TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    276
Inactive:    2
Total:    278
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 38.74% / 942 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 293,976.9486

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 TWINS-MASTERNODE for WmWMbbS6vCDyMarp8xCnYMgpLHQQspb1F4

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 582,895
2m 19s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,031
24 Hrs block time: 1m 23s
24 Hrs block time variance: +31.7737 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 2s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030804
Protocol version:  70925
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WmWMbbS6vCDyMarp8xCnYMgpLHQQspb1F4ENABLED709252h 32m 20s ago
WfsR3XtQCRh7ede1zn7UGsgL6CtKTfwy6yENABLED709253h 25m 56s ago
Wa6ZLWsDJRM2mS3QiLB2QoZP6nMdCzTNHBENABLED709258h 53m 9s ago
WikgmX3HbQboRR2THycBb4X7MBVcg1h7F5ENABLED709259h 30m 2s ago
WgSWUuZbnXTkeoo6fJYnAvgDMiFcQPiP3vENABLED7092512h 12m 14s ago
WeWripReGzRYGtRPD6PMJPfpV8s6Wxx7ckENABLED7092513h 1m 19s ago
WSCQwRnnM43M7JbXqjupvbStKqFxFEv23LENABLED7092513h 24m 39s ago
WeeBKF5Z5SLnyvHDLuVBBqVUCxPxveBqd7ENABLED7092513h 28m 48s ago
WQwwDN7A98quyVQquMxJWQ3tQr2qiK6F4HENABLED7092513h 40m 36s ago
WcJ68VZMYT6eLs2Uh86yv1j4YViHGqScNcENABLED7092513h 46m 32s ago
WQyKVy88Pepg558xGN2bHQ6ghdiDeDVPQ6ENABLED7092514h 20m 42s ago
WNz5NH5Dp8MviiKHSPJvt5Db1NKN7MLjKSENABLED7092514h 32m 11s ago
WUAEbeqWsq3Eq88o8XdoSXCezwfM9y6gNEENABLED7092515h 44m 57s ago
WaXnzN1dUgN6rrN3Xaq6tubJ44eZend4e6ENABLED7092517h 38m 30s ago
Waj5cpq1wPCUkz1afKY9oNbxyPVfB2E4PTENABLED7092518h 8m 19s ago
WeBFy88DvKXmDMfU6mq3Z5G2npsxpM5fEMENABLED7092520h 26m 55s ago
WR4FfYe66gmBLbrcDk7rnyisXYtpuspDHpENABLED7092521h 40m 4s ago
WckiLonjwdXMSimPDVkiNNicj4StJ5zWi5ENABLED7092521h 43m 10s ago
WR5rYN6YmdGgN2YAt56azj4S8thqwqynx2ENABLED7092522h 17m 46s ago
WXnFpMjqCe1G8PwPCCWJK1aiAdqbYqt3pYENABLED7092522h 21m 4s ago
WS5G2aEjw6mAM7Fmy5jxr4cxR2NV2auFciENABLED7092522h 35m 52s ago
Wff4mG1TkXVssjdPaN2HdETXgMjquqSUdRENABLED7092523h 46s ago
WfNAN3soca9mbCEkD2TefQCLBGTu3CYLE9ENABLED7092523h 9m 6s ago
WdphK3FXThPang9WStz8gH4WJB93i6LFo9ENABLED709251d 17m 34s ago
WbEek2Lwsf2ZbKvxYBZb68h7w6iTjJEf8wENABLED709251d 18m 29s ago
Wb5BcM9jF6a6fe3j9vwvJwUuQoZkiwKiaCENABLED709251d 1h 5m 22s ago
Wd6oPcMUbFeJrLH8a89ZNxP1AesCdbMtu8ENABLED709251d 2h 7m 59s ago
WRogYPkAoDoDX5WVDCTQwFsTcaG8j9tsLBENABLED709251d 2h 28m 31s ago
WUkVPZnwMttLMRK2mH1TybVjLMWr9z93YkENABLED709251d 3h 23s ago
WjPrtozzRLpTyTxuLZcnC6tRYMzzTxVNJCENABLED709251d 4h 3m 21s ago
WYPgY8XmxoSfehvd3wXtapjG6kvson8su8ENABLED709251d 5h 35m 40s ago
WTZqutxgjyxR1d76DJEEfxNW6CFHRSHqxPENABLED709251d 6h 50m 49s ago
WkwSpcbr8CQkyrZ39D9KnCRi46jD4JBhFaENABLED709251d 7h 14m 40s ago
WV4zvCkc8DJu9rR8NUsKzyYMv7GjSWKPVrENABLED709251d 7h 38m 1s ago
WZszMmk2wFgAcXhiHxWzNKyPhCJBdrkn3GENABLED709251d 9h 28s ago
WTnPmnME8izrgejCXpVNHorpvqDpxjR2VkENABLED709251d 10h 29m 49s ago
WhSGeup2sHTY4E1tTQFoWVmE3VkKKRH3KfENABLED709251d 11h 39m 48s ago
WXCMU9H8PwFuWxk43doJDpakL2jJ6Y3LegENABLED709251d 12h 28m 2s ago
WPPDEtH4cfefYFih6oyxMEk5CbGFvytgsjENABLED709251d 12h 46m 13s ago
WZE1SKJPzFGRpD9jNxoUA6cvWXW4m9TC2UENABLED709251d 13h 19m 4s ago
Wf5ZoVVVdKU9yMDjstqoiCyQA6pQHcU5tqENABLED709251d 13h 57m 57s ago
WYfdwFpYA9McYzMv8hQhb32oYePPoua3kzENABLED709251d 14h 33s ago
Wb1LpnsQchBoAafMqX15HxLqN5aoZ9bP84ENABLED709251d 14h 21m 34s ago
WZ1XKeMz1BV2VCjSewfgemwEDniqs7iXFqENABLED709251d 14h 51m 2s ago
WQ6NaXk3RX8LpYXyHt673o2i5mEEEjhnXtENABLED709251d 15h 39m 25s ago
WjRmfvArH6qqpnBTVAyrZc9Hb2wGURGjK8ENABLED709251d 17h 7m 43s ago
WjHgA7DXDWPB1cq9zbdyQztH7oNThyPaFFENABLED709251d 18h 1m 39s ago
WRiT5scbDGAuL6ZaHGRDZkHAaWfxYh3NGKENABLED709251d 18h 21m 38s ago
WRZ5a5aNLakLeKUTrchZuLKgieVr7xo4p9ENABLED709251d 19h 24m 20s ago
WUZ7ALYSTTy2YRg6ieu4q4Vdy3MhxUAv7wENABLED709251d 20h 23s ago

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