TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    147
Inactive:    0
Total:    147
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 0.70% / 52143 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,822.8571

Last masternode reward: 80.0000 TWINS-MASTERNODE for WhHQrXGiVhjCqpkiuYxuW1ptrPkW2HrCWr

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 987,225
2s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,377
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +49.7443 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030905
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers

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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WhHQrXGiVhjCqpkiuYxuW1ptrPkW2HrCWrENABLED7092737m 52s ago
Wg73qcMbSyJCt6HAFprKdniRHmQcmBDiXqENABLED709271h 17m 59s ago
WWho3oNRQbeb2e39ZteHELuh9tWdDFjf4JENABLED709271h 38m 57s ago
WVZYbLpUegdqGxcpyWWWE7p2rQDVE16k8YENABLED709271h 39m 46s ago
WeeBKF5Z5SLnyvHDLuVBBqVUCxPxveBqd7ENABLED709273h 1m ago
WQKBTLLomguj4XsHC21jme4nnvXj14ewZRENABLED709274h 27m 53s ago
WaXnzN1dUgN6rrN3Xaq6tubJ44eZend4e6ENABLED709274h 38m 41s ago
Wk24gCZ1CNMZ8BT6jPBoYPtvPGXxzT2czRENABLED709276h 27m 49s ago
WWQLfavS65FqHNjBLAD8nWKUaTqrVgnSHJENABLED709276h 40m 16s ago
WZSxeDERDvVL47kGQY1659jsDJ6DH8qpMxENABLED709277h 21m 5s ago
Wf5ZoVVVdKU9yMDjstqoiCyQA6pQHcU5tqENABLED709277h 38m 33s ago
WaDMsmQjGEXMrPffPTMYFszNsGKbSDB2rjENABLED709278h 13m 41s ago
WYAaxNEkspftxrcHscENuQEfmX9KTjS7ikENABLED709278h 19m 58s ago
Wid8PRhC8NGdfLWAudjULZ2SS6X2mX3EKtENABLED709278h 41m 45s ago
WcmjMN1y91yxMHkiW9xChzvn1jRMK389ikENABLED709278h 54m 46s ago
WSxGJWkpHFsANQqovog441weP9JSjJPGPVENABLED7092710h 15m 52s ago
WZTbLosGspz8EzdxofUnFStNiBNf1Di2uYENABLED7092710h 17m 35s ago
WPgd4TvoUovn73xcgt9z9B8jESqXXkNDBCENABLED7092711h 50m 2s ago
WZUhMgimL7BNFuXU7CSpaDzZ1bDBu3G3VKENABLED7092712h 6m 28s ago
WPzeTpkH9KWGBvv6cF9y1md7Vaoqiof1y5ENABLED7092712h 34m 33s ago
WhxjqgF7tfiSNYnRLoJPNXnkMNM1AtJ7uYENABLED7092714h 4m 30s ago
Wi32TLMpkoFKExQD6FTkwmGWAVqEXwBRGmENABLED7092715h 54m 21s ago
WfA9eUvjwcySbDnLc27e3xygeng2MZVDzDENABLED7092717h 29m 13s ago
WYa8pe6HMqxZAdBcXx9zA2pGsVYF7rDYQVENABLED7092717h 31m 31s ago
WQyKVy88Pepg558xGN2bHQ6ghdiDeDVPQ6ENABLED7092717h 41m 28s ago
WfkZnZtobdPBLpmFZWTxNR8tR2S14aqrmUENABLED7092717h 51m 16s ago
WkpwqXjEU5rJhhBJEMqmFDWo3bzZwn49gHENABLED7092717h 53m 15s ago
Wa7XdwWLBFExbexD41DENX9bCwEdht8nUjENABLED7092718h 3m 25s ago
Wji93wnUJYkbwmExiipPTauzZAsPZNFG8YENABLED7092718h 8m 19s ago
WPTdBDDVyXUwffw9gxZPVG4YSseb2ES7NWENABLED7092718h 11m 9s ago
Wj4UG6L72akvcHAiaSUVQf595gHx1jvsjTENABLED7092718h 55m 54s ago
WbVr269u6oq7oq1nAQ3XUgoyEJ7dHCJWCFENABLED7092719h 1m 49s ago
WVyZdk9HHoGWrMRLXcdHATRECzWaVvWZENENABLED7092719h 3m 51s ago
WgB4PDvFdDQcZC6wxZ7JFAY73hXPgUivvEENABLED7092719h 23m 24s ago
WWriw5wKC8GCTg4asdTB1tt3DsvZU562xbENABLED7092720h 10m 8s ago
WjXVdd5owj4JUB1wkLxDTbLj5raFJhkepnENABLED7092720h 18m 31s ago
WUxuehqdG2pmfPKiU1TKtFXL3MDEtSEZifENABLED7092720h 50m 20s ago
WbCzz3jYu1QxTMJVZYjq4tCxtgHd26T8G6ENABLED7092720h 51m 14s ago
WRogYPkAoDoDX5WVDCTQwFsTcaG8j9tsLBENABLED7092721h 10m ago
Wkznvw2fW2M1xyXZDMAuezGUk2rr8yc6qiENABLED7092722h 5m 5s ago
WXLinTzB4kv3TN3QZEfRpb4M6fisxTVhy6ENABLED7092722h 18m 51s ago
WUkVPZnwMttLMRK2mH1TybVjLMWr9z93YkENABLED7092723h 27m 55s ago
WWTVCWerdmPpUJUBj499846QaQoyVtqr38ENABLED709271d 6m 50s ago
WYwfXkADS6JdpiSZpLxbnXRWYYZA6ujQMSENABLED709271d 10m 18s ago
WVURXAS7upBLwuU5dsJDbdtTF47fKM6U7tENABLED709271d 1h 39m 53s ago
WTnPmnME8izrgejCXpVNHorpvqDpxjR2VkENABLED709271d 2h 16m 45s ago
WiRqFjHTsikUBJaAtQWUMwSd67Qk1u5ZrjENABLED709271d 3h 16m 14s ago
WPqhJ9QvmQXUe22jYjQ76XWuY3bXSjsCUXENABLED709271d 4h 10m 22s ago
WUAEbeqWsq3Eq88o8XdoSXCezwfM9y6gNEENABLED709271d 4h 17m 30s ago
WaM3Bt8SUPm3gaF92oUgBTaUVAMuvvstiHENABLED709271d 4h 41m ago

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