French Digital Reserve (FDR)

FDR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    550
Inactive:    0
Total:    550
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 28.93% / 1262 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 435.9360

Last masternode reward: 0.3040 FDR for fNgrCLQ9wpGbnAWVsx1d4476Zor8eEw2XA

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 993,710
1m ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,434
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.3976 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Jan 12 2020 14:47:43

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030000
Protocol version:  70230
Version:  1000000

Wallet is connected to 4 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
fNgrCLQ9wpGbnAWVsx1d4476Zor8eEw2XAENABLED7023049m 13s ago
fLZVZ3zdPZrCPpfuQVkcKkbV9UFjE3CePNENABLED7023049m 24s ago
fcwN8gC8yyxoAfBMbj6qy2gj1upbAwMHkPENABLED7023050m 7s ago
fK3rR32p7TYQUKQCBmbgF1R9FgUBbmoVoNENABLED7023051m 41s ago
fdA9nKUjVNCBLVQi9RFJFs9UtRivH4gi1VENABLED7023053m 12s ago
facTxEL3oG4uaT3mCm8sMJC6z5NddEhZnWENABLED7023055m 5s ago
fGNFrwesxhqssNHEbC1DuE4XCYkWQkbvEfENABLED7023056m 38s ago
fcgkeqH4L5uxThudyaNVWqpQVuA7FPMjviENABLED7023056m 52s ago
fHx2XzKkADuUJfKw3hEr7Qs2USAogu7psLENABLED7023057m 8s ago
fTH9tJLUD2X3r3hX7M4p4RmTvkrfjrXqGgENABLED7023058m ago
fS78MtYUXPf9PTpVvvV8ZfUqRW7wsmpvc5ENABLED7023058m 19s ago
fHn5pG7cXSbEfZ14kLrWFqZnCedF5vhjRQENABLED7023059m 28s ago
fRXzXxeyTFhMcdqZ3E1mbw675SUV6snhK3ENABLED7023059m 54s ago
fFaGMiTS9niCAnjR2DPDP1ob9REZstAGXwENABLED702301h 5s ago
fGohmvmth2nKbEzwW6X7shT1Q4BADmCcqxENABLED702301h 1m 59s ago
fQQNMUpMFNJZqEtgHxkxggXFD9HJ214nprENABLED702301h 3m 49s ago
fUiD7bjzaNq1NK5QWvKXE5Kv5kC5KDA9SRENABLED702301h 5m 45s ago
fV3nw4FoJ5RmZrcTBamkrndQDaX9aesF4bENABLED702301h 6m 10s ago
fM12bJ8Mhn4BD1qnzZjjc4YeLZoRJ14DADENABLED702301h 6m 27s ago
fZpTdznMuQsnnEQHwLrA9y8ErBHKQsyT5rENABLED702301h 8m 36s ago
fcrdEJtaEPuaYNC8DxuzzjXEif1rpdDPz8ENABLED702301h 9m 19s ago
fZJjtHF6rjC6w9GuVjp7ZeQkBL4CvdaZCJENABLED702301h 12m 22s ago
fKS1bczUcfe2TQMQDpiVTZncvcpeKTvtrsENABLED702301h 12m 39s ago
fQobnkSVYQ4jGeAeBqYn6EVvC6KYxDANSmENABLED702301h 14m 23s ago
fcvKsm7PBGeX3PfZQ87kfMHqSCP2NMv7rgENABLED702301h 15m 22s ago
fMZSeBHyZ5jwYm4e8RFzEhJKL9juGVNMeLENABLED702301h 15m 59s ago
fLm8pg2oNMDpEunh71psHtsRHy9L9dQfdyENABLED702301h 16m 12s ago
fUhE6wkrRZaf38Auin9gnxfRMGak9ZqoHXENABLED702301h 17m 5s ago
fUVsB4EqBFRRy5LmhY2rkuoEvxNiD9Rf5yENABLED702301h 19m 49s ago
fZ24EWZFXqC8Ps8wkLcHyFtb9AEahnu5HKENABLED702301h 22m 35s ago
fUzT3SuTUjpgs8xuAefPJY54Bkt9sSMUDwENABLED702301h 23m 26s ago
fb46Dviaw6RRrnjQkjczZkxwmNV6HJen6zENABLED702301h 23m 38s ago
fLjpzTcSRz2Fn77bdUHTLjCuyhapVAN6uKENABLED702301h 25m 24s ago
fSVKqbJ1FwD4PmfzYJrto3ChxuqBzu98zvENABLED702301h 25m 27s ago
fQNKpWv5Rk8fx8btsLyghC5FBS6H9dK1DfENABLED702301h 26m 9s ago
fVvxQ3we8gnqC9Z8qVUDMBCHCqK4Yj9jx3ENABLED702301h 26m 21s ago
fPTgZRKKSuDoxPVTuvHVrKj8tAkZrcAN6NENABLED702301h 28m 13s ago
fFHwhLWfCCoLT5R32WxJNsn7FRydzjwZ1pENABLED702301h 28m 24s ago
fZuc3rBdWx8KFuskK7MgUY9bfPwJRPVDjkENABLED702301h 29m 28s ago
fF987cEP2dzZqHH53NjGXiCK8wrQac9qUGENABLED702301h 29m 40s ago
fVWRDJgMQU99TuxBGZXmLY7N4zZPG4CNyrENABLED702301h 29m 59s ago
fJ36G8A9oggvUkBwEbjcuuL4jtsRF2wzpLENABLED702301h 30m 48s ago
fMomVXvbu5j2xVR4YWBDFLxaw4DUvKFtQbENABLED702301h 34m 12s ago
fLQTFSWXU3a7H2LXP77PVdBjsEJoj9cx28ENABLED702301h 35m 34s ago
fGZN8wDfWX3hxfiaHsMenweHzbYqk9tpxoENABLED702301h 36m ago
fG3HAadrcS5bYNChyzHwVQVj72B77FLDz5ENABLED702301h 36m 5s ago
fPdSzQq4iBQB9aCrSb4cpuzNc8Bf44ZGtLENABLED702301h 37m 24s ago
fNnyarjcqXo8EBmEVpPTBfGdGSawFv3hjJENABLED702301h 37m 26s ago
fasKMF2Pwecyu5VjNbXA2a3e55R1BguYvVENABLED702301h 37m 49s ago
fZTwFMJKgZyma6Bk1jYdsWVKfMTqMrWYgiENABLED702301h 38m 47s ago

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