM1Qoh6rVwj5QkBZftMM1ENABLED7091858m 57s ago
PEerLgiP2vHqHHc6RfbgPNRGh2d8C5HSwyENABLED709181h 27s ago
P9NsGK8QhuSZSDMNWG5kUphDvZXVgc1LcwENABLED709181h 42s ago
P9QPM18F2zkPDE7Tbe7qYPHpqpTzBRC9MWENABLED709181h 2m 27s ago
PBnvYDDgzNyM8oJUWDy8vmmaa34Hwy654nENABLED709181h 3m 42s ago
PDKNUQKwqhPFvJtMdzq9tPxCWkRctE5LjcENABLED709181h 4m 12s ago
PNZJsnpDtWndEoUc4PtEriwyyMCwe7KyCEENABLED709181h 4m 27s ago
PQ77QKSZoe9DdWXL69bTBzLvjjUScz8HzfENABLED709181h 4m 42s ago
PGZwmu7oUcmwBLva83hqUgvbjFESWETqGHENABLED709181h 5m 12s ago
PW2w4SSrRacqEboJZ3wCtahgRM38NkcxWxENABLED709181h 7m 42s ago
PAkuEwtQeVZcXkhpojPWj77dDt6B1pBrJcENABLED709181h 8m 57s ago
PFgwVFSF36TwyyB7tJc1CUdFti7rokzxBEENABLED709181h 9m 12s ago
PAuibw8811ivcFvU7isWr3ozgeGevEDvLrENABLED709181h 9m 27s ago
PCHhB2DEYguBLAYTGPfoW4X85eLBYRGDfdENABLED709181h 11m 57s ago
PG1A5rpRoDN9ziHQLGGJrVoDHbj1TnAPRhENABLED709181h 13m 27s ago
PReYy9vrfgZszQQd4itq8LNGgmMLPz4n9aENABLED709181h 14m 27s ago
PFvYeyRF367dfuXXT9QeVRhfC5PyBUG9nVENABLED709181h 16m 57s ago
PEdyhjLSEqpNLEc72ejpBhPAjPFGBhKDXPENABLED709181h 19m 12s ago
PLg5HvWvZUWiZwAF9ZBqFCWnznupDUcKRrENABLED709181h 20m 27s ago
PGbAp87dD6kZTVi75cS1eAdottGLfPSEQyENABLED709181h 20m 42s ago
PQgZtHA34pcihJg24SdiW3x8iDEbi9HKrhENABLED709181h 20m 57s ago
PWJ6Eq9tTkS57RndpJvKjwVBLizLgaYzLUENABLED709181h 21m 42s ago
PMegJDQrtnai9B1u1JpF177iRjEMDaNjsaENABLED709181h 22m 12s ago
PBzxnpgSrnckt2gkfauGdmfGwVWBD3BmsxENABLED709181h 23m 12s ago
P9fhJRP3o13BViEUZd7s9d4vMrTT5Y7vzNENABLED709181h 23m 57s ago
PV9VGz4WeDVyGYnjJGhAEqp1zw16zjQtCfENABLED709181h 25m 42s ago
PN5161puAZ9XmyRzHG6guE4A6FQmUTnjgEENABLED709181h 26m 12s ago
PFW2X8Gx2D6eFKEQEtaQPkWSeniJRdAoDXENABLED709181h 29m 27s ago
PQ1DNVxGbNKFvksuRxu7a6FmqcSVX8MLMtENABLED709181h 29m 42s ago
PR4mTvMQtSj5AGrT2ndPdLUzYmCVPFdpxMENABLED709181h 31m 12s ago
PPFptW4TFVJjKf7bjGnMYf1LnDV1Z7eGmvENABLED709181h 31m 42s ago
PKQgFXQwXiphmXarzTfqPjkYk5b7Qrjro7ENABLED709181h 32m 27s ago
PNmf8uiZKU3BygsCUVpqfg7Tbtq18SCXo2ENABLED709181h 33m 42s ago
PU2MdZenu4NaMXgJEjTDtrVdokUFR4Ns1sENABLED709181h 33m 57s ago
PHpqYVo9cSUJ5zR1gD8yBrDMNosLsY4PTjENABLED709181h 34m 57s ago
P9DhcsKrfSFL2TrqxYZJqNFYiYtgedANp7ENABLED709181h 36m 42s ago
PUufxULtxLpCGH5LHMU5iw7he7975t4SGQENABLED709181h 55m 42s ago
PD7K4dvA4BYuEQ5tNoiC6qSSfuLqxLje9QENABLED709181h 56m 12s ago
PGyb1oemUkc13jJiJGtwkskMwcP4Y73V8LENABLED709181h 57m 42s ago
PKy8tjtByqrPZRYxCLhZ5iyeM82ZcnP9XKENABLED709181h 59m 12s ago

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