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ZCore (ZCR)

ZCR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    420
Inactive:    11
Total:    431
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 122.63% / 298 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,055.5000

Last masternode reward: 5.0000 ZCR for z9yYzEjqSbhDxD9gCxDy8zFSkRxsvqVwWL

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,227,302
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,421
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.2990 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 10 2019 16:58:36

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000201
Protocol version:  70922
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
zLd5RjFrgeVGaQMfvw8ZLvpPAcexVfXyWBENABLED709221d 50m 21s ago
zH97UUuPPdKVNj9aUuQrxD8gbSCwrR2H22ENABLED709221d 54m 30s ago
zEp8Uk88JUyvk7v36XkeHQm72B5emeM45mENABLED709221d 58m 11s ago
zUJx7xT9haUr8fm77qBN9KzK3G19rGEKyRENABLED709221d 1h 24m 41s ago
zM3pK4cEEDwr2usLspghaJDbUb83HsiuWQEXPIRED709221d 1h 43m 19s ago
zXTuQy5GoUDF8hKCA1V5BC6eQAb72pMs1TENABLED709221d 1h 43m 52s ago
zGSSL7QDmyAaFANWWhSYBYyKf6BfzuWegoENABLED709221d 1h 52m 48s ago
zDaB1Ft71gJ8jnyXMhZjAcybbZje4QYXhiENABLED709221d 1h 54m 15s ago
zN5RL8t6KLyyFwDBDJyr5bn6wZ5SxT1o3eENABLED709221d 1h 56m 12s ago
zFupxvmoWGLyxw2CaouFjNCLzm1MLd845pENABLED709221d 2h 4m ago
zEzHjgK4eJFLQDou73WamVt2zDF6oR1QE9ENABLED709221d 2h 9m 45s ago
zQYovvFCVTLUrAq7WMcHqt11QuTw4Av6AZENABLED709221d 2h 10m 9s ago
zPyjLJdxNPqameHMvWK4aktapVVQRJ4DPLENABLED709221d 2h 12m 53s ago
zA2J1e7Ei41tRJ58sdqyWnSx1J9sH3UKW8ENABLED709221d 2h 35m 18s ago
zGprZPAnVQxci9cRaGzNwzjCKGPrf4oRWNENABLED709221d 2h 36m 18s ago
zS8iBQzJ9TRcW1a8R9YDX99NtvVT8n84RRENABLED709221d 2h 43m 2s ago
zMDypBR9bkvSDd6RP1kao46aRqRYGB7dtzENABLED709221d 2h 44m 41s ago
zB36cAfeXKzoekk5Tqyg65LgXdKd1UdXMyENABLED709221d 2h 47m 37s ago
zHCm43pDka8WhbKpYHRrFUrMDcbsdazWAzENABLED709221d 2h 48m 37s ago
zC1zkvTMatXmgseeQVgb261xiQBBRfqjJKENABLED709221d 2h 51m 19s ago
zXWnWFd8fDWg5RyC7eVSZzzwwPTFvS2LU5ENABLED709221d 3h 1m 22s ago
zX8JXxyB4rMGeTkawsdYY3jaBCZzVBhU1sENABLED709221d 3h 2m 39s ago
zGsj9Q9BuDpbF5gpu92o3TFWaZeKeCaeTKENABLED709221d 3h 6m 15s ago
zPkSLrzymApVqUsSMtRuPv2XHEbNr9QdG2ENABLED709221d 3h 40m 10s ago
zP5o98GzWXWszDhWMUStRcwW3VtHMNevU4ENABLED709221d 3h 46m 4s ago
zTynm15ReKjWT1LeuHEK3CGpw7VMT6gwsdENABLED709221d 3h 57m 42s ago
zXWbcB7p9RJTVbvM6bYjCRZtD4BtryEQuEENABLED709221d 3h 58m 35s ago
zCEbXs8DCVeSVovDNhmrhgMjKNuLMkzr8BENABLED709221d 4h 5m 55s ago
zEALJKkFuP3eVfhdk8QxZV7AQfSHAg4rCaENABLED709221d 4h 12m 43s ago
zCKgu4ysiiK5FKG9hUDXibXghAjX1t6y9xENABLED709221d 4h 51m 45s ago
zXdRyNAy3hbS7QsZjGjn3KRfLYqVmbCEWbENABLED709221d 5h 26s ago
zLx41cMVrxioHJVVRJSN1TYLWbv7nATtmLENABLED709221d 5h 3m 55s ago
z9cU3iEzw88cJsQNe8wDebz1qo4KKrHG8cENABLED709221d 5h 6m 40s ago
zRMyM3ijztxPKzKY5ZT1DXRsg4FX46C9SMENABLED709221d 5h 26m 44s ago
zRKcSdtpWWNTiKzHYiBUJAh2Zy2cDB26k1ENABLED709221d 6h 33m 50s ago
z9tiVSyhf1Qc2irvj8q2r79VwFaKB364gxENABLED709221d 6h 45m 30s ago
zT2ydqXrBRbh7auPrmhhj2y36s2GvKM1a9ENABLED709221d 7h 9m 55s ago
z9Bq5ZKEfhKdxPCBwtkk8AFJpchqBHn5icENABLED709221d 7h 11m 7s ago
zSfeUa1cP145sRgeu8pgGeSAYucKhyAye6ENABLED709221d 7h 11m 45s ago
zEaC9PPMnX7AN7eMBbzrjMrQLLPRzBP8F5ENABLED709221d 7h 31m 57s ago
zHsXvu56hFrMTLmJ7MnKPUNw8r8Jc6jDCxENABLED709221d 7h 34m 40s ago
zPMY67PmXfDe31yRBxKGk1Gzo7KW6AtynCENABLED709221d 7h 52m 23s ago
zRwvnSsm1RrfQ4scxuM4mF7CYNxzibnEZEENABLED709221d 7h 54m 57s ago
zUtyoaVa9kdsmHzftHAkqbTJLJCqbWsAfNENABLED709221d 8h 16m 4s ago
zQ7UnqL5V4wbA7YK4YbgAZQSTbfqk2ybd3ENABLED709221d 8h 20m 16s ago
zT3DJFTqBMhKHSPpoTa5GPWdV7v6JtS2aZENABLED709221d 8h 43m 5s ago
zXP995GwG2WECX3beXdTyidqN4MB5uRtL7ENABLED709221d 9h 3m 53s ago
zVD8PsGxnpiGMN5CRw7NriEaToeNFVj5rkENABLED709221d 9h 4m 25s ago
zAFZkGt3qbHgtMo1QGxMCJCQiT7f41d8UyENABLED709221d 9h 30m 1s ago
zJr4rKmESP8DAdALnfZJ99S8mUc715h2LbENABLED709221d 9h 40m 36s ago

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