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TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    298
Inactive:    6
Total:    304
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 62.86% / 581 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 514,894.5371

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 TWINS-MASTERNODE for WhfjR56y497S5RpwxRDNAFd7UWemzt8qHL

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 464,599
14s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,383
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +48.8633 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 2s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030804
Protocol version:  70925
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 113 peers

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WhfjR56y497S5RpwxRDNAFd7UWemzt8qHLENABLED709251h 14m 1s ago
WbM62imhyu5nGMbdRW4TjgCU5g9niBYQL5ENABLED709252h 24m 34s ago
WZa4buAdkaxtgEP3MuLS9mE321xuvCfkniENABLED709252h 28m 29s ago
WhuocSo1AjhRvYo5mS29iPseuN6RTGjGaXENABLED709252h 32m 26s ago
WSEyhfP3RuP3nf9rMdzWKYT6PzQsrcjTdcENABLED709252h 45m 44s ago
WPFTcRdBC1NCrnLDXyviBaMbvT3A8oM75bENABLED709253h 11m 45s ago
WWi183WZssfXAdDHv2vhf93i1NridoQ56pENABLED709255h 3m 23s ago
WVabEWrbZ1v4netD94rjZTzwcYS6ykv3xqENABLED709255h 10m 44s ago
WU3jj93JyDsJ54NW5b3kGdRGMjXMc7MvpWENABLED709255h 53m 11s ago
WUgkBzaSGkPmvPUPe6BX9nPpkmcSYsY8VUENABLED709256h 59m 48s ago
WdphK3FXThPang9WStz8gH4WJB93i6LFo9ENABLED709257h 27m 8s ago
WZHw6dongRiTXJEz7npVApUnWYXKHuKdeLENABLED709257h 59m 53s ago
WTg3TGU1HV4ivDEupVMbQaHrXnhfVJRBqqENABLED7092510h 44m 53s ago
WinbrsAchkDXMagHm6Cp4Laa7jeKijxVwKENABLED7092512h 1m 2s ago
WYBqg7zqiygMZfYtpmpeLHwgjjm168tbiVENABLED7092512h 30m 50s ago
Wh7SyGNxvw3F93R2HMey1ohfX4vCC6DmYXENABLED7092513h 10m 14s ago
WjFzrXaywKvDLamdi1QeGwDTAL9862Yzc2ENABLED7092515h 21m 49s ago
WRoWdxWvoUYf458sickVuB8S6off9Z8yCsENABLED7092515h 58m 31s ago
Wbyo4CYzmvHReP14mnng8uwGmFpcAMTvTGENABLED7092517h 29m 55s ago
WYMZVCUS5HnubgguGnXxB4PGAaL3aGXChiENABLED7092517h 47m 6s ago
WYv6CRkWRBBCu9zqhwRuJ6uPhJD4yFczmkENABLED7092518h 9m 10s ago
Wec6FknYn9WfyNn9sBaLQWUvTCM1WbW5KDENABLED7092522h 1m 49s ago
WV6jbBgDrTyVQb14rnTvxdLZ7VFy7SFCDFENABLED7092522h 26m ago
Wd6oPcMUbFeJrLH8a89ZNxP1AesCdbMtu8ENABLED7092522h 40m 7s ago
WQWY1JNtdB8y1esYDB5SUhh2G5BpBUzzdWENABLED7092522h 54m 35s ago
WgB4PDvFdDQcZC6wxZ7JFAY73hXPgUivvEENABLED709251d 4h 36m 52s ago
WRhnPNumwaxSADSBCvjFfELPLr64QWrqrZENABLED709251d 4h 42m 52s ago
Wjm8z3r47sy4XBGgxVUcw87dGBSTmCGUevENABLED709251d 5h 49m 55s ago
Wh7rK4HsxBnofg4rNZE5hTnnsFsoszAtsqENABLED709251d 6h 50m 32s ago
WYfdwFpYA9McYzMv8hQhb32oYePPoua3kzENABLED709251d 6h 54m 24s ago
WkpwqXjEU5rJhhBJEMqmFDWo3bzZwn49gHENABLED709251d 7h 24m 36s ago
WZZupGJroqnHMtneUatmqdr6NGyRbLnuHwENABLED709251d 7h 40m 19s ago
WQ9ZdykFg86938He8mynRYTdyZtRyWFNikENABLED709251d 8h 24m 18s ago
WRiT5scbDGAuL6ZaHGRDZkHAaWfxYh3NGKENABLED709251d 9h 7m 12s ago
Wcg7xT1mfEGamay9PAJFKZRmxE8sPkt6ghENABLED709251d 9h 35m 39s ago
WYqbquBet99Zce4PBz4jrKdb7NhH6QnSk4ENABLED709251d 9h 53m 27s ago
WUZK2jbDjwh2XRNCMCjZG4RrjtT9U5XFkTENABLED709251d 10h 28m 37s ago
WmB5ZaWjbAmcSBU872hTZGt6M6PmizsjcKENABLED709251d 11h 3m 45s ago
WYBRSWi27Sa9FEtwZnp8MztWmizLCmexLzENABLED709251d 12h 21s ago
WXCMU9H8PwFuWxk43doJDpakL2jJ6Y3LegENABLED709251d 12h 33m 29s ago
Wk4rCGP83tYPokQzekakQ5XpBRePSLywqiENABLED709251d 12h 52m 22s ago
WmWMbbS6vCDyMarp8xCnYMgpLHQQspb1F4ENABLED709251d 12h 53m 16s ago
WjRmfvArH6qqpnBTVAyrZc9Hb2wGURGjK8ENABLED709251d 13h 9m 34s ago
WmrfWM1Qh7SkETKHRTY3z4VSKNDQpQCw2NENABLED709251d 14h 37m 58s ago
WSgk4bfgKzxLwmnZvdtaRJG1zKDFxfvFYWENABLED709251d 17h 51m 11s ago
WmPuMptXdMCWu6oYPvHiipAUxzxfo9v9XjENABLED709251d 20h 34m 13s ago
WcTRW4TLThxtjfCdiR4415eTwiuZiEY46nENABLED709251d 21h 49m 10s ago
WaAkTdnXyqWgyEA5RWp2hb6e9unF7DbKaRENABLED709251d 22h 21m 41s ago
Wgf9rHJt5keaYTUj5RgrMp5999iFVu8fgnENABLED709251d 22h 41m 37s ago
WeeBKF5Z5SLnyvHDLuVBBqVUCxPxveBqd7ENABLED709251d 23h 1m 44s ago

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