French Digital Reserve (FDR)

FDR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    595
Inactive:    0
Total:    595
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Official ROI: 20.03% / 1822 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 327.6360

Last masternode reward: 0.2281 FDR for fbUQqR9a5mdVEk4zeKMVpV43V44f3u59ZF

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,075,270
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,437
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.1851 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jan 12 2020 14:47:43

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70230
Version:  1000000

Wallet is connected to 6 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
fKgjqusF7NAoFyeY2a2RCiZaCgrP8tPVpLENABLED702301h 7m 6s ago
fMooz7ebtXPKHFU3gJ1WcZRqmD89TLYpmUENABLED702301h 8m 45s ago
fZ7VmaV7qVfmBwp9E1KwTZ8DypdELDuJtSENABLED702301h 10m 13s ago
fXK3ZT8jJPXgZFaZqiBsb1J6k2yMvDTcVpENABLED702301h 12m 4s ago
faojzhRWjNUCnFjwXr4SHGnj8XqLThdjcrENABLED702301h 12m 46s ago
fcfM9fGkUVBqgZfojh8nYUtNPLDp8mBqJwENABLED702301h 13m 50s ago
fSSc1wExYvrXra43mx4Qy5Kg2wGKokxfkeENABLED702301h 14m 55s ago
fTwWRk7s2GRwHD28ALqjfCgFS2yosD5JQ3ENABLED702301h 15m 17s ago
fK2rxhy4MtVnfk8Gy4xhHUxaTA4K6W7hc1ENABLED702301h 16m ago
fJ6YxwF4K8VJXKxC6uZUJ1ozwvFKMeDBMhENABLED702301h 16m 21s ago
fLZUXw8Ziie82bp3fLcupujeAnAMHJZWC4ENABLED702301h 17m 53s ago
fKP7E6Li4i8sJJm6bT4CDWTh4RnLGoFWN1ENABLED702301h 18m 17s ago
fSyAmTwdXsCNk1WknuG2B179oRgynrS4SeENABLED702301h 18m 17s ago
fVMgegvmxtGvVFdtYa7zKeUbvj3KPCmKMEENABLED702301h 20m ago
fVyKvZ7GUsNNeEwJnuWSFLR6HZazNJxnVNENABLED702301h 20m 57s ago
fLmigiJeJvi5S8NKPDskLwenPfxqmoNA1KENABLED702301h 21m 5s ago
fURBgRnxxBhtziPzetsmKCBES4NCBFCeVmENABLED702301h 22m 1s ago
fTWcfcd7yuoSHCFcvSymbvMH18NdLiebHcENABLED702301h 23m 7s ago
fSkyuaFXqbsQ6h7w8qr9u9zdgPry2Y6L4UENABLED702301h 23m 25s ago
fQcUAsLjKZeUir6qUmn8iYAwQ5wiDRBxvdENABLED702301h 24m 8s ago
fcUDF8PLm2HAAqG8avj5pqzTj7oM28R1xmENABLED702301h 24m 37s ago
fWwd43dt1cg67VX9H58hPe3AxXAton81HrENABLED702301h 24m 46s ago
fHZ3TJ8WaaCuChdHvE9qps1VVgy7LsFEaPENABLED702301h 25m 59s ago
fZKCDnZcNdYvufEHa33Y3NnDmeQqNiHxd5ENABLED702301h 26m 33s ago
fYFzFYG8sG7votUiKr1gYxXTiuNp1vF3PRENABLED702301h 28m 48s ago
fU2pYiHcQRmxYrHQvX9j8Eui1EPRDQjyBQENABLED702301h 29m 25s ago
fKMSthpcJ2ZySza1tpidrdjk9PYC9MghLKENABLED702301h 29m 49s ago
fLsXLrdbrbBxFUtjQAgnW8AVHvS1MA8hjNENABLED702301h 30m 44s ago
fFHwhLWfCCoLT5R32WxJNsn7FRydzjwZ1pENABLED702301h 31m 58s ago
fHssiVki5NfkzKH2Yu9HPc8sMZktMnnFnmENABLED702301h 32m 12s ago
fHfbdrw97ibMMFZYZoRVNN4Z15Nk56MLz1ENABLED702301h 32m 27s ago
fbowYbBnQJVFx1zBcqLSawVTx3uevuLZYPENABLED702301h 33m 59s ago
fcrdEJtaEPuaYNC8DxuzzjXEif1rpdDPz8ENABLED702301h 34m 23s ago
fLzt8UBN5WnoeVU7nLfMC8yLoq8SzcDpvfENABLED702301h 39m 45s ago
fMnwpResh5cHiKA2qVw6TaGnqeaasfnddGENABLED702301h 39m 51s ago
fFwjHHct8LxdHq9cwRBBRWULSxRB1M3g8ZENABLED702301h 43m 44s ago
fJxrRGxuQTGzJK8ZMgqNxFbY7ahVNuit5bENABLED702301h 44m 16s ago
fb6y5jjtf1FA7FUfnZUp3MfkNZbgdE5m1SENABLED702301h 45m 25s ago
fFkeppFCRAfEbXy1q2YnXZqmbBFzzzFvPAENABLED702301h 47m 27s ago
fF3PWoDt6YSJZ3rRC1NvcdfxDJpCvPfWxUENABLED702301h 48m 29s ago
fLhW1Q9LqmFRW6csDuHXtwZH8BY8gsQfwjENABLED702301h 49m 15s ago
fcMeRNpEXmAcC6PuzGCSfeGTie75MfvrhQENABLED702301h 50m 56s ago
fLZVZ3zdPZrCPpfuQVkcKkbV9UFjE3CePNENABLED702301h 52m 4s ago
fNkxKSqYjJDTPyVujdCXbzD2QHKZE79DuVENABLED702301h 52m 6s ago
fJavJXSEERxZyx8RAFYETg4xS16jRQwoXNENABLED702301h 53m 38s ago
fLJf5V9NkGvuch7jp2FaQEXFZdDWpAPuiqENABLED702301h 55m 20s ago
fYbe2EpcANNJ7R1wurKrmuaiwr6zr271zsENABLED702301h 56m 4s ago
fcJL7ou243kzVKgiZ7W9pLv5sLYqMAKuJ4ENABLED702301h 57m 48s ago
faDxEYzT2NLLHmd3PNe9amCVRuC3hk7wM5ENABLED702301h 58m 10s ago
fR7Pu2PoHNHBXz7cmKgEs6ADKrFi5V8RNzENABLED702302h 13m 13s ago

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