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TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,116
Inactive:    4
Total:    1,120
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 76.51% / 477 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 2,341,378.5371

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 TWINS-MASTERNODE for WYcNLSeJaAghBpPnEFaoBZECUY4Z6N99KB

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 360,811
3m 43s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 690
24 Hrs block time: 2m 5s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.1482 % (slower)

AVG block time: 2m 1s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030801
Protocol version:  70923
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 131 peers

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WYcNLSeJaAghBpPnEFaoBZECUY4Z6N99KBENABLED7092317m 9s ago
WetNntNwRR7tjbkp5TrZ1nPxRv95s366uJENABLED7092325m 53s ago
WfA9eUvjwcySbDnLc27e3xygeng2MZVDzDENABLED7092328m 43s ago
WmPyjYVeD2u4XqioN4uHHGgYANPGMk4boQENABLED7092341m 22s ago
WWoycFjsV4jQb7nrwhAPSJwdFVUopUVzjFENABLED7092357m 54s ago
WkViVE493VCbv3sXPKhBFyBbWto78koEARENABLED7092358m 16s ago
WRV72zQhAmZzj5P1tV3otJ1nFH52wNTMQtENABLED709231h 2m 10s ago
WjRmfvArH6qqpnBTVAyrZc9Hb2wGURGjK8ENABLED709231h 22m 36s ago
WVNd7V1HxskitTh2t4ZihRZZNWXiajRs12ENABLED709231h 23m 37s ago
Wagu42Yw7mek1mkKSvSp6MdXekDLD1Dmb4ENABLED709231h 26m 46s ago
WWqxod5pBx7PKW7DBtnYv3f77LtKqrXfEGENABLED709231h 26m 55s ago
WSCQwRnnM43M7JbXqjupvbStKqFxFEv23LENABLED709231h 37m 28s ago
WbMwN7bvDtNJZ6etaRdGSCNT6HXV2XDnC3ENABLED709231h 39m 7s ago
WdMZq4btQH1wVbcog8f1dmMyhPpYXY6dZjENABLED709231h 42m 24s ago
WfCPEaNDiGGDUe2EYbfkwqa3WvGFeuUoaGENABLED709231h 43m 24s ago
WS72aaWXLSTDtuWaM7HUrNk7rTnj5KR6G4ENABLED709231h 44m 59s ago
WUpuuvNs5nvCm6iBUZ1C8sRzBihYNJ3yXFENABLED709232h 40s ago
WTuJ7sVu3hjtCSWdnbJRDirt8V89aQSmcgENABLED709232h 3m 19s ago
WTS6pwNuF3KezN6x9Nky41JamecZGCTadbENABLED709232h 3m 56s ago
WVstseQhRzAp7c2pt9g7s1t9MLhoCYFFbCENABLED709232h 13m 57s ago
Wh7rK4HsxBnofg4rNZE5hTnnsFsoszAtsqENABLED709232h 15m 36s ago
WY7BGKXm2sVBVfV6kuDZMwPG72SY6kM8cWENABLED709232h 17m 39s ago
WWvj4nXnPMey2MPEhe4zn3SyyeVsYHuBWPENABLED709232h 21m 9s ago
WfW45oyA16mBGxN47EcTunJFPqMEf45Z2iENABLED709232h 28m 34s ago
WZHALeyum7XyEm1QYDA8LZ5bKXZyEu5o9BENABLED709232h 28m 47s ago
WV2bTD83QUVq2dp8KgmWKx6L6sDZmY2n3YENABLED709232h 31m ago
WZP2Yo7bHiqzdTjSm943b5bZo4uqnf8z6vENABLED709232h 35m 8s ago
WWQigpH2g1ALkQufGsTEwQMX2wq2C6x4MiENABLED709232h 46m 53s ago
WitwyWvzYyAtss5Ca1vAu61GyoPVnFEE9RENABLED709232h 49m 17s ago
WbVpMRuf8BfT2EAViih9nVDba1mgiqUGVuENABLED709232h 51m ago
Wmfa5ZLDAFC4ZG3VgFmsjXCFu1gVZRnpHpENABLED709232h 59m 46s ago
WZvdkSxLTgxPyWqU21nNa817kst5ATic59ENABLED709233h 55s ago
WWHEjygQLMHxrTEM138wAfvwPxVN6PZHYKENABLED709233h 12m 14s ago
WYFGFLEC3Z9rTy1TFGKQ127DdwNi6P1bSpENABLED709233h 15m 3s ago
WfGXEs1avUy5jE1vYb5sFwAq2fLD9GUsReENABLED709233h 19m 50s ago
WhUYSwSFQYn9HNDU5s8waeAA3QgdiVKuCzENABLED709233h 23m 52s ago
WdGPcUEpNpdpsrL3xKtocgnPvbkbWyH2USENABLED709233h 24m 28s ago
WgAHxBy9JpespHNET47u69Hpo8rdjtWtuDENABLED709233h 26m 7s ago
WQvDhCgbSWsbSAdrXB5bAv9RMaWpKo5rkPENABLED709233h 28m 30s ago
WWPbtuNtSJhu9h9jCW7ayfRLyiy12LucX3ENABLED709233h 32m 49s ago
WUkVPZnwMttLMRK2mH1TybVjLMWr9z93YkENABLED709233h 37m 21s ago
WNvUH1s4v8mPWV3bq9XzUVKvKm7NRhUz9fENABLED709233h 51m 3s ago
Wj3XiE2N9ppdp73H4xDSXiCWfF6fDDted2ENABLED709233h 53m 47s ago
WdsMV1xpY4kmfeaS3ocVifonKZ5MzjYvokENABLED709233h 55m 27s ago
WNx8xMy4ZGt5HzeugDB6jbzeaLHRyiGg69ENABLED709233h 59m 13s ago
WYBRSWi27Sa9FEtwZnp8MztWmizLCmexLzENABLED709234h 3m 11s ago
WWE7pxbFaESvZAy5SZhB7yjgRRWAoPU3MGENABLED709234h 6m 47s ago
WP3jpJHtr26uUXKozjHxYB6KwSkTq2iJVBENABLED709234h 7m 57s ago
WSEaGMXmdB9y7HLdECzfbSJZQqN1Ldb4xeENABLED709234h 9m 26s ago
WUyM6dUfohy5hmkuw7S9q74N9P4iVzJQ2qENABLED709234h 25m 50s ago

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