TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    218
Inactive:    0
Total:    218
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 0.01% / 3650000 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 74.0571

Last masternode reward: 3.2000 TWINS-MASTERNODE for WV45u2PCBAzatuc2rbXWba5TiZph2oRc6j

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 775,766
4s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,349
24 Hrs block time: 1m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: +48.1291 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 3s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030900
Protocol version:  70926
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
WV45u2PCBAzatuc2rbXWba5TiZph2oRc6jENABLED7092645m 35s ago
WQ4bjzeZ6w83TsSkpzysDqzkeSenBjQGgvENABLED709261h 29m 47s ago
WPbCSNkafqsnX6rYB5jvSWvv2YCgbSFaYjENABLED709265h 56m 28s ago
Wf5ZoVVVdKU9yMDjstqoiCyQA6pQHcU5tqENABLED709266h 25m 52s ago
WfQgKSw6srQAwFNnEUXr3zN77Zb7bB983LENABLED709267h 25m 31s ago
WT1gR7Cmh2jkmf2h54S9wqdeczuRHFqq8kENABLED7092610h 40m 10s ago
WPgd4TvoUovn73xcgt9z9B8jESqXXkNDBCENABLED7092612h 21m 5s ago
WWTVCWerdmPpUJUBj499846QaQoyVtqr38ENABLED7092613h 42m 36s ago
WPzMcvf14sJ44fMeMLkzER7zKKf23yvs7kENABLED7092614h 15m 38s ago
Wc1bnKprp4rnzMpJoTVynG6ePUf5qXrp8PENABLED7092618h 26m 59s ago
WcJ68VZMYT6eLs2Uh86yv1j4YViHGqScNcENABLED7092618h 37m 32s ago
WUe5B8jAZhReabeYiNyoRHMddNN8nAK6x4ENABLED7092619h 45m 37s ago
WTmx54J8GjWwooB2cHbWA9gmtwheZxnWDuENABLED7092621h 49m 15s ago
Wh7rK4HsxBnofg4rNZE5hTnnsFsoszAtsqENABLED7092622h 36m 54s ago
WbEek2Lwsf2ZbKvxYBZb68h7w6iTjJEf8wENABLED709261d 5h 20m 35s ago
WfA9eUvjwcySbDnLc27e3xygeng2MZVDzDENABLED709261d 6h 55m 59s ago
Wk2tSMkJSt3YVdoA46h9yuCaURSAxScmF6ENABLED709261d 7h 41m 33s ago
Wg73qcMbSyJCt6HAFprKdniRHmQcmBDiXqENABLED709261d 8h 16m 22s ago
Wji93wnUJYkbwmExiipPTauzZAsPZNFG8YENABLED709261d 11h 52m 3s ago
WZVa2ZTjkXtymqLumaM9Ze4XpLszUBALqLENABLED709261d 12h 24m 53s ago
WYv6CRkWRBBCu9zqhwRuJ6uPhJD4yFczmkENABLED709261d 13h 56m 28s ago
WSegDeJxYgfGgV4YPDJSJ8fq1TUehcwZZqENABLED709261d 14h 11m 55s ago
WPHB6ceRKHemBhmj4wwUTsbr2JwmzPAFGxENABLED709261d 16h 19m 25s ago
WRHvFs1s3U748gB49EYZ8J77ujf9VrmMpVENABLED709261d 19h 48m 22s ago
WYMZVCUS5HnubgguGnXxB4PGAaL3aGXChiENABLED709261d 20h 51m 29s ago
WmQgvksjUGWC8h7MPk3Mus1QK2RfTmLaq5ENABLED709261d 21h 1m 12s ago
WbwBvWV4ABSnYJhwMSJFtYJ64QeQFcE52gENABLED709262d 17m 41s ago
WSr35WfzzJUqxPsNvLXWjKvTb25xGac8xvENABLED709262d 4h 44m 56s ago
WfvSrAbC4XuRcuooN3gnMDFar86sCd5q3qENABLED709262d 4h 51m 17s ago
WTphFN7pwmi43sRR9ErxxBW5iT35YP8crjENABLED709262d 5h 30m 18s ago
WRAsV78eoSXt3giqDnxiz1wWbnS6wzbJHqENABLED709262d 5h 32m 19s ago
Wa7XdwWLBFExbexD41DENX9bCwEdht8nUjENABLED709262d 6h 1m 3s ago
Wg12ZXAxe5h4Y2D7W58MsrfqAmfEeZoUXFENABLED709262d 6h 39m 9s ago
WSLZHy1kiojSHJ1r1B6GxtrbMQAwyActjqENABLED709262d 6h 41m 53s ago
WP88F1jRrz4nZQV6rkybxrrJLSpui5B5RhENABLED709262d 9h 20m 18s ago
WmWJNcJ6EmtmQ8aiVm2R3YekiWmSh8nKL8ENABLED709262d 9h 47m 58s ago
Wcg7xT1mfEGamay9PAJFKZRmxE8sPkt6ghENABLED709262d 10h 1m 35s ago
WSNaCDAhjF7XRkgYT9CvjvmjeBMv7PtirGENABLED709262d 10h 17m 9s ago
WNw9GfgFQELPfhkpgbGct34PjoAjYj454XENABLED709262d 11h 39m 37s ago
WkomNf88tFKFjTq3HnnyX7vFshMdXC11rNENABLED709262d 12h 13m 29s ago
Wb5BcM9jF6a6fe3j9vwvJwUuQoZkiwKiaCENABLED709262d 13h 14m 11s ago
WXyivdiKRuXWmLC4gZ2PMBzubc8ZbH6e5FENABLED709262d 13h 19m 17s ago
WaXnzN1dUgN6rrN3Xaq6tubJ44eZend4e6ENABLED709262d 14h 47m 9s ago
WRokz46LmMCWhCKAZabRgzPbruq4SqtQmAENABLED709262d 16h 41m ago
WjFzrXaywKvDLamdi1QeGwDTAL9862Yzc2ENABLED709262d 19h 43m 23s ago
WW6jdXbrAeB3P7m1G4T76gYCKSbNzfsQcdENABLED709262d 22h 22m 18s ago
WYqbquBet99Zce4PBz4jrKdb7NhH6QnSk4ENABLED709262d 22h 46m 19s ago
WmuUmFwNbQXyysDiikxkRRriZu8E5HExKZENABLED709263d 3m 43s ago
Wff4mG1TkXVssjdPaN2HdETXgMjquqSUdRENABLED709263d 5h 21m 7s ago
WckiLonjwdXMSimPDVkiNNicj4StJ5zWi5ENABLED709263d 7h 2m 20s ago

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