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ExtensiveCoin (EXTN)

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Maintenance: No block explorer

Masternode statistics

Active:    214
Inactive:    0
Total:    214
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 641.65% / 57 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: unknown

Last masternode reward: 0.8500 EXTN for eACzCrmcLm5S7BvgWUQt2uK1ay4gLhoZDe

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 608,464
2d 10h 12m 41s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,425
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.9623 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Apr 21 2018 22:41:47

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000300
Protocol version:  70810
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 54 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
eACzCrmcLm5S7BvgWUQt2uK1ay4gLhoZDeENABLED708102d 10h 12m 41s ago
e6PhvtNU7vNMRQfVrjvVX3qF7VPT4kBF6sENABLED708102d 10h 13m 6s ago
e8JbSb8pT9nQQaHusvTdoPfG1NPs8bMRf7ENABLED708102d 10h 13m 11s ago
eGKPyx5NoDhiUVkNQh4cCxKdhMSL9MTU61ENABLED708102d 10h 13m 44s ago
eGDVepSWx2u3VPr3gt62bheHUq7zzQ3DCrENABLED708102d 10h 14m 17s ago
eCfW8MkYQoKEg54JSKrvT9Xuwtqvbak5XpENABLED708102d 10h 14m 53s ago
eDCPGQy46P6F514AZzU5zrob8YGBq1hmqMENABLED708102d 10h 15m 1s ago
eDaeeg3jLzNP5d8wuvDSZG4bVjjHwebFXWENABLED708102d 10h 15m 11s ago
eCbCMU4f9o3pDvV6Lfn6bFvn53bjoEa2riENABLED708102d 10h 15m 43s ago
e5JXddy3iD4a413YxCYjEBjKwJ51StvsgqENABLED708102d 10h 16m 33s ago
e8WLJUwqexA53tgxHhYbbe3vatYboEGZb3ENABLED708102d 10h 16m 54s ago
eNwoypLLhqUKCCFiJZmsTUxrR4SctQT89BENABLED708102d 10h 19m 23s ago
ePKTnWfmLdSv9qYX9qsFZTUyqNrhzBmxEhENABLED708102d 10h 19m 28s ago
e5V9J4s9EDRFeZNd3Vec57Lg4pD8CrBhUvENABLED708102d 10h 20m 34s ago
eQL9GtKRL9WBKYYG5yPD6URppeXrW9NjufENABLED708102d 10h 22m 10s ago
eEtgroVynkmns4K9u6kQr3oXWa842BBMjaENABLED708102d 10h 22m 47s ago
e8JZUTKvVDxQyDcJys3MBX8rSZWvDGjqv5ENABLED708102d 10h 23m 9s ago
e4XiLPSgnP9XM9FshDrKcEiK3wBUJoyVJpENABLED708102d 10h 23m 24s ago
e48b2ecw2aE98U7uPFHK5FzdTjMRQrxUBQENABLED708102d 10h 24m 43s ago
eMAkc1zWZ8dY4E54kNr6T6YSZvsThDc4uKENABLED708102d 10h 25m 44s ago
e5AynsVxGfSsU8FMFjxtXmm2nnHAZXcKkkENABLED708102d 10h 25m 53s ago
e9LpEQgMLHxRRUdhWYohFzazHxgR336mvuENABLED708102d 10h 26m 38s ago
e54XrjsG5KY8FwasThQQqheWnzYgriXszZENABLED708102d 10h 28m 20s ago
eFZPRgJiiypCxRdRttgGRVnGWodQgACP2LENABLED708102d 10h 29m 8s ago
eKAzqEkJwFVhrEDsZd4oAjDdYmosYuqDxmENABLED708102d 10h 29m 45s ago
eNRNtJSJNe2Grm8gGSVqkSDcCCDFicfqXHENABLED708102d 10h 29m 50s ago
e3BB3emx55AiQYwK96mWXWFpUEiegGMw5hENABLED708102d 10h 31m 35s ago
e4os9kmNAMea16B1kHQNjqABJ4MqdpgRNfENABLED708102d 10h 31m 50s ago
e4SGbEXQWF9rkcugZP8MkAkGLuRzib2CB5ENABLED708102d 10h 33m 29s ago
eNtbg5pYd7G6cWw3RpVtcTRbprxfKTY9auENABLED708102d 10h 34m 18s ago
e49YHcHpQDMBtMg5sWVehkaE6yNtUAHAWkENABLED708102d 10h 34m 57s ago
eHor2oWa1yAzoJ7tPeaJhZBGNCj9fA8mCUENABLED708102d 10h 35m 9s ago
eJ7UtA3r1iVPkKYewyVFpMDPK71cEE1FVRENABLED708102d 10h 36m 5s ago
eNp4LX4zbYxaqTXWexuAPei284pu93Lj7KENABLED708102d 10h 37m 55s ago
e7swByy3Die4JG6yy6Z1n2R8nFAbz5yk3UENABLED708102d 10h 38m 48s ago
eEB6t3zt7P2tAj8Z5wiifWnYmMHYwRLBxDENABLED708102d 10h 39m 48s ago
eCw7bsS7LePYFqVrzGgwjf2jxXYHdy8GdLENABLED708102d 10h 41m 51s ago
e9QkqNAVmg4Wav9Y9coVEq1UQkSxt94pnkENABLED708102d 10h 43m 29s ago
eNny3XAVrZJnKMSAGoYb4EaG8pNCPA55DnENABLED708102d 10h 43m 54s ago
e9GYkmiBR7SsorD9NAmHnjkQmddvXPavBBENABLED708102d 10h 46m 8s ago
e6RnzQD4SjHHjVxMPYKbyugKJYZLVHxU2wENABLED708102d 10h 46m 13s ago
eLJKg7HKwY3TRrpzfoSNrkB4C7yAAPK4Y1ENABLED708102d 10h 46m 46s ago
eCFW9rn9eCDiUhmNd93ChXAdcALwK1kkLnENABLED708102d 10h 47m 38s ago
eAbHHYV7cgkLBEwmmwEgWaS3NpYqgNzxm1ENABLED708102d 10h 47m 44s ago
ePtVezFKnbLJQkbxTB7wMbCRB8aZK6U2THENABLED708102d 10h 49m 38s ago
eJA9ZxKf2wbWgY6EL7GCjNAtyfUgZFS4fiENABLED708102d 10h 50m 17s ago
eKiVcHbYfYarfHdxSfKSnLJiMETy499X7MENABLED708102d 10h 51m 31s ago
e9pSS4u7WsniYff1E8QXHg68bG81VKd5sPENABLED708102d 10h 53m 33s ago
eRMeTo6xrp6sgWyzLPsvV2ZZdacgky7EfuENABLED708102d 10h 56m 2s ago
e7EMFJH3iAx63xn91mGiqb14ezBBGzLSwCENABLED708102d 10h 57m 19s ago

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