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TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    288
Inactive:    1
Total:    289
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 50.08% / 729 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 389,649.9200

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 TWINS-MASTERNODE for WQgUY1Y7HV6kKGwAYJDs1SBhk4PySHBEVi

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 527,221
3m 56s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,379
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +48.8736 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 2s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030804
Protocol version:  70925
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 29 peers

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WQgUY1Y7HV6kKGwAYJDs1SBhk4PySHBEViENABLED7092550m 11s ago
Wji93wnUJYkbwmExiipPTauzZAsPZNFG8YENABLED7092551m 33s ago
WjPrtozzRLpTyTxuLZcnC6tRYMzzTxVNJCENABLED709253h 17m 55s ago
WdCB7rDLjWxpo7V3PjghuEG8CRT9FXy41EENABLED709253h 50m 21s ago
WaPWuvRhexoKBGsFcuYd41SANe1JWijyjEENABLED709255h 21m 2s ago
WmJ3AccvDGHGQNjzLryQCBBrB3S7JZrq8cENABLED709255h 21m 41s ago
WaM3Bt8SUPm3gaF92oUgBTaUVAMuvvstiHENABLED709255h 35m 51s ago
WSVURxvHYPQseAUXR3aMzjwuhvFuDgfh1jENABLED709256h 25m 31s ago
WdphK3FXThPang9WStz8gH4WJB93i6LFo9ENABLED709258h 3m 30s ago
WdfFNxgbUn4WaMGNBNEeJTsLnZR1g9LmpfENABLED709258h 22m 42s ago
WgdpzCgBJ171jU5N6ogPjqFty2fJ9dVETeENABLED709258h 28m 39s ago
Wb5BcM9jF6a6fe3j9vwvJwUuQoZkiwKiaCENABLED709259h 14m 8s ago
Wgf9rHJt5keaYTUj5RgrMp5999iFVu8fgnENABLED709259h 49m 22s ago
WaXnzN1dUgN6rrN3Xaq6tubJ44eZend4e6ENABLED7092510h 41m 49s ago
WPHB6ceRKHemBhmj4wwUTsbr2JwmzPAFGxENABLED7092510h 53m ago
WXHxkFik2e28oSbRqzdoGR8QwUEkhJMh9RENABLED7092511h 52m 3s ago
WWZAWYNii9svjWg1nfFffEvoc6WXNdC9VeENABLED7092512h 9m 23s ago
Wj4DdPoJrKzdekqKtKnGqQmKcJynwPZi9BENABLED7092512h 9m 48s ago
WQnQ8ryMmX2yWagw4U64d9PPrADxZXeoseENABLED7092513h 43m 29s ago
WhSGeup2sHTY4E1tTQFoWVmE3VkKKRH3KfENABLED7092514h 6m 32s ago
WSVexnAVEwqFcSHBk4tzS8QFUzXZBmcXT4ENABLED7092514h 17m 20s ago
WbP6bSiG2yDsgfPpFDCSSjFP8Vm3tGtT3GENABLED7092514h 57m 58s ago
WeWripReGzRYGtRPD6PMJPfpV8s6Wxx7ckENABLED7092515h 37m 19s ago
WZHw6dongRiTXJEz7npVApUnWYXKHuKdeLENABLED7092517h 57m 1s ago
WUvNLrbntASG9xojZ65MCavNNAxbwNWjqzENABLED7092517h 57m 33s ago
WbDYnEDDKG5WCuCTVC346bcf3JAnQwLkUJENABLED7092518h 30m 19s ago
WSgk4bfgKzxLwmnZvdtaRJG1zKDFxfvFYWENABLED7092518h 31m 26s ago
Wg73qcMbSyJCt6HAFprKdniRHmQcmBDiXqENABLED7092519h 1m 2s ago
Waj5cpq1wPCUkz1afKY9oNbxyPVfB2E4PTENABLED7092519h 49m 9s ago
WmqMVZtL9oSgXkpKhDzkbt3TRhHiCG2BFmENABLED7092519h 56m 35s ago
WSCGZRHQCvhrfjc4rDHBLgBLSX8FWhMNF4ENABLED7092521h 22m 3s ago
WWCXYCsJ4qdDAL4gVCF9enFqVB9ibwWWCuENABLED7092522h 3m 40s ago
WZZupGJroqnHMtneUatmqdr6NGyRbLnuHwENABLED7092522h 40m 51s ago
WWLbjvWpTT1ovHg2UVaq9Xut8xzcy1eBFiENABLED709251d 16m 27s ago
WkEQTGdzh7BxjXNsXBFiumrsZhhEym9FRtENABLED709251d 1h 46m 2s ago
WSNaCDAhjF7XRkgYT9CvjvmjeBMv7PtirGENABLED709251d 2h 15m 17s ago
WdohYHnArMJnp6Ni2AWRWGs61JLLzkTC1tENABLED709251d 3h 6m 3s ago
WPqhJ9QvmQXUe22jYjQ76XWuY3bXSjsCUXENABLED709251d 3h 23m 26s ago
WimzvjSPQcyK6K6VCDHkSLr1W6ah1wSasqENABLED709251d 3h 40m 37s ago
WT4o7DJ2QmpgGn5V75pNDRVCy6b6kbaGMwENABLED709251d 5h 17m 8s ago
WQwwDN7A98quyVQquMxJWQ3tQr2qiK6F4HENABLED709251d 7h 40m 21s ago
WP7m3f6mVMcD9odxXgse5AatT6nNkUb2hXENABLED709251d 7h 41m 51s ago
WTSm5cadzrNbHuRsCDU13YJFnX1vAnG9exENABLED709251d 7h 42m 35s ago
WbRKHsSpVWuo8Xyu38v9B8sY14TMzCwmcxENABLED709251d 8h 17m 5s ago
WZUhMgimL7BNFuXU7CSpaDzZ1bDBu3G3VKENABLED709251d 8h 25m 7s ago
Wkvr5YpDaMHKAGEsnYE6HVjxzssdGSMstFENABLED709251d 8h 27m 10s ago
WPx4PqEy4mGAAEtKcZE8NDMyFWkc99MrqVENABLED709251d 9h 34m 57s ago
WYasDBtNL6RhCsYdn2ySKTmcBzCVX4f3svENABLED709251d 11h 34m 32s ago
WbizsgdRLw3rUJWZ6vMz6dbNRozY7SVFQSENABLED709251d 12h 5m 24s ago
WWch8xLLcdjRsgRe8dkacYHLrZfH6Xs8ThENABLED709251d 12h 22m 21s ago

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